Not Home for the Holidays: Preparing Your House

Winter House

The holidays often mean leaving your house for a few days, or perhaps even longer. Many people spend Thanksgiving or Christmas elsewhere. If you’re going to visit your parents or the in-laws, you might be worried about leaving your house. There are several things to be concerned about, including the cold weather and the possibility of break-ins. You don’t want anyone to notice that you’re away and take the opportunity to steal from you. Before you go away, you can take some steps to prepare for your absence. Don’t forget to do these things so you’ll be able to have peace of mind while you’re away.

Prepare for the Weather

One of your biggest concerns while you’re away for the holidays may be the weather. As it starts to get colder, you need to think about snow and ice, as well as winds. These things can impact your home, especially if you aren’t there to watch it. For example, you might need to worry about snow building up on your roof. If you want to get ready for the cold weather, you should take steps that will help you every year. If you use permanent solutions like using heat tape on your pipes, you won’t have to worry about it each year.

Install a Security System

The security of your home can also be an issue during the winter. You might worry that the darker nights make break-ins more likely. And leaving your home empty could make it more vulnerable to criminals. However, you can take steps to protect your home. One thing you might want to do is install a security system. Even better, you can consider one that connects to your smartphone. You can have cameras hooked up to an app so that if there is any movement or the alarm goes, you can see what’s going on. You could ask a neighbor to listen out for the alarm too.

Snow House


Arrange Pet Care

If your pets are staying at home for the holidays, you need someone to look after them. You’re most likely to do this with cats, fish, or small mammals. You can easily have someone to come in a couple of times a day to feed your pets and take care of their other needs. You might get a neighbor to do it or perhaps hire a professional. Many pet sitters can also do things like turning lights on and off and opening and closing curtains. This gives the appearance that you’re still at home.

Consider a House Sitter

If you’re unsure about leaving your home empty, you could consider a house sitter. There are professionals or perhaps someone you know who would be happy to look after the house. You can make sure you have someone to take care of everything, from clearing snow to feeding the pets. Of course, you need to find someone you trust. Plus, if you a hire a professional, it will cost you money.

Don’t let leaving your home stress you out too much. Make the necessary preparations and enjoy your holiday.

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