Kids Gone To School? Top 10 Things For Moms To Do Next

Although a lot of Moms are really busy all the time, some of us start scratching our heads for things to do once all the kids have started school. While it is lovely to suddenly gain a few hours independence from being a mommy, sometimes we can feel pretty lonely and redundant. Filling that time could be quite a challenge if you have several children. It has probably been many years since you had any time to yourself at all. Let’s face it, we all love being a mommy too much to want to do anything else now anyway!

While there are plenty of things to do out there while the kids are in school, knowing what they are and getting involved with them can be difficult to figure out. We give you the top ten things to do with your time now you can officially be you again, instead of just Mommy!

  1. Get a job – Lots of mommies go and find a little part time job locally when all the kids have gone up to school. There are some communities that have plenty, and some that have very few, so this one may not work for you. Working a couple of hours in a store or fast food restaurant each day will also bring a little bit of extra cash into the home to put away for one your college bills in the future.
  2. Become self employed – Some mommies find the skills they have acquired by being a parent can come in rather handy to earn a few bucks here and there. Some turn to writing, maximizing all those story-telling hours they have put in. Others bake cakes and muffins to sell. Some have become quite good at art and crafts and can sell their designs through a website.

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  1. Volunteer at the pet sanctuary – If having kids has meant you have had to go without a pet for a while, volunteering to work with animals can be a great way to get some furry cuddles in! While much of the work may involved mucking out cages, any animals suitable for rehoming need to be socialized and played with to determine what kind of home they could go to.
  2. Fundraise for your Little League team – Kids’ clubs and sports teams are all desperate for funding all year round. If you are good at writing letters, you could appeal to local businesses to sponsor your local team. If it’s the one your own children play for then all the better. Check out for more ideas on how to gain extra support and donations. It’s not all about asking for money either. It is just as much about encouraging good will and excitement for the team to raise those extra donations to.
  3. Learn a musical instrument – Most of us had opportunities to play a musical instrument when we were in school. Perhaps you even enjoyed one or two of them! Picking up where you left off all those years ago is not necessarily the easiest thing to do in the world but it can be quite rewarding. If you are short of inspiration on which instrument to choose, have a chat with the kids. They may be interested in learning more about a particular instrument. Learning together can be cheaper for lessons and keep you both motivated.
  4. Take a class – While daytime education for adults is usually populated by retired people, a growing number of moms are taking them up too. With everything from foreign languages to pottery on offer, you can find something you are interested in, as well as learn new skills you may be able to add to your resume. Who knows – maybe you will be good enough to earn a living from it eventually.
  5. Teach a class – Lots of mommies feel they have plenty to say on at least one topic of interest to others, and it’s not always about parenting. If you feel you come up with a well-rounded curriculum to teach others something you’re passionate about, why not give it a go! Alternatively, have a chat with your school and see if you can come in to chat with the children from time to time, or hold an extra-curricular class once a week.
  6. Coach the local team – One way to stay close to your kids even when they are at school is to become a coach. It could be for the Little League, or you might coach other activities like singing or painting. While this may be on a voluntary basis, it can be hugely rewarding to you, and highly beneficial to the school too. You may even be drafted in to run the clubs. While this may be largely administrative, it can be very helpful to ensure all the children have sufficient access to a broad range of clubs and activities.
  7. Get into running – Often mommies can’t wait to have some time to try and get their pre-baby figure back. Of course, by the time the last of the kids has finally gone off to school, we probably don’t care as much! That said, it is important to be as fit as possible whatever age our kids. This helps stave off serious age-related diseases and helps give us the energy to be able to keep up with the children. It is also good to lead by example and show the kids that keeping physically active is a good lifestyle choice. Running may not be your bag, but Yoga or Zumba classes are held in most communities.
  8. Take up photography – The Internet is bursting with websites begging for photographs. We post photos on FaceBook and Pinterest all the time, so ensuring we can take the best pictures possible could be a good idea. Take a class or find a how-to website to teach you all about the art of taking a good picture. The good news is you can take plenty of great shots just using your mobile or cell phone.

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