Your House Isn’t Haunted It Just Needs Some TLC

With the release of the Ghostbusters movie, it seems like everyone is looking out for worrying home problems that could be evidence of the supernatural. But whether you believe that ghosts exist, or you think it’s a load of hokum, most houses aren’t haunted they just need a bit of tender loving care here are some tips to solve some common problems, but also check out these addition Home Renovation Tips as well!

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Mysterious footsteps

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Do you hear clomping footsteps in the night that seem to be coming up the stairs, or moving about in the attic overhead? If so you could be scared out of your wits thinking that you have a spectral visitor. But before you call a priest, call a plumber. Aging water pipes can cause such noises, especially in houses over 15 years old. Don’t forget that it could be that the air pressure in your plumbing system is off and that is why you hear the knocking. Or the pies could be expanding or contracting because of the temperature of the water.

Oozing Walls

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Oozing walls is a common sign that a house is haunted. If you are getting reams and reams of ectoplasm, you can just skip ahead and call the Ghostbusters! But if your problem is not quite that severe, you may want to consider a less paranormal solution – damp.

Damp is something that can affect any age of home. It can be caused by different reasons. Sometimes it is because water is not being removed from the outside of the house or roof quick enough when it rain and so it soaks through to the inside. It can also be caused by flood damage or even water rising through the building from a particular damp ground around the house.

The solution that you choose will depend on the type of damp you are experiencing. Flood damage and rising damp can be dealt with by a company that does water damage restoration. They will be able to dry out your room, fix the damage and treat it to prevent future problems in the future.


Do you hear things when its deadly silent and you are alone in your home? Can you listen to a chattering or rustling that seems to be coming from behind the walls? Don’t worry, it’s probably just a bug or rodent infestation.

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Rodents and insects are so clever at getting into warm, dry places and making their nests. Whether you have mice, roaches or termites call the exterminator to assess your problem and then recommend a course of treatment.

Moving Tables

You may think that a spirit from the other side is trying to contact you through rapping on the table. But before you call in the parapsychologists, check that all the legs are equal!

Also, make sure that you haven’t placed the table on a weak point in your floor. It may be that a previous renovation has removed a supporting wall, causing it to be less stable in this area. While you’ll probably be very relieved to find out that this is the case speak to a builder quickly as this can be a safety issue for you and your family.

Ghostly Gusts

Can you feel a spectral breeze even when the windows are closed? Do you get a cold shiver now and then and can’t explain why? While it may be an apparition trying to get your attention, it’s much more likely to be some poorly sealed windows and doors. You can try a draught excluder, but they best way to prevent this is to reseal your windows and doors to prevent the cold getting in and the heat getting out. This should also save you some money on your heating bills, as less heat will be escaping, so your place will be a lot cozier for less money.

Lights that go on and off

Are you having trouble with flickering lights? While it might seem like Aunt Mabel is trying to bring you a message from the other side, it may actually just be an issue with your electrics. Electrics are not to be taken lightly and if faulty can cause dangerous fires.

You may have overloaded circuits or loose wires. These are something that should be dealt with by a professional. If possible stop using the circuits or isolate them via the fuse box until they have been fixed as they pose a serious fire hazard.

Rotten food

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Apparently, a ghostly presence can cause food to turn rotten and moldy. If this is happening in your fridge, it could be a real worry! Before you reach for the holy water, get a fridge thermometer and make sure that the temperature is right. Maybe it juts a fault with your white goods? Or maybe not…?

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