How to Keep Your House Under Control When You Have Kids

Clean House
Reiner Kraft

It’s no secret that kids cause a mess. If you want to keep an immaculate and pristine house, you’re better off keeping fish than having children. But if you accept that you won’t be able to have white carpets anytime soon, you can still keep your house looking presentable. Whether you have little ones or teenagers, your home doesn’t have to be under the control of your children. You can have a beautiful home, without chocolate in the carpets and crayon up the walls, and you don’t have to keep the kids under lock and key. Try these techniques if you’re struggling to maintain control of the house.

Think Practically
If you take pride in your home, you don’t have to stop when your kids come along. But you might have to change your thinking slightly. If you had lots of breakable objects or items that would be irreparable if they were damaged, you probably got rid of some of them once your first baby arrived. But if you didn’t, it’s time to start thinking about what’s practical in a home with children. You can be sensible but still have a beautiful home, so stop spending all your time trying to control an environment that isn’t suited for kids.

Teach the Kids Responsibility
It can be a lifelong battle trying to get the kids to pick up after themselves. But if you don’t start early, they might never learn. Having the kids tidy and clean won’t eliminate all housework, but it will help stop things getting out of control. You can teach them to prevent mess too, whether it’s by using a coaster or being neat in the bathroom. Start teaching them how to take responsibility from an early age by giving them age-appropriate tasks. Even toddlers as young as 18 months can help mommy or daddy put toys away or walk around the house with a dust cloth. A lot of little ones love to help out, so try to get them involved while they still find it fun.

Have an Occasional Big Clean
As much as you try to keep up with the tidying and cleaning every day, it can all get away from you. Sometimes you need to set aside some time to scrub the house from top to bottom, even if you normally clean on a daily or weekly basis. There might also be some tasks that you don’t regularly do. Keeping your carpet clean could involve regular hovering, but chances are you only wash it if someone spills something. You can take the opportunity once a year or so to give it a proper clean. Other things you might need to do include clearing the chimney (if you have one), washing the curtains or cleaning the windows.

Clean Little and Often
No one likes the thought of always cleaning, but doing it little and often could be the answer. If you spend a minute or two here and there, putting stuff in the trash right away or rinsing out the sink straight after brushing your teeth, you could have less work later. It’s better to spend half an hour in total every day completing various tiny tasks. Then you don’t need to dedicate your entire weekend to setting things to rights again.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep your house under control with kids around. You can have a beautiful family home without wrapping it in plastic.