Moms, Look Out For These Three Worrying Home Problems!

I love our family home. It’s full of life, and keeping it in ship-shape keeps me busy! Unfortunately, I’ve recently had to spend a bit of money on a big repair job. We were having some trouble with the roofing. The tiles were coming loose, and one even fell off during a particularly windy night. Now, I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want falling tiles when there are children around! So, I had to make an urgent call to our local roofer.

Since then, I’ve become a little paranoid about what else might go wrong. There are so many structural things around the house that you might not even notice. You think everything is fine, and next thing you know, the roof is falling to pieces! I did my research, and now I’ve got a keen eye on other structural things. They say it’s best to catch these problems as early as possible. That way, it’s cheaper to repair, and you don’t risk further damage. Today, I’m sharing this wisdom with you, so you don’t have to go through it like I did!

Structual Cracks
Cracks are always bad news! photo source

  1. Roof problems

I’ll start with the roofing problems we had. Our house is quite old now. And, while I love the character and personality of an older property, it does have its issues. Over the years, the cement that holds the tiles together has worn away. What with battering winds and rain over the decades, this is to be expected! Just look out for wonky (or missing) tiles. You should also look out for sagging roofs or water coming through the tiles. If you spot any of these problems, call a roofing expert quickly!

  1. Damp

To be honest, I’ve always had a keen eye for damp. It’s a problem that rears its ugly head whatever house I’m living in. Damp and mold are tricky to deal with. It’s caused by condensation gathering inside the house, on your windows. You might not know this, but drying your clothes inside also feeds the process, so try to avoid that! Lastly, there are bigger issues to worry about here. Sometimes, when the damp-proofing in our walls fail, damp grows from the moisture outside. Unfortunately, this is a big job, so keep an eye on any creeping damp or mold. It’s also worth keeping a local handyman on your speed dial, in case you need a second opinion.

  1. Subsidence

There’s nothing scarier than the thought of your own house sinking! But, it does happen. In fact, it happened to an old neighbour of mine. I must say, that did worry me quite a lot! Subsidence means there’s a problem in your foundation. Wet ground can often cause buildings to sink and subside. The first clues are noticeable sloping across the home. If the children’s marbles and balls keep running away, there may be too much sloping! Next, look for cracks on the inside and outside walls. Cracks are always bad news, and often lead back to the foundation.

I hope I haven’t worried you too much! But, it’s so important that you keep your eyes out for the early signs. The faster you act, the less money you’ll pay on repairs. Don’t leave it too late!

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