Update Your Life Before Winter Arrives

Do you feel like everything from the shoes you wear to the food you like is dated and unfashionable? Trends move quickly, so if you aren’t paying any attention to them then you shouldn’t be too surprised when you wake up and the whole world is different. Rediscover where you fit into the styles of the twenty-first century, and where you’re still living in the past.

Winter House

Out the Front

Take a walk around to the front of your house. Are there uneven patches in the paint on your front door? Are there cracks in the windows? Is Ivy pulling your walls down? Don’t wait for the end of Halloween to get rid of the spiders – you need to get around to all of this before it starts to get too cold. If it looks like this, your friends will all be glad to help you out, so see if you can take care of it in a weekend with the help of the cavalry.

Round the Back

In times gone by, your garden probably had a sandpit with a plastic basin, that eventually got water in it. It probably had a swing tied up to the branch of a tree or else hanging from a rusty frame. This is probably an oblique pond that used to contain all kinds of fish. If your garden still looks like this then you’ve got a lot of work to do. If you don’t have children around the house much these days then get rid of the rusty and leaky play equipment, and if you do still entertain young relatives you can update the garden to one that contains safer and more modern play equipment. Buy equipment that’s sheltered from the weather or that won’t be damaged or made unappealing by it, and remember that modern gardens tend to be focused around adult amenities, luckily for you, so if you have the space why not think about building a sauna or steam room?


On the Driveway

What does your current car say about you? Does it leave oil on the drive? Are the miles adding up? Is it going to be safe this winter? It might be worth a trip to Honda Scotland to consider a newer and more reliable alternative. If people are hesitant about excepting a lift, and your family are concerned about it being on the driveway, there’s probably a reason.

On Your Back

The clothes on your back say a lot about who you are, and you have the power to control this perception by choosing your clothes. If your life needs this much updating before the snows start to appear then your outfit probably does as well. When did you last buy a suit? If you’re concerned that your suit might be a little out of date then it’s probably extremely out of date – so ask the person in the shop what people are wearing these days or check it out online, but whatever you do make sure you update your look. Even a new winter overcoat might be a step in the right direction, to keep the cold out and the style in, if you’re nervous about becoming a different person completely.

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