When White Goods Go From Good To Bad

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We rely on our household appliances more than we care to admit. Rewind 100 years, and we would have to spend a whole day, if not more, doing ‘simple’ household tasks which we now entrust to our beloved technology. Dishes would have to be hand washed, clothes carefully strung through mangles and hung out to dry, and you can bet your bottom dollar that giving food a ‘quick heating’ in a microwave was not an option. We are quite blessed with how far we have come, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t go wrong, leaving us back in the past again. But when it comes to our finances, the white goods going wrong can hit us quite hard. So what do we do to combat it?

Get To The Root Of The Problem

If you don’t know what’s wrong with your device, it could turn out to be nothing at all. If the product is still within warranty period, you are well within your right to call up either the store that you bought it from or the manufacturer to get somebody to come out and have a look at what the problem is. If there is something that needs fixing, they will be able to do it with no charge to yourself. However, if you do know what’s wrong with it and it is a small fix,  this should be easy enough to put right if you follow an online tutorial – and there are lots available. Don’t consider calling out a professional unless you know that there’s nothing that you can do yourself. They can be quite pricey and set you back in terms of how much you would be willing to pay.

Pay At A Later Date

There are so many companies which are currently offering schemes for you to put down a small deposit and walk away that day with what you have gone in to buy. The rest is paid in monthly instalments, which are usually more affordable to those who are low on money, and helps you out a bit rather than paying one huge lump sum. If this finance deal has quite a high APR rate, however, it may be better to compare credit cards which could offer you better savings. Credit card companies often have an introductory offer where those who have signed up to them don’t have to pay anything for a set number of months on the transactions that they make. This can be more financially economical rather than setting yourself back more money-wise.

Don’t Buy New

We’re living in quite a consumerist world. People opt for the latest models of whatever pieces of technology they have, aiming to keep up appearances rather than save money. This is good news for those whose appliances have failed and are looking for a cheap alternative; it means that there are both used and refurbished models available for good prices. A lot of them have a guarantee from the supplier, which means that you are essentially getting the same for your money as you would if it was brand new.

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