Supporting Families with Disabilities: Everything You Need to Know

Disabilities can affect anyone. Family life can be affected by disability. But, there is help at hand. You don’t have to suffer the emotional and financial impact alone. On the contrary, there are a number of people and organisations that you can turn to if you are the parent of a disabled child. The key is to remember that you are not alone. If you need support, there are many places that you can go for this.

Here is a breakdown of factors that you may need if your family are supporting an individual with disabilities.

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Practical Help
Practical help is always needed with families that have a disabled child. Charities are on hand to assist families with all of the practical help that they need. This may mean customising your home so that your child can move freely or use the toilet. In some instances, they can provide equipment to help your child live a normal life. Your home may have to be made more accessible. But, this kind of support and practical help can be sought from a number of charities.

Emotional Support
Emotional support for both parents and children is vital. Many parents feel exhausted being on hand to care for their children all of the time. This can have a detrimental effect on your emotional well-being. The key is to remember that there is emotional support at hand. Groups, charities and online forums can prove to be an emotional crutch during this time. A simple internet search will retrieve lots of results. This can help you find the support that is right for you and your child.

Financial Assistance
In the US, you can find a number of outlets that can provide you with financial assistance. The cost of medical care can be expensive. But, the loss of income can also be difficult to deal with. Social security family benefits can be sought. You need to make sure that you apply early and that you eligible for these benefits. Social security claims are often approved. This means that you can get financial assistance for you and your child. Family benefits are also available to those with disabled children.

Benefits will not only be paid to the disabled child, but the family will be paid for caring for the child too. This means that you and your spouse will be assisted, financially, with the care of your child. When you are in receipt of disability benefits, you may be able to claim for financial assistance with other children too. There are legal services that can provide more information on this service and what you are entitled to.

You will need to be able to provide evidence of your child’s disability. You will also need to provide information regarding their social security number. In some instances, you may be asked to provide a birth certificate.

Families with disabilities do not have to go through this alone. With an extensive network of support and financial assistance available to families, you can ensure that your family has everything that it needs.

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