This Is How I Keep My Home Safe For My Kid

Avid readers of my blog will know how much I love DIY and home improvements. I’d say I work on a big home improvement task at least once every six months. You’d be surprised how much of it I can complete myself as well. I’ll get back to that a little further down. But what you guys might not realise is the biggest improvement I made to my home was making sure it was safe for my son. Now, you might think that your home is already safe enough for your children. That’s what I believed too, until I really started to think about the dangers I’d never noticed before.

Home Safety

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Water Source

I admit I used to let my kid drink water from the tap all the time. After all, it’s water, how harmful could it be. Then I found an article that changed my perspective completely. Apparently. water from taps often has high levels of fluoride in it. That name might sound familiar because it’s used to make toothpaste. But toothpaste isn’t meant to be consumed and it’s one of the reasons why you spit and don’t swallow. In large doses, fluoride can be harmful and has been linked to low IQ as well as tumours. Needless to say, I immediately bought a high quality water filter for my kitchen.

DIY Safety

I’ve already mentioned I love DIY and you’ve probably already realised that anyway. But I think you’d probably be surprised by the type of DIY jobs I complete in my own home. For instance, I have welded materials in the past. I was having a plumbing problem and rather than call a professional I decided to fix the job myself. It took a little work but I’m proud to say the job was a success. However, at that time I wasn’t using the right equipment. This meant that harmful fumes and substances were escaping into the air. It could have easily polluted my home and made it dangerous for my son. That’s why I’m thinking about buying one of the downdraft tables for welding. If I complete any more big DIY jobs it will keep the room safe for my child and myself.

Home Security

Again, you probably think your home is quite safe and secure and could easily prevent a break in or a robbery. But, you should reconsider this viewpoint. Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood, your house could still be the subject of break in. None of us like to consider it but it is a possibility and we must be prepared. I’ve actually thought about installing CCTV on to my home. But there are few legal issues to work around if you want to do this. Instead, I’ve installed some of the most up to date alarm systems that you can buy. As well as this, I’ve got a smart lock on my front door. If you haven’t heard of this a smart lock is electronic. You can even use your fingerprint to open it and it’s very secure.

I hope you have found this information helpful. Remember there is no such thing as over thinking when it comes to keeping your children safe at home.