Your Guide to a Special Baby’s First Christmas

Your baby’s first Christmas is coming up, and you want to make it special. Sure, they’re not going to remember it, but you are and you can all still have fun together. It’s also a great opportunity to create some memories you can look back on when your little one is older. There are lots of fun ways you can make this Christmas different now that there’s someone in your family who wasn’t around last year. You can do whatever you want to mark the occasion and start or continue some new traditions. Try doing some of the things below to make this Christmas an extra special one.




You probably normally decorate your home, but this year you can go the extra mile. Your baby’s first Christmas is a great excuse to buy some new decorations and start using them every year. Creating a personalized decoration is an excellent idea, and you can use it again and again. Have an ornament made with your baby’s name and birthday or perhaps even a photo of them. Then you can get out again next year, and for subsequent years. You could also decorate the nursery – as long as everything is safely out of reach of little fingers. Your baby is sure to love some twinkling lights and sparkly tinsel.


Of course, Christmas is the perfect time to shower your little one with gifts. However, during the first year of their life they can end up collecting an awful lot of stuff. You might feel like there’s nothing left to give them. But even if you have enough toys, there will always be things they need. They’re constantly growing, so you can never have too many clothes in different sizes. Look at custom gifts for babies to find something unique that you can personalize. You could get them a pair of pajamas for Christmas Eve or make them a stocking with a few gifts, like books or snacks.

Baby's First Christmas
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Recording Memories

Your baby’s first Christmas is a great time to preserve some memories. There are so many fun ways you can do it, apart from just taking photo and recording video. One idea is to make a time capsule, which could have some mementos from the day. You could also take a special photo, which could be a serious one or it could be a silly one with Christmas sweaters. You could make a painting or a clay imprint of your baby’s hands and feet and turn them into a decoration.

Starting Traditions

If you want to start some family traditions, now is a great time to do it. There are lots of things you could do. It could be going to see your town’s Christmas lights turned on, visiting Santa or having a family photo shoot. Maybe you have a childhood tradition that you remember fondly that you want to introduce to your kids. There are all kinds of possibilities.

Your baby’s first Christmas is exciting and can be so special. Make some plans before it arrives to create some wonderful memories.

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