Tips To Help Pack For Young Kids on a Summer Vacation

When you are planning your summer vacation, there are a few different things to think about. First of all, you need to choose your destination. From there, you’ll choose the accommodation, travel and things like insurance. But when you get closer to the time, you need to think about packing for your trip. When you’ve got kids, it can take a little more planning too. But packing as light as possible is always a good idea. You don’t want to bring back clothes that haven’t even been worn, but you’ve had to carry them around the whole time. You also might want to save space for new things like souvenirs and all important snacks. So here are my tips for packing for a trip with young kids.

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Write a List

It helps to write a list for each person on the trip. So in my case, I write out a list of the things that I will need, and then for my son. It helps knowing a rough itinerary by now too. Then you plan accordingly. If you’re going to be at the beach every day, then a couple of bathing suits is a good idea. If you will only visit once, then one will be enough. So check what you plan to do when you are away. Then write down what each of you will need to pack.

Check Your Accommodation

For a summer vacation, there are a few different things that you might need. Think about towels and beach bags, for example. But do you need to pack them? If you check at your hotel or accommodation, it will normally let you know if there are pool towels or beach towels that you can use. If it doesn’t state it, then it is best to pack a few just in case.

Pack To Be Sun Safe

It is a no-brainer that you need to pack the things that you’ll need to be safe in the sun. So think sunscreen, sunglasses, and sunhats. It is worth getting a new sunhat each year as it needs to fit our kids properly, otherwise, they just won’t wear them. Somewhere like the Dolce Gabbana Kids summer range has a few different styles that would work for little ones (as well as for yourself if you’re feeling fancy).

Pack into Ziplock Bags

If you’ve got little ones that do like to dress themselves then it can be a good idea to pack clothes into ziplock bags. You can write on them what they are for or what day they should be worn. It makes unpacking at the other end much easier, as well as keeping things neat and organized. It is a great way to track what you are taking as you can cross things off you list as you pack them away in a ziplock bag.

I hope that you found these tips useful. It is always a good idea to take extra time to think about your packing with young kids. It makes it easier and much less stressful.

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