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How To Give The Best Kids’ Party Ever

Your darling little one has been pestering you for weeks to have a big Christmas party with all his friends invited. Where has it come from? Nobody knows, but you know if you don’t at least try to hold a good one, you will never hear the end of it! Having a festive party for kids needn’t be as hard as you think it is. Our childminders are all at it this year, having the kids make little hats and help with the nibbles. Getting the kids involved in the party planning can be a huge part of the process.

When your children are excited about the party, make sure they are helping you with all the work too. Simple tasks like clearing away all their toys to make room, can be enormously helpful to you on the day. Your little one could help cut out the shapes for the rest of the kids to stick on to their party hats later on. He could even dress the table ready for the food to be laid out too.


Kids Birthday Party
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If you have jelly, stirring the mix is a task even the tiniest tots love to do. Home baked cookies can be mixed up, baked and decorated by your children to be added to the party spread. Balloons are a huge part of any kids’ party. If you are blowing them all up yourselves, make sure they are kept out of reach of under threes, who may put them in their mouths and choke. You could use a balloon company like www.balloonsgalore.co.uk to supply you with as many as you require.

Party games are central to any kids’ party too. Remember your party only needs to be an hour or so long, so pick three or four games that most kids will know. Favorite birthday party games include dancing to Christmas music for musical statues and pass the Christmas sack, where everyone gets a chance to take one small present. This is much like pass the parcel.

Food can be quick and simple party food, much like a birthday party, but instead of birthday cake, have some Christmas cake or Yule Log cake on hand. Your home baked festive biscuits will go down a treat too. Pizza fingers can be decorated with toppings to look like Christmas crackers. Drinks can be served in festive cups that can be found in places like your local supermarket at this time of year.

Of course, once the party is over, your little one may be too tired to help with the clean-up! Try to encourage him to get involved, as it is a great life lesson for your child to learn that great things require great work. Hopefully, things will run smoothly, and your kids will be happy with the outcome of their party. Having your children getting involved with all aspects of the party will also help them feel they have contributed greatly to the household. It will give them a sense of responsibility and make them feel quite grown up.