Yup!  The blog isn’t moving- but my family is!  I am super excited to FINALLY announce that we have a move date and a house.  I have felt like so much was up in the air but David met with his future employer today and he will be starting his new job … in sunny Florida the first week of December.  So we will be packing our entire house over the next few weeks and moving our family and life to sunny Florida.

I am super excited for everything that awaits us down there.  New job means not only more money, but happier boyfriend.  Our house is HUGE and GORGEOUS!  I am totally in love with it.  I have always wanted a big house with a lot of room and this house definitely has that.  FOUR bedrooms, plus Formal Dining Room, Family Room, HUGE kitchen, office/den/playroom, 3 bathrooms, a Great Backyard and screened in Porch… I hope our forever home is this awesome!  Oh and added bonus- there is a playground in the development.  AND SIDE WALKS!  I Love to ride my bike and I noticed that there are side walks up to the main streets so I can ride my bike up to the store if I wanted to.

The school Colton is enrolled in is AMAZING!  It is a part of the great church we found and they have a top notch PreK Program.  They have so much to offer my super smart son and I am so glad that they are going to give him what he needs to be challenged.  The fact that they are willing to work with him separately to make sure he is learning on his level is amazing.  Colton needs this since he is really beyond anything a normal Pre K program would teach.  So proud of my boy and so happy that we found this school.

If you have ever moved across the country– I would love to hear what tips you have for me!  :-)

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