#ThankfulNovember Challenge Day 4- I am thankful David is not Catholic

#ThankfulNovember Challenge Day 4- I am thankful for my boyfriend is not Catholic.  I know that sounds very harsh if you are Catholic Religion and I do not mean it sound like I hate Catholics, and I don’t- I have friends that are Catholic and I am fine with it and treat them no differently because of it.  But I am very thankful that David is not Catholic, but instead was raised in a church very similar to the one I raised in.

When I grew up I was always at church, I grew up knowing and loving God.  I loved to go to church and I loved to sing and worship and I loved to learn about the bible and the stories of the bible.  I actually went to church very regularly until I started dating my now-ex-husband.  I don’t want to blame him for me not going to church since I did still go, just not as frequently, and he did not stop me from going- but there is something about being in a relationship with someone that does not have the same relationship with God that you had- that brings your away from God and church.  We really did not go to church at all once we were married, maybe holidays, but that was it and most of the time we didn’t even make it then.  It wasn’t until Colton was born that I pressed the issue of bringing Colton to church so he could learn about church and the bible and God and everything that I found so comforting growing up.  But Adam really did not like going to church- even though we joined his family’s church he did not go most Sunday’s.  I was very active in the church and was elected to head the Children’s Church- which I loved every minute of!

But even with this- I still did not feel like I had a good relationship with God.  When I would go to church I did not feel the same warmth in my heart that I once felt- and I felt like I couldn’t open up to God.  When Adam was in church he would mock the people that were singing, praising, and worshiping- he was there for show and that was it.  Because of his behavior and being my spouse- I did not feel like I could open up to God and I could not be myself.

Well here I am three years later- and I am finally feeling like I am getting my relationship back with God.  I love that David is on the same level that I am in so many ways.  He was raised in a church similar to mine, he went to a Christian School, his parents go to church, he sings and worships- he has a relationship with God.  And most importantly, when we go to church together I feel like the connection between us as a couple gets stronger.  I feel a connection with him that I have never felt before and I have to say I feel it most, and love him most when we are in church together.  I am so thankful that I met him and have this relationship with him and I am glad that he encourages my relationship with God– and inturn also encourages Colton’s relationship with God as well.  It is really a beautiful thing :-)

So there you are Day 4- I am thankful David is NOT Catholic

In case you missed yesterday’s link up, here is a little description of what Thankful November is all about:
I have so many things in life to be thankful for and I am sure many of you do as well so let me challenge you this: Stop by every day in the month of November and tell me one thing you are thankful for.  If you have a blog link up your post daily, if you don’t comment on my daily post sharing what you are thankful for. I will also share a daily post about what I am thankful for.


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