Look north! 5 great reasons to consider Canada

Our quiet neighbour to the north is a beautiful, exciting and multifaceted place, yet so many Americans don’t even consider hopping over the border to sample the myriad delights of this diverse country. And that’s a real shame. Canada has a whole lot more to offer than maple syrup and a hunky leader.

Now more than ever, Canada has a whole lot to offer tourists from the US and all around the world. It’s also an incredibly kid-friendly destination jam-packed with fun activities for the whole family.

Remember that since March 2016, an eTA has been an essential entry requirement for all visa exempt foreign nationals travelling to for through Canada. For more information contact the Canada eTA website where you’ll find information and an online application.

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Canadians are among the friendliest people in the world

We all want our kids to be surrounded by positive role models and to see positive imitable behavior everywhere they look. Canadians are famously friendly and welcoming and appreciative of visitors from all kinds of locales and cultures.

National Parks

Kids benefit enormously from trips to parks where they can experience nature first hand. Canada’s national parks are amongst the most beautiful in the world, and now is the best time to visit them. You can access any and all of these 46 areas of outstanding natural beauty by way of a Discovery Pass. The Yukon territory reserve (home to Mt. Logan, Canada’s highest peak) is perhaps the best known but the snowy peaks and crystalline blue lakes of Alberta’s Banff National Park also come highly recommended.

Sensational Cities

Cross-pollination with various cultures all along the Canadian / American border has resulted in some incredibly diverse and vibrant cities, most of which are dotted along the border along with Canada’s 35 million residents.

Each city has its own unique feel and topography. Toronto is an artistic and musical hub, Vancouver has staggering verdant parks (including the highly recommended Grouse Mountain), Halifax is a must for wine-lovers and foodies with a thriving culinary scene.

Then there’s the charming mystique of Montreal (where at least a smattering of spoken French will go a long-long way).

Fabulous Festivals

Whatever the weather and whatever your tastes, chances are that Canada will have a festival to suit you. From the Calgary Stampede to the Montreal International Jazz festival, there’s something for everyone come rain, shine or snow.

If you’re itching to get over there this summer then you mustn’t miss the spectacular annual Canada Day fireworks display on July 1st, but if you or your kids are winter sports nuts you’ll appreciate the sleigh races of Quebec City’s Winter carnival.

Sumptuous seafood

Up and down the atlantic coast you’ll find that Canada boasts some of the world’s finest seafood.

The salmon, lobster and shellfish from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are the stuff of legend and while they’re quite often shipped to territories all over the US there’s nothing like trying it fresh.

From food and wine to parks and cities there are so many reasons to consider hopping the border into Canada, so get out there and discover some of your own.

See you there, eh?

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