How To Pack For A Skiing Holiday

Working out what you need to take on your skiing holiday with you is never easy. Particularly when you have a small luggage limit to take into consideration. But, if you think smart and pack carefully, there is no need for any packing stress.

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For your ultimate guide to skiing holiday preparation, have a read of our helpful guide below.

Passport and holiday documents
Make sure to pack your passport and other vital holiday papers.

When booking your holiday, make sure to take note of any documentation that you may need to take with you. Such as a booking confirmation email. When booking your holiday online, through companies like, ensure you know what documents your individual company requires. Each company has different requirements, so make sure you have what you need.

Ski equipment
First on the list is of course, all your ski wear. The most important things you will need are thermal layers, breathable ski trousers (must be waterproof) and gloves. As well as skiing goggles, sunglasses, a ski helmet, and skiing boots.

Don’t forget to pack your base layers. Long-sleeved thermals are the most important part of a warm ski outfit. Try to take two pairs of each, so that you can wear one pair and wash the other.

If you have a low luggage limit, you may find it easier to hire your skis, sticks and helmet. If you have your own equipment, make sure to find out beforehand what your holiday company’s policy is for travelling with skis.

Remember that most of the time you will be wearing your skiing equipment, so you don’t need to pack as many clothes as normal. A couple of pairs of jeans, one or two jumpers and some t-shirts should do just fine. It’s up to you whether you want to pack some nicer outfits in case you go out, but remember it is a ski resort, and no one expects you to dress up.

Ensure you take extra socks and pants with you. After getting hot and sweaty on the slopes, there’s nothing nicer than a hot shower and a change of underwear.

Make sure to pack a couple of pairs of cosy pajamas, as well as a pair of slippers. Otherwise, you may end up with cold feet.

You might also want to pack a bobble hat and scarf for when you are popping down to a bar or restaurant in the evening.

Sun cream
To avoid high prices, it is best to buy your sun cream before you travel. Ski resorts tend to charge a lot for sun cream, so be prepared and buy what you need before you go.

Unless you want to burn, make sure you apply sun cream each day before hitting the slopes.

Remember that the mountainous atmosphere is thinner than normal, making you more prone to burning, especially when the sun reflects off of the snow.

To keep your lips in good condition use an SPF moisturizing lip balm. The cold weather may cause your lips to dry out, whilst the sun may cause them to burn. Unless you want dry, sore lips throughout your holiday, it is a good idea to apply lip balm before leaving the chalet each morning.

Wash products
Depending on where you are staying, things like shower gel and shampoo may not be provided. If you are unsure, always pack your own.

As well as packing your favorite shampoo and condition, make sure to pack a few medical bits and bobs, like paracetamol and plasters. After all, there’s nothing worse than having a painful blister and no plaster to protect it.

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