Your Summer Of Chill: Simple Home Additions That Keep Your Household Fresh

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Relaxing in the summer heat is not always easy. If our houses and gardens are untidy, stuff or cluttered, that has a direct impact on our minds, even our ability to relax and unwind. If the house is too small for your family requirements, or even if you haven’t upgraded the property in some time, it’s easy for a feeling of ‘property lethargy,’ to step in, and make us feel like we’re not paying the attention to our property that it deserves.

Never fear though, with a few simple home additions we can make sure that our home is looking fresh, and deserving of your love.

What are these home additions?

Consider these:


The interior of your property says everything about how you like to conduct your family’s business. Is it airy, open and light, or is it rustic, closed and comfortable? What you choose is largely depicted by your personality, and over time it’s likely to change. Consider these interior additions for your home:


If you’re looking for a quasi-interior, quasi-exterior addition to your home that can serve you well in all seasons, look no further than installing a conservatory space in your rear garden. This can serve as a weather-protected addition that still lets in plenty of light to the property and can be arranged in a much different way to the rest of your property regarding decoration. Maybe you’d like to place sun loungers in their, or a full family dining table to eat your meals at and avoid the stuffiness of a furniture-overcrowded kitchen. If any of these ideas sound appealing to you, it’s likely that installing a conservatory to your property should be your first port of call.

Glass Panel Doors

If you haven’t the funds or garden space to support a conservatory, there are ways to let more light into the property. Consider installing glass panel doors, complete with blinds, that both afford you an aesthetic upgrade applied to the entrance of your properties as well as give you an appropriate shielding that an onlookers gaze can’t penetrate.

Bay Window Conversion

If you’re lucky enough to possess bay windows, you might consider changing what that extra room is used for. Consider changing the utility of the bay window, and convert it to your needs. If you’re hurting for ideas, you might place a seating area or a waist-high storage unit there that will seem unintrusive to the room the bay windows are located in. This can help increase the felt size of your room by maybe rendering the need for an extra sofa or storage unit useless.


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A large verandah that encompasses the exterior of your property has a multitude of uses. It can serve as a ‘backyard porch’ that not only shelters you from the sun but gives you sufficient room to install flooring that might not work as well when installed directly outside. A verandah opens up many possibilities.

You might choose to place a new seating area of the garden or place a small exterior mini-bar there. Whatever your adventurous uses, having an outdoor space that is three parts exterior area to one part interior, can help you design your garden in a way that looks much more aesthetically pleasing and promotes a fluid visual entrance into your property.

Verandahs can come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular by far is the skillion roof verandah. This is the verandah roofing type that is most compatible with the most variety of property types, so it’s worth looking into installing one of these first. If you do, you’re likely to enjoy a verandah that will last for years, and provide a place to entertain your guests for the foreseeable future.


Installing a patio is a great idea if you prefer to entertain further out into the garden, or your garden setup demands that the stable installation area is in a select location. Installing a patio also provides an area for entertaining, but it will require more maintenance than a verandah and must be supplied with garden furniture that is weather-resistant year round, including shelter, to maintain its utility.

However, once installed, a patio can serve as the perfect way to designate which areas of your garden are for gentle recreation, and which are for play. You’ll be able to host barbeques here, place deck loungers in the direct sunlight, and will give you plenty of freedom in separating your garden zones for various utilities.

Fresh Turf

Over time, especially if underneath garden furniture or shed housing, your garden grass can end up looking dead and otherwise unattractive. You’ll know if your grass is close to dying by how yellow or how dense the grass is. Grass needs maintaining too, lest weeds grow through the cracks that are left.

Consider embarking on a treatment course of appropriate gardening products, and if this doesn’t rectify the issue, you might want to install new turf entirely. This can help you stay on top of the other garden improvements you’d like to make.

Replace Garden Furniture

Remember, garden furniture is not supposed to last decades. If you’re lucky, the most sturdy garden furniture will succumb to rust, mould or otherwise general wear and tear no earlier than from seven years of use. Once you notice that your garden furniture is starting to be worse for wear, it’s important to replace it for your general health. If you haven’t the justifiable funds to replace them, consider upgrading the furniture through gentler means, such as wood reclamation.

Doing so will keep your garden looking fresh, and the furniture will stay usable. A garden with furniture that is unavailable to be sat on due to age or stress only serves to make a garden looking unapproachable, and by extension unappealing.

Keeping on top of these property upgrades can help you and your family stay happy, relaxing and ‘chilled’ in their home interior or exterior environments. These tips are designed around keeping your home fresh, feeling new, and feeling aesthetic. Preparing for the summer demands you consider those three items.

Remember to have fun with it, keep your taste preferences in mind, and you’re sure to enjoy the process as much as you’ll enjoy the rewards!

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