I am not Spoiling my baby, I am loving him

Everyone has a way of butting into your parenting style.  Everyone wants to pipe in and tell you how to do it and what you are doing wrong (notice, I didn’t say right because if you are doing it right, they wouldn’t have anything to say LOL).  Right now the most common thing I am hearing is “You are spoiling him”  “You hold him too much”… I will admit I have been joking about what a spoiled baby he is.  But the truth is, he is not spoiled at all, he is LOVED.  Caleb is a VERY loved baby.

Yes, I hold him a lot, but why wouldn’t I want to hold my baby a lot?  I don’t understand why someone  wouldn’t want to hold their baby all the time and enjoy those little baby snuggles.  He will only be this little for a short time, he will grow and be 5, almost 6, like his big brother in the blink of an eye.  So yes, I will hold him and I will :spoil: him.  And if he cries when I put him down, I will pick him back up and enjoy the snuggles and love even more.

I am not spoiling him, I am loving him, I am bonding with him, I am teaching him that I will always be there to fulfill his every need.  And guess what… that doesn’t mean I am “ruining” him or making him needy.  In fact, babies that are held a lot tend to be more secure kids.

Why are we rushing independence?  He will learn independence on his own, as he grows and explores– there is no need for me to force him into being independent at 2 months old.  Why would I do that? So he is an “easy” baby that sits in his bed or swing all day?  Why on earth would I want that… oh because I have :other: things I need to do?  To be honest… I don’t really care about all those other things.  If my baby needs me… those other things don’t matter.  They will be there later and I can work on them while this little guy sleeps.  He is what is important and spending time with him (and of course Big Brother Colton), is what matters most.  Being a mom isn’t supposed to be easy.  But it is supposed to be rewarding and if I am paid in hugs, kisses, and baby snuggles… I think that is all I need for the rest of my life.

So no, I am not spoiling my baby, I am loving him.  And I am enjoying having a baby that loves me and thinks I am the most important person in the world :-)

Caleb Vincent

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