Make Your Kitchen Appliances Last Longer With These Great Tricks

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Nobody wants to spend lots of money replacing kitchen appliances, and so it’s important that we all learn how to keep them in good working order for longer. Contrary to popular belief, products are not made with the intention of them breaking periodically. While that would be a good business model, the manufacturers would never get away with it. In fact, most of the items in your kitchen should last for five years or more if you look after them properly. Throughout the course of this article, we’re going to present you with a step by step guide to caring for your cooker, dishwasher and any countertop devices you might own.

Read the manufacturers instructions
It might sound like an obvious step to some of you, but you would not believe the amount of people who toss the instructions aside and think they know best. If you fail to read through all the paperwork that comes with your appliances, you will never know about the best maintenance strategies. There may be removable parts that need cleaning from time to time to ensure the product runs smoothly. There could also be some specialist products that could help to keep it working for longer.

Purchase replacement parts
You do not have to purchase new appliances for your home as soon as your old ones break. Anyone with some basic electrical and plumbing knowledge can open them up and look for the issue. Finding replacement parts is simple these days thanks to online specialists. All you need is your dishwasher model number. Installing the new parts should be simple, but there will be lots of visual guides available online if you get stuck. The most important thing to remember is that you need to switch your water supply off before messing with anything that is plumbed into your home.

Buy specialist cleaning products
You will have all seen the adverts on television for tablets that help to remove limescale from your dishwasher and washing machine, right? Well, it might be sensible for you to invest in some pretty soon. The problem with limescale is that it tends to build up over time, and it can make your appliances useless when it reaches a certain point. Again, a full cleaning routine should be listed in your instruction manual. So, all you have to do is follow the guidance of the manufacturer. The money you save by looking after your products over the course of a year could be enough to pay for a cheap vacation.

When all’s said and done, making your appliances last longer comes down to common sense. Just make sure that you always try to clean or fix the items before you start looking for replacements. When you are 100% convinced there is nothing more you can do, avoid sending the items to landfill. There are recycling plants that will help to ensure the materials are reused.

Another great way to limit the amount of appliance purchases you have to make involved buying better quality products. However, doing that is dependent on your bank balance. So, it’s not a viable solution for everyone.

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  1. James Bergman

    The savings from keeping your appliances up to date might even let you take two vacations if you like camping. I do have to agree with you that it is a good idea to read the manufacturer’s instructions. It is really boring, but there is no better way of finding out how to properly use and maintain your appliance. However, I would skip buying specialist cleaners for dishwashers etc. Regular white vinegar is a great cleaner, and it is cheaper. You can also find a ton of DIY cleaners that you can make with vinegar online.

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