How to Make a Cupcake Puppy

While I was aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship I had the fabulous opportunity to take a Cupcake Decorating class at the Cupcake Cupboard.  It was A LOT of fun and I wanted to share this how to with you.

You will need:
2 Cupcakes
A LOT of Frosting
Candies for eyes, nose, eye brows, and other accents
Frosting Bag
Large Tip (The one used for cupcake icing in the wilton kit was comparable)

Step 1, Start with 2 cup cakes and choose one to be the base of your Puppy and one to be the head.  Take the head and peel the wrapper off and cut 1/4 of the cupcake off.  (You can eat this if you want!)



Step 2, On the cupcake you selected to be the base of your puppy, do a row of stars around the outside.




Step 3.  Fill in the rest of the cupcake with stars until you cover the top completely. DSC00799


Step 4. Now Place the head of the Puppy on top of the base of in the exact middle.  You will want to use an extra long tooth pick to provide extra stability.  Just put the toothpick right down in the middle of the head.




Step 5 put a dab of frosting and then a half circle shaped candy to provide some depth to the face.



Step 6.  Frost 3 lines in the middle of face, going to about 3/4 the way to the back of the cupcake.  DSC00804


Step 7,  Fill in the rest of the puppy’s face with horizontal lines.  DSC00806


Step 8, Draw a Moustash aka whiskers for your puppy.  The instructor said to draw 3 horizontal S’s.DSC00807


Step 9 Add a Jelly Bean for a nose.


Step 10. Add 2 Gum Drops for Ears.DSC00810


Step 11. Frost the outside of your gum drops in the shape of ears.  DSC00811


Step 12. Add Frosting behind your ears for support and add hair to the back of your puppy.  I chose curly hair so I used rosettes to create that look.  You can do straight hair by drawing lines straight down or spikey hair doing strings all over too!DSC00812



Step 13, Add 2 round candies for eyes.



Step 14.  Use Long and straight sprinkles for eye brows or eye lashes.  I wanted eye lashes :-)



Step 14.  Use Long and straight sprinkles to make a mouth.



Step 15.  Use a Red, round candy for a tongue.DSC00816


Step 16, Add Feet for your puppy.  Draw 4 straight Lines Down all around your base cupcake and 3 stars for toes at the base of each leg.  DSC00817


Step 17, Add a tail.  This can be any style, curly or straight :-)DSC00819


Step 18, Add sprinkles to the toes for toe nails.  DSC00820



And you are done!  This is your ADORABLE Cupcake Puppy!  I named mine Snowy, the Furreal Friend Puppy :-)




How to Make a Puppy Cupcake

3 thoughts on “How to Make a Cupcake Puppy

  1. Tara Smith-Bixler

    This looks fantastic,would be great for my grandsons first birthday party.It looks like it would hard to do at first but really isn’t.Thanks so much for the step by steps directions.Love you site!!!

    1. mommyhasalife Post author

      Thank you!!! I am glad that you like my blog :-)

      I would love to see how your puppy cupcakes turn out :-)


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