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How to Make a Cupcake Puppy

While I was aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship I had the fabulous opportunity to take a Cupcake Decorating class at the Cupcake Cupboard.  It was A LOT of fun and I wanted to share this how to with you.

You will need:
2 Cupcakes
A LOT of Frosting
Candies for eyes, nose, eye brows, and other accents
Frosting Bag
Large Tip (The one used for cupcake icing in the wilton kit was comparable)

Step 1, Start with 2 cup cakes and choose one to be the base of your Puppy and one to be the head.  Take the head and peel the wrapper off and cut 1/4 of the cupcake off.  (You can eat this if you want!)



Step 2, On the cupcake you selected to be the base of your puppy, do a row of stars around the outside.




Step 3.  Fill in the rest of the cupcake with stars until you cover the top completely. DSC00799


Step 4. Now Place the head of the Puppy on top of the base of in the exact middle.  You will want to use an extra long tooth pick to provide extra stability.  Just put the toothpick right down in the middle of the head.




Step 5 put a dab of frosting and then a half circle shaped candy to provide some depth to the face.



Step 6.  Frost 3 lines in the middle of face, going to about 3/4 the way to the back of the cupcake.  DSC00804


Step 7,  Fill in the rest of the puppy’s face with horizontal lines.  DSC00806


Step 8, Draw a Moustash aka whiskers for your puppy.  The instructor said to draw 3 horizontal S’s.DSC00807


Step 9 Add a Jelly Bean for a nose.


Step 10. Add 2 Gum Drops for Ears.DSC00810


Step 11. Frost the outside of your gum drops in the shape of ears.  DSC00811


Step 12. Add Frosting behind your ears for support and add hair to the back of your puppy.  I chose curly hair so I used rosettes to create that look.  You can do straight hair by drawing lines straight down or spikey hair doing strings all over too!DSC00812



Step 13, Add 2 round candies for eyes.



Step 14.  Use Long and straight sprinkles for eye brows or eye lashes.  I wanted eye lashes :-)



Step 14.  Use Long and straight sprinkles to make a mouth.



Step 15.  Use a Red, round candy for a tongue.DSC00816


Step 16, Add Feet for your puppy.  Draw 4 straight Lines Down all around your base cupcake and 3 stars for toes at the base of each leg.  DSC00817


Step 17, Add a tail.  This can be any style, curly or straight :-)DSC00819


Step 18, Add sprinkles to the toes for toe nails.  DSC00820



And you are done!  This is your ADORABLE Cupcake Puppy!  I named mine Snowy, the Furreal Friend Puppy :-)




How to Make a Puppy Cupcake

40 Bloggers + 1 Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship = #SeasTheDay

Earlier this month I joined 39 other bloggers and we set sail on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship.  While I really wished my family could have been there, it gave me some much needed (okay not really needed because I have had a lot of it lately) me time and a lot of fun.

What did we do?  I am SURE you are wondering what is it that 40 bloggers would do on a cruise together.  Well we did A LOT!

jamie and i

The first day I got in I met my AWESOME roommate, Jamie, from Toys In the Dryer.  She was pretty much a perfect roomie match for me.  We both like to have fun and stay up late.  We had a complete blast together and I don’t think I could have been paired up with anyone better.  :-)  We met everyone later that evening at a little social where we learned about everything we would be doing on the cruise.  This is a really great group of bloggers- everyone is friendly and everyone will talk to everyone.

The next day we had a complete tour of the ship Liberty Of the Seas.  It is HUGE and there was so much to see.  I will have a complete blog post about the ship, but to highlight a few things: a first class spa, a wellness center with options to take classes so you can keep the pounds off while on the cruise, a kids zone complete with age appropriate rooms and activities, an arcade, mini golf, rock climbing, and a surf simulator.

seas the day 1

There are also MANY shows to see while you are on LIberty of the Seas, we saw the Ice Skating show and Saturday Night Fever as a group.  The Ice Skating show was really awesome, and the night we saw it they also had a hula hoop talent and she was FABULOUS.  They kept us on our toes during the whole show, but my favorite part was the Hula Hoop girl.  The first time I saw Saturday Night Fever was on the ship, it was a good show but I thought it was really sad in the end :-(  Many of the other group members also saw the shows Love and Marriage Game and .

funny faces

I also went rock climbing with a bunch of the other bloggers.  First- it is WAY harder than it looks, second- I am surprised at how well *I* did- especially for how out of shape I am.  It was really fun and something I will definitely try again!

I think one of my favorite things to do was to order room service every morning and eat lunch on our balcony.  I know, I know but it was such a relaxing way to start my morning.  I have stayed in an interior room before and now that I stayed with a balcony, I am not sure I can go back because it was REALLY nice to have that :-).
seas the day breakfast

Oh and Jamie and I also had a great time going to Catabombs and dancing our hearts out with some other bloggers.  The one thing I can say about Royal Caribbean Ships is that they crowd is definitely more mature- no crazies on the dance floor, just a great group of friendly people all having a good time.  They also have a Karaoke night.  If you want to sing on the stage you definitely need to get there early.  When we got there the list was full for the ENTIRE night- so we went to the Karaoke booth and sang instead.

Okay and Now you get to know what I would like to see changed about the Liberty of the Seas, there is always room for improvement, right?
1. SMOKING IN THE CASINO.  This was my HUGE HUGE HUGE Pet peeve about this ship is the cigarette smoking in the casino.  I would have loved to go play a little in the casino but couldn’t stand to walk through it, let alone sit there because of the smoking.  The way the casino was positioned you HAD to walk through it, and it was horrible.  Not only this but if you were in the lounge right outside the casino the cigarette smoke lingered to there and it made enjoying this lounge intolerable as well, even though the piano music was really great.
2. Smoking on the pool decks.  I learned really quickly that one side of the main pool deck was smoking and the other wasn’t.  It was still disgusting- it would be great if the entire ship was non smoking.
3. Drink Packages-  I opted to go without the drink package, and I was really fine without it since I do not drink pop, and only drink water anyway.  But there were a lot and it was very confusing and expensive to get some of the drink packages.  Once I understood each of the drink packages, it was easy to know that I would never actually drink enough to get one.
4. More food options in Windjammer.  I was not a fan of eating in the Windjammer restaurant at all.  Jamie and I ate in the formal dining room almost always but the few times we ate in Windjammer I was definitely less than thrilled.  The food in the formal dining room was delicious though- I am not sure why there was such a difference in food quality- it is probably because Windjammer was a buffet style so it sat out before I ate it.

This trip was definitely a fun one.  The cruise was awesome and the friends I met will last a life time!

group shot