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15 Crafty Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy

Keeping kids busy can be hard at times, especially if you’re trying to get on with something of your own. You can guarantee that if you don’t give them anything to do, they’ll follow you around all day and stop you from getting important things done. The following crafty ideas should help to keep your kids busy for more than 5 minutes. In fact, I bet you’d only need to give them a few things from the list to keep them busy all day long!

  1. Bake Some Cupcakes

Kids love cupcakes, and baking is a great way to get them into cooking. You can either buy all of the ingredients separate, or buy a kit where everything is included, including the instructions. You’ll need to supervise during certain parts, but they can usually do a lot of it themselves depending on their age. Decorating them will be their favorite part, after eating them that is.

  1. Ask Them to Choreograph Their Own Dance Routine

Your kids probably have an artist or song that they love, so why not ask them to choreograph their own dance routine? You could give them specifics, like you want them all to be in time with each other and the dance should last for at least a few minutes. This should keep them busy for a good hour or so if they get into it!

  1. Make Paper Mache Animal Heads

They could make paper mache anything, but paper mache animal heads can make great decorations for their rooms or play rooms. Simply mount them on to a fancy piece of card and then on to a wall to create a vintage, shabby chic inspired feel.

  1. Make Loom Bands

Loom bands have been big news over the past few months, and kids everywhere are still making them. If your kids haven’t got in on the act yet, why not get them a kit and show them a few Youtube videos to give them an idea of how to do it? If they already know how, tell them you want a beautiful, unique bracelet to wear. This should make them try a more complicated pattern, and they should be busy for quite some time!

  1. Write a Story

Kids have extremely active imaginations, so encourage them to write a story. It can be about anything they like, and afterwards they can read it to you.


  1. Play Games Online

Playing games online can keep your kids occupied for hours, but you need to monitor what they’re doing and ensure they aren’t spending too much time in front of a screen. If you’re worried they might get square eyes, consider printing something out for them instead. My kids love doing logo quizzes, although sometimes they get stuck. That’s when I let them look at things like the bubble logo quiz cheat page with grey dove and blue paw!

  1. Teach Them to Knit/Sew

Knitting and sewing are great skills to have as an adult, so it’ll really help your kids to teach them now. Start them off by sewing a small picture or knitting a small square, before encouraging them to do more complicated tasks.

  1. Make a Mood Board

Taking pictures and words from old newspapers and magazines to make pictures with can be a lot of fun. Encourage your kids to have a theme for their picture, such as a summer garden or princess theme.

  1. Show Them Origami

Kids are fascinated with origami, and they love to create more complicated structures out of a simple piece of paper. There are plenty of patterns online for them to try!

10.   Give Them a Great Book to Read

If your kids don’t like reading, give them a book that they won’t be able to resist. Roald Dahl is always a safe bet, as he usually helps kids to really use their imagination. If your kids love reading, buy them a new book and let them relax somewhere comfortable with it. If my kids are enjoying a book, they’ve been known to finish it in less than a day!

11.  Set Up a Treasure Hunt

Buy some ‘treasure’, and then hide it around the house, telling the kids that you’re going to have a treasure hunt. The ‘treasure’ can be anything, from sweets to a new coloring book. Usually, they’ll be pretty tired after the hunt if you make it difficult enough, and they might even give you a bit of peace by having a nap.

12.   Make Jewelry

Making jewelry is a lot of fun, and you can usually make something with whatever you have to hand. I’ve even helped my kids make bracelets out of old t-shirts!

13.   Paint a Picture

Set up a paint area for your kids, complete with a splash and spill guard. If you want to get them really excited, you could let them paint with their hands!

14.   Make a Fort

Kids love making a little hideaway where they can relax or hide, but this is usually made out of a simple cardboard box. Why not give your kids the tools to make the best fort ever? Give them a variety of boxes in shapes and sizes, plenty of stuff to stick them together, and stuff to decorate. Once they’ve finished, they’ll spend time in there for the rest of the day!

15.   Make an Assault Course

You can do this indoors or outdoors, whichever the weather allows. However, depending on the age of your kids, you may need to supervise so they don’t hurt themselves. Use whatever you have to hand to create the course; brooms, mops, boxes, swing sets, sandpits, pools…you name it! Get creative with a course that will really tire them out, and they should have a nap when they’re done!

I know it isn’t the best feeling to have your kids sat in front of the TV for hours on end, which is why I love using these suggestions to keep my own kids busy. Of course if they’re being particularly grumpy or awkward that day, I just let them watch their favorite film or TV show. Good luck!