Moms, Here’s How To Reduce The Stress In Your Life

Life can be stressful as a mom and I know that all too well. There is just so much to think about, from keeping the house in good order, looking after the kids and earning a living. If you are a single mom, it can be even worse and you will find yourself wishing you could get away from it all. I have reached that point a few times, and that is why i came up with this great strategy of reducing the stress in my life. It is easy to do and you really should give it a try.

  1. Avoid Stressful Situations
    I admit that not all stress can be avoided, but a lot of it can be. For instance, if your child is throwing a little tantrum in the middle of a shopping centre, you cannot just walk away from it. But some situations can be avoided completely. I will give you an example. Yesterday I overtook a young man in his car nattering away on the phone. Apparently he did not like that one bit and sped up to perform a dangerous overtake. He then braked causing me to slam my brakes down. The action was dangerous and obviously a serious account of road rage. I could have retaliated, but instead I pulled over at the side of the road, took ten deep breaths and calmed myself. Now, I have made the resolution not to get mad at idiots on the road and simply to ensure my families safety.

2) Try Some Exercise

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Yes, that horrible E word that makes everyone groan before they even start. Actually, I have heard some people do like exercise, those crazy individuals. But I am starting to see the appeal after beginning my own exercise routine a couple of weeks ago. I have to say it certainly reduces the buildup of tension in my lower back and puts me in the right frame of mind to face a long day. Try it yourself but start off slow. In fact, if you are just looking to relieve stress you never have to get into a strenuous exercise routine. You can do as much as you feel comfortable with.

3) Get A Good Night Rest

The curse of being a parent is that our kids are the main focus at nighttime. We tuck them in, pray they don’t get back up and sing them to sleep. We have to make sure that they get a good rest before a day of school. We completely forget about our own sleeping pattern. If you want to reduce stress you need to put your night time back on track. If you are looking for a little additional comfort you could purchase a new bed from a site like There are a wide range of comfy air beds to choose from that are perfect. Or, you may want to try doing that exercise routine before bed and drinking a hot drink. This will tire you out and make you feel relaxed at the same time.

Using these tips I promise you, you are looking at a stress-free tomorrow!

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