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How To Create The Perfect Garden For You And Your Children

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If you and your children are lucky enough to have a garden, you’ll know what a treat it can be. However, gardens need a little shaping and looking after. Without it, they fail into disrepair. It can make for a dangerous and unappealing place for your children. We’re here to help you make the most of your outside space. Even the smallest area provides a huge boost in your children’s enjoyment and learning.

An outdoor space helps children expand their creative skills and imagination. It gives them a whole new world to play out the stories in their head. It’s really important to get the kids away from the TV and into the outside world. Show them that there is something more. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you unlock the best from your garden space.

Tidy up and remove the dangers
If you don’t use the garden very often, the first step is to clear it out and make it a safe place. Remove any old tools lying around. Tidy up all the debris floating about and give it all a good clean. Tidy up any splintered wooden objects. You may need to get yourself some timber to fix a shed or touch up the fence.


Create a playing space


Once you’ve tidied it all up, it’s time to create a fun space to play in. A lawn is ideal. It lets you children roam free in relative safety. They can use the grass area as a new play space. The grass can be the sea and they’re floating on a pirate ship. Or it could be the moon that they slowly explore! If your children are younger, a sand pit is a great way to help them develop their motor skills. They’ll spend hours sifting sand back and forth and learning key skills. The garden is also a great place to teach them about wildlife and caring for living things. Try planting a small row of flowers and let your children tend to them.

Bring the inside out
For a child, there is something stimulating about seeing familiar things in unfamiliar places. Bring an old sofa outside and you can all rest there at the end of the day. Cushions and beanbags can litter the decking or patio for an evening outside. There are now outdoor TVs you can buy too. Put their favourite Disney film on outside and they’ll be utterly content.

Don’t forget about you
The garden isn’t just for your children. Make sure you have a comfortable space to relax in after a hard day’s work. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a glass of wine on the deck during a warm summer. Set up a small outdoor table and chairs and stay warm with an outdoor heater. Let your body relax and prepare for the next day. Or just take a breather while the kids are at school.

These are just a few of the ideas you can do to your garden. Bring it to life by making it a child friendly, explorer’s paradise. It will help them learn and realize their creative potential. The garden will also help you unwind and give you that vital extra space in the home.