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Are you sick of waiting for ages every morning while the rest of your family all use the family bathroom? This is a nightmare that most families face, and it only gets worse as your kids get older and start to worry about their appearance!

But you don’t have to spend your mornings queueing outside your bathroom for hours on end. The best solution is to add on an en suite bathroom to your master bedroom. Then you and your partner have your very own space for getting ready in the morning. And you can leave the kids fighting over the big bathroom.

Not sure how to go about creating the perfect en suite? Here are some very useful tips.

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Make It Compact

As you will be adding the ensuite to a corner of your master bedroom, you probably won’t have a whole lot of space for it. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to fit one in! In actual fact, most en suite bathrooms are very compact. This is easy to do, especially if you are happy to have just a shower cubicle rather than a large bathtub. Column radiators are perfect for smaller bathrooms and will fit neatly into your en suite. If your en suite is going to be especially small, you might not want to fill it with excessive storage.

Use Mirrors Wisely

Worried that your new bathroom is going to feel quite cramped and claustrophobic? Then you just need to work on creating an illusion of space. And the best way to do that is by using mirrors. Simply adding a large mirror to one wall will help to make the room feel a lot more open and light. It’s also possible to get mirrors with LED lights installed into them. This extra light can also help make the ensuite feel bigger than what it actually is.

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Cover All The Pipework

When plumbers fit your shower, sink, and toilet into your new en suite, they will need to add a lot of pipework. Unfortunately, this can be very unsightly. But rather than live with having to look at these ugly pipes every day, you will be better off just covering them up with some panelling. Some plumbers might offer this service, so ask the one who you hire to fit the en suite.

Just Go With A Wet Room

If you are really struggling to find the space for an en suite bathroom, all is not lost! You could just add a wet room. This is like a room that is just a shower cubicle so, as you can see, they don’t have to be particularly big at all. But it’s a good idea to make them big enough so that you can fit in a couple of shelves. Then you will have somewhere to put all your toiletries!

Once you do add an en suite, you will find that a lot of morning stress disappears. You won’t be late because you had to wait for the shower anymore!

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