Stop The Chomp With These Termite Tips

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Your home is probably your single biggest investment ever made and you therefore will have lots of different insurances and plans in place to keep that investment safe from worrying home problems.  But did you know that most home insurance policies in the U.S. don’t cover the repair and treatment of termite infestation, which affects approximately 6000,000 homes a year and costing homeowners more than $1 billion!

Termites are known to destroy wall and roofing timbers of a home within three months and attacks are likely in virtually any urban area. These bugs literally will eat your house down around you.  Follow these top tips however and you will be helping to protect your home and your pocket from termite termination.

  1. The most obvious protection against termite raids is to have regular termite inspections by a qualified pest professional and install a termite management system or control plan around your home such as Terminix.  You can often get home inspections for free so this is a really cost-effective solution to a growing problem in the U.S.
  2. Ensure ground water drainage flows away from or around your home to control the amount of water available to the insects. You could consider using a soil drainage system for instance if water drainage is a problem in your area. Termite nests, both underground and occasionally even above ground, can only take hold if there are good moist conditions
  3. Don’t install a watering system or regularly water plants close to the house. It is tempting to plant large flower beds under windows and along walls to give our home a welcoming facade but this is just why termites are taking hold of so many properties with devastating results  
  4. Regularly check for leaking pipes, appliances such as washing machines, water systems, gutters and downpipes etc. Any leaks will increase moisture levels and provide the perfect conditions for termites to thrive as well as adding water damage to your repair costs!
  5. Don’t use or keep wood mulch near your home. This is actively removing the termites food supply. If you have to use wood mulch at all make sure it is treated with an insecticide and be vigilant for potential nests.
  6. Don’t store timber or old cardboard near your home – these are both perfect termite food.  This includes firewood, which should be stored off ground level.
  7. Finally keep the outside of your home clear of plants and other items such as furniture or climbing plants that might block your view of potential termite raids. If you can’t see the walls of your home you can’t see who might be trying to sneak in!

Follow these simple tips and you could significantly reduce your risk of a termite infestation.  However termites are determined insects so if you begin to see or smell signs of damp in your home this could be a termite attack. Call a professional immediately – the sooner you act the more of your home you will spare the chomp.

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