Our Visit to Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky

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Earlier this month I went up to Ohio to pick up Colton and I stayed the weekend to visit with my family. While we were up in Ohio we decided to stop by the Great Wold Lodge in Sandusky for a little getaway together before Colton and I headed back to Florida.

We got there and we were greeted by a friendly Front Desk clerk that got us all checked in and gave us all Wolf Ears and a High Paw.  The high paw that has been pretty much everywhere for our family since our visit to Great Wolf Lodge.  Wolf ears were on and we were set for two days of sun in the water!
Fun Fact: This bear statue is the same size as an adult bear standing up :-)
Welcome to the Great Wolf Lodge

We headed to our room to get our suits on and head to the water park!  For our family of 4 the room was perfect!  We had 2 Queen Sized Beds, a small kitchenette area, a bathroom, a separate family room area with a couch, TV, and table, and a patio so we could sit outside if we wanted.  Everything was Wolf and Lodge themed- very cute!

Great Wolf Lodge RoomAfter we got all settled in, we headed to the water park.  Colton is my little water bug.  He loves the pool, he loves the ocean, he loves water slides, he loves splash grounds, and he loves sprinklers– basically if it’s water and he can splash in it, he will have fun.

While the adults were unpacking and getting our suits on little man was busy causing mischief and sporting his wolf ears :-)
My little wolf ColtonOff to the water park!!  The water park at the Great Wolf lodge was PERFECT for Colton’s age.  He is 42 Inches tall so he was able to do everything- either by himself or with me.  Everyone had a great time in the water park, but I would say this water park is especially geared toward families with younger children.  By younger children I am referring to children 10 and under– although if you have teens they will have fun too- my 20 year old sister had a ball on the water slides.

When you walk in your little one will be measured and given a colored wristband.  The color of the wristband shows which height group they are in- and helps you determine what attractions they can do.  This is a GREAT idea because you know right when you walk in what your little one can or cannot so.  Plus it eliminates constant measuring.  Colton was yellow, which means he can ride everything, but there were a few green sides that he needed me to go with him on.
Great Wolf Lodge Height requirements

Great Wolf Lodge Water ParkColton and I did pretty much everything in the water park at least once, but his FAVORITE thing was the big bucket that dumped periodically.  If the alarm sounded, he would make a run for the bucket.  You have about one minute to get there from the time the alarm first sounds.  :-)

Another favorite thing for little man was Big Foot Pass.  He usually attempts these activities but is not quite big and balanced enough to get across.  After watching some big kids get across Colton finally figured out the trick and made it!  He was SO proud!  :-)

The water park was a lot of fun and really the main attraction for us, but there is more than just the water park at Great Wolf Lodge.  They have daily activities, to keep your little ones busy if you need a break from the water.

The one thing I considered buying was the Paw Pass.  At Great Wolf Lodge there are a lot of extra activities for your kiddos to do and to help mom’s wallet they came up with Paw and Pup Pass that are two age appropriate passes you can purchase so your kiddos can do these fun activities and mom and dad won’t go broke.  Great Wolf Lodge Paw PassSome of the extra activities that are included in Paw and/or Pup Pass include:
Creation Station, where your kids can make their very own new furry friend.
Great Wolf Lodge Creation StationMagic Quest.  This seemed to be a big hit for kids and adults around the hotel.  You purchase a wand and activate it and go on a quest.  There are different styles of wands that vary in price and an activation fee.  Once you buy the wand you can bring it back for your next stay and you only pay the activation fee and you can play the game again.

Scooops Kid’s Spa.  This is a spa just for kids, or kids and mom!  They have Manicures, Pedicure, and Facials for the little ones (and mom too!).  In your room you get a little sample of body wash for kids from Scooops- it smells like bubble gum!  (and is not tear free– just a little FYI)

Scooops Kids Spa

Cub Club is an activity center your kiddos can go to make crafts and have some fun.  This area is open daily.  Northern Lights Arcade is also a water free option.

When you check in be sure to get a schedule of daily activities.  They have fun things planned all throughout the day to keep your little ones entertained.  Some of the scheduled shows are:

Great Clock Tower in the Grand Lobby–Don’t miss the Great Clock Tower friends as they come to life in the Grand Lobby!
Show Times: 10:00 a.m., 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Story Time-Nightly Story Time is the perfect ending to your fun filled day at Great Wolf Lodge. Wear your pajamas and enjoy favorite bedtime stories by the fireplace in the Grand Lobby. Stay afterwards and snap a photo with Wiley or Violet while you give them a high-paw.
TIP: GET THERE EARLY.  This was a VERY popular activity, we got there about 10 minutes early and were sitting in the back.  Grab a snack and get there early if you want a good seat.
Story Time
Colton was sleepy and zoned into every word of story time :-)

Wolf Walk– Come and explore with us! Wolf Walk is a nature hike where kids and families learn to howl together. Take a morning walk around our Grand Lobby and learn about the many animals of the Northwoods. Everyone will enjoy making a souvenir origami wolf!

They also had face painting in the lobby on Sunday afternoon :-)

My family had a GREAT time at Great Wolf Lodge.  I am very thankful to Great Wolf Lodge for giving me the opportunity to stay here and enjoy the resort while creating wonderful memories.  If you are looking for something fun to do in Sandusky, I hope you will consider Great Wolf Lodge.

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  1. Angela

    I am glad you had such a great time! My family stayed at the one in Charlotte a few years ago and had an absolute blast.

  2. Owen's Mom

    We go to the Great Wolf Lodge (Grand Mound) in WA every Winter. LOVE it. My kids love wearing their wolf ears and tails as they race through the halls doing Magic Quest. It is a great break from the water and pruned fingers to walk around and collect items and solve the riddles. Glad your family enjoyed it.


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