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Last week Colton, David and I went to Coco Key Water Resort for a little getaway to kick off summer vacation—That was a great way to kick off summer! We got there and were greeted by Coco The Parrot at check in. We were given a map, instructions to park, and an activity list. The information pamphlet even had the forecast for weather on it.

Colton, my little water bug, was ready to hit the pool before we even settled in the room. No surprise there! We headed to the room to drop off our stuff and get ready to hit the pool!
Coco Key Resort is only about 4 years old- so it is pretty new to Orlando and everything is really nice and updated in the rooms. They were actually installing new handles and card readers on the doors when we were there, so now they have the new keys that have the RDIF chips so you just tap them to the door and it opens.

Coco Key Room

The room was very clean and spacious- two things I look for in a hotel room. As a family of three we definitely had plenty of room. We had two queen sized beds, a table so David could do his homework and we were able to have a small breakfast in our room. There was even a refrigerator for food or left overs.

Down at the water park there are 3 areas of focus for the water activities. The first is what I would refer to as the kiddie area. There were 4 small slides that went to about 3 feet of water and some spray, drops, and water cannons for water play where the water was a bit shallower. Lots of fun for Colton- and over all where he preferred to spend most of his time. This area was geared for kids up to about 6 or 7—but I saw older kids enjoying it too.


MinnowsLagoonThe second area was a deeper pool with a spiral slide that went to a 6 foot deep pool. The side that had the slide was not for swimming, but there was an area of open pool on the other end of the pool. Colton likes to practice swimming and makes me give him “swimming lessons” so we did some swimming practice over here. He was too short for the Cyclone Slide so we did not get to go down it, but it sure looked like fun!

Colton Cocoa Key

Of course, what water park would be complete without the big, fun water house with lots of activities, spraying water, slides, and the big bucket!  This was definitely one of Colton’s favorite spots– he loves the water spraying everywhere, the big bucket and slides so it was pretty much everything he loves.
COCOa Key Water Park

The next area is the tall slides. There is one body slide and two tube slides. We stuck with the yellow tube slide, which was A TON of fun! Colton was tall enough to go down the body slide- but once we got all the way up there he changed his mind. He was not tall enough for the red Boomerang slide. I REALLY wanted to go down this one, it looked like a lot of fun. When you go to Coco Key and you are ready to go down the slides, make sure you get the right color tube. Yellow slide= yellow tube and red slide = red tube You can’t go down the slide with the other tube because they are different—yes I grabbed the wrong tube :-)  ((Silly me))


The one thing I can say about the water park is it is CLEAN and the Life Guards are REALLY Friendly – and on top of things. They were constantly moving around and watching closely. When the weather got bad they set up a really fun game of musical chairs. The kids had so much fun playing this game I am pretty sure they all forgot that it was storming and they couldn’t go in the pool. We actually had a little close call with Colton and the life guard was definitely on her toes. We were heading from the kiddie area to the area with the deeper pool and slide. Colton was so excited that he wasn’t paying attention. I had my hands full because I needed to move our stuff… and Colton goes and jumps RIGHT IN THE DEEP END. Of course I threw our stuff down and go to jump in after him- but luckily thanks to swimming lessons and a lot of practice he didn’t need saving. He kicked his way to the top and was starting to swim to the edge before I jumped in. The Life Guard that was watching the area was really on her toes because in the split second all that happened she was right there ready to jump in too. THAT right there made the swimming lessons 100% worth it :-)

There is one other area- it is a more adult area at the front pool. This pool is open a little later than the other water attractions. There is a pool, hot tub, cabanas, and a bar in this area. Definitely a nice place to chill out and relax.
cocoa key adult area

When the storm started to come in, we joined in on the musical chairs that the life guards organized. When Colton was eliminated I checked the schedule to see what other activites they had so we headed over to cookie decorating. If you do stay at Coco Key check the papers they give you when you check in. Ours had a coupon for $5 off any activity and you can use this toward the cookie decorating, which is $2 per person. I don’t know if they do this all the time, but they had it when we were there.

Colton Cookie Decorating

After the cookie decorating was a scavenger hunt. This was a lot of fun- you get 30 minutes to go around the hotel and find things or find the answers to trivia question. Colton and had fun with this and the prize was arcade credits—which for a 4 year old is AWESOME!! Of course he had to play some games- which turned into all of playing games and trying to earn as many tickets as we could. David works a lot so we don’t get a lot of family time- I think for me having us all together and playing the arcade games was my favorite part.

Colton Arcade

The last activity of the night was a dance party with Coco the Parrot on the back deck. By this time we were all pretty tired so we got some pictures and headed up to bed so we could do it all again the next day.

Colton with Cocoa at the Dance Party

Coco Key offers a variety of discount tickets to guests and transportation to the attractions. So if you are looking for somewhere to stay where you can enjoy the attractions and not have to worry about renting a car they can help you out with that. But there is plenty to offer right in the resort- we were able to eat, sleep, and play right there in the resort. They even have a convenience store on site in case you forget anything!

We had so much fun at Coco Key I can’t wait to go back for another mini getaway. My mom called when she was babysitting Colton last week and said that Colton kept talking about going to “coco Key” so he certainly had a fun time too!

Coco Key Resort also plans birthday parties- I saw a family celebrating when we were there and everyone was having a great time!  Colton is begging to have his party there now too :-)
Cocoa Key Birthday Party

You and your family can stay at this amazing resort too!  They have Specials for July, Military, Florida and Georgia Residents, AAA Members, and Packages that will give you discounts on Universal Studios and Sea World– all starting at just $89 per night!!  You can check out all of the Coco Key Resort Specials HERE.

Definitely think of Coco Key Water Resort the next time you and your family are looking for something fun to do, or if you are visiting Orlando- this is a great hotel, with shuttle to most of the attractions!

Disclosure: My family received a free night at Coco Key Water Resort so we had the opportunity to experience the resort and share the experience.  

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