What is the Temperature? Easy Science Experiment for kids.

As you may know, the temperature varies from room to room, sun to shade, refrigerator to freezer… This is a cool concept for kids and Colton had a great time checking the temperature around the house, charting it and comparing it.


This was a fun experiment that required very little effort, had no mess, and gave him the freedom to really think for himself.

What you will need:
Pen or Pencil
Piece of Paper

What to do:
1.  Talk to your kids about Temperature, about things that effect temperature, why the temperature varies.  Explain what the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit is.  Let them know the points of freezing and boiling.
2. Brainstorm places you think would have different temperatures and places that they are curious of what the temperature is.  Make a list on your piece of paper so you can chart all these places!
3. Create your chart.  Here is an example of one, but we just wrote ours out on paper:
My Temperature Experiment Chart

4. Complete the experiment!  Take your thermometer to all the places your child wants to check the temperature at.  We had a mercury thermometer, so if you have this type you will have to give the thermometer a few minutes to get to the correct temperature.
5. Compare and talk it out!  Compare the different temperatures and talk about why they are different :-)

This is a pretty simple experiment, but my little guy had a ball with it and enjoyed showing off his chart and even talking about it to people.

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