My Purell 30 Day Challenge Update!

We have had a fun time with the Purell 30 Day Challenge.  While I encourage hand washing if soap and water is available, we used Purell a lot over the last month to fill the gap when it wasn’t.

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The Purell Challenge is to use Purell 3 times a day for 30 days.  We definitely we able to do this.  Adding Purell bottles to places we needed this quick germ fighting action the challenge was EASY.  It’s not too late!  You and your family can take the Purell 30 Day Challenge too!  Just check out and you can take the challenge and win prizes too!

Fun Fact: Scientific outcome studies provide evidence that hand hygiene, including the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, like PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer, reduces our risk of getting sick.  We have a new baby in the house- so killing germs is EXTRA important to this mom!


Some ways WE used Purell This month:
At the Fair:  Lets face it… fairs are gross.  A ton of people, not much cleaning.  It’s outside.  Animals. Yup germs everywhere.  Luckily I carry Purell Anti-Bacterial wipes in my diaper bag.  I was able to wipe down the tables before we ate (kills germs and cleans a bit!), and we all used hand sanitizer after things like petting animals, riding rides, and using the restroom when water and soap were not available.



After school:
School is a breeding ground for germs.  A little squirt after school helps to kill those germs before them come into the house!  I put one on Colton’s backpack :-)
purell1At School!  Every child in Colton’s class has Purell in their cubby.  It was on the school supply list, so everyone has a bottle they use periodically throughout the day.

In the car!  Nothing grosser than pumping gas.  Yup Purell after that too.  Or run into the school for ANYTHING… hand sanitize RIGHT AWAY!

Fun Fact: Studies and epidemiological evidence have consistently demonstrated the significant benefits (typically in the range of 20-50% reduction of illness of using PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer in real-world settings:

  • 14.8 % to 39.9% reduction in upper respiratory-illness symptoms; 20% in total improvement in illness rate; 43% less missed school/work days5
  • 20% reduction in absenteeism in a workplace setting6
  • 50% reduction in absenteeism in schools7

The benefits are there and using Purell is easy!  Remember- First choice is wash hands with soap and water… if that isn’t available.. PURELL!

You can also learn more about the 30-day challenge by visiting the PURELL website or by following them on TwitterFacebookInstagram, or YouTube.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own, honest opinions.  

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