Make Your Own Ice Cream in a Bag

IceCream In A Bag

Colton and I had a lazy summer day last week and wanted to try some cool experiments, as well as make a fun dessert after lunch so we made our very own ice cream in a bag!  This is a really fun science experiment, and a tasty for your little ones.

Here is what you will need:
1 Gallon Ziplock Bag
1 Sandwich to quart size ziplock bag
1/2 Cup Milk
1.5 Tablespoons Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
2 Trays of Ice
6 Tablespoons of Salt
Toppings or other goodies (Colton wanted vanilla so we did not add anything to ours, but you can add chocolate chips, sprinkles, strawberries, chocolate topping, or anything you want to your ice cream)

What to do:
Step 1: In the smaller Ziplock bag combine Milk, Sugar, Vanilla, and any toppings.
Step 2: In the larger bag combine Ice and Salt
Step 3: Seal the smaller bag, reducing as much air as possible.
Step 4: Put the Sealed smaller bag into the Larger bag of ice and salt and seal that bag.
Step 5: SHAKE IT!  This was Colton’s favorite part :-)

Step 6: After shaking the bag for 1-2 minutes, check the consistency of your ice cream.  It should be cold, and frozen and ready to eat!
Homemade Ice Cream in a BagThere is a science experiment to this fun activity.  Yes, that is right, it isn’t all fun and games- it is LEARNING too.

Ask your child as the temperature drops does fresh water or salt water freeze first?
Answer: Fresh Water!  Salt water actually has to reach a COLDER temperature to reach the level of freezing.

In the winter when it is icy, we add salt to the walk ways to melt the ice?  Why do we do this and what is the salt doing?
Answer: Obviously it is so the ice melts and we don’t slip and fall, but did you know by adding salt to the walk way you are not raising the temperature of the ice to make it melt?  No- how would that be possible since salt is not warm.  By putting the salt on the ice you are interrupting the freezing process and causing the ice to melt (or making it so the ice will now freeze at an even lower temperature instead of the current freezing temperature).  The more salt you add, the lower the temperature must be before the water will freeze and become ice.

Why do we add salt to the bag of ice that we shake the bag of ice cream in?
Answer: By adding Salt to the Ice it lowers the temperature of the ice.  It will cause the ice to melt, but the temperature of the ice is lower than when you started, thus COLDER and will freeze your liquid ingredients faster :-)  (Use a thermometer and check!!!)

I hope you learned something today!  And I hope when you and your kiddos make ice cream you can explain this to them, because it is really cool :-)

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