Yoga Dog a new Children’s TV Show to Enrich Your Child’s Life

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like a lot of the television programs that are directed toward young children right now.  I know they have come a long way from the shows WE used to watch, but as a pretty conservative parent, I am finding myself flipping the channel when certain shows come on ((Cough… cough… Spongebob)).  As a mom, the fact that these shows are directed toward my child’s age group ((OR ON THE AIR AT ALL)) just baffles me.  This is why when I learned about the possibility of Yoga Dog, I got VERY EXCITED ((YES!!  A children’s television program that will ENRICH my child and not waste his life away watching another mindless cartoon)).
A little about Yoga Dog:
Yoga Dog™ is a 22-minute children’s edutainment program which engages the imaginations, emotions, and mobility of 3-7 year olds. It follows the adventures of “Yoga Dog,” an innocent, fun-loving pup who discovers the imaginative world around him with the help of his friends. Together, they overcome challenges, learn more about themselves and others by interacting with others and exploring the exciting world around them.
When your child is watching Yoga Dog, he or she will be using their thinking skills to help Yoga Dog overcome challenges, getting active because he or she will be doing the yoga along with Yoga Dog and his friends, and learning self-control and coping mechanisms.
It is important to note that while Yoga Dog is extremely beneficial to children that are differently abled, on the spectrum, or overweight, Yoga Dog is also a great show for children without these health concerns- ALL Children can benefit from a POSITIVE and ENRICHING show.
Bullying in school is a huge concern and Yoga Dog has an aim to assist with that issue as well by teaching self control and coping mechanisms, and help kids who feel lonely find a friend.
Kids Yoga VS Adult Yoga.  The Yoga that will be shown on Yoga Dog is not like adult yoga.  Shakta Khalsa, a well know child yoga instructor, is the content matter specialist and is ensuring the yoga is appropriate for children 3-7 years old.
Image Credit: Karen Sayre

Image Credit: Karen Sayre

As said by Shakta, “Children will get up and move through the practice of yoga, and learn self-help tools to take with them into everyday life. Yoga Dog will be learning right along with the children.  So, for example, when Yoga Dog is angry or sad, he will breathe in new fresh energy, and breathe out his strong emotions, and he will ask the kids at home to join him.  It’s pure genius!”

Check out Yoga Dog for yourself, watch this short video:

Yoga Dog is still in the planning phase, but enough support and funding they are hoping to make Yoga Dog available to ALL children.  The hope is that enough funding will be raised to put Yoga Dog in every classroom in the US.  I am hoping they are able to accomplish this because our children do need more shows like Yoga Dog.  You can check out the Yoga Dog website for more information.

16 thoughts on “Yoga Dog a new Children’s TV Show to Enrich Your Child’s Life

  1. Jeannette

    Ha! It’s so funny that you mentioned SpongeBob – I seriously dive for the control when that one come on. It’s really hard to find great shows for the kids so I’ll be checking this one out.

  2. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

    What a great idea to get kids thinking learning and doing! They all need more of that these days.

  3. Wendy

    I HATED what passed for kids tv for my kids- hence, the NO MORE CABLE here. My kids are a wee bit old for this show now, but I’ll bet my little nephew would love it. I’m emailing my SIL to check it out!

  4. moscatomom

    This is fantastic. My girls are a bit too old for this, but I love that they are coming out with better programming for kids. My girls were not allowed to watch Spongebob at ALL (awful) and a handful of others. Its sad when they arent even allowed to watch Cartoon Network because it is too adult. :/

  5. Jennifer

    This is such a cute idea! When Gavin was little he use to love doing the Yoga that was on the wii u sports. This would have been FAR more entertaining for him!

  6. valerieremymilora

    I agree that is it hard to find quality programing for children of all ages these days.. I miss the days of “Little House on the Prairie” where so many important lessons were taught. I tend to turn to DVD’s or educational channels such as Discovery and the History Channel as well as EWTN which has wonderful faith centered programing which upholds our family values.


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