How to Feel Good About Yourself During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you might feel down about your changing body. Some days you’ll feel sick, others you’ll feel fine – just HUGE. Many women say they miss their bump after giving birth, so make sure you make the most of yours. Although this time is exciting, it can also be hard to feel good about yourself at the time. These tips will help you feel amazing during your pregnancy:


Do Your Hair and Makeup
Don’t let yourself go just because you’re pregnant. Do your hair and makeup the same as before. Your skin type may change, so beware of that and use products accordingly so you don’t end up with any spots or imperfections. Speak to employees at a beauty counter or salon for help if you need it. Your hair will also grow way faster than before, so you may want to visit the hairdressers to keep it under control. Remember, it’ll feel thinner once you’ve given birth and you’ll probably find it everywhere. Make the most of it while you’ve got it!

Wear Nice Clothes
You should be able to find some maternity clothes that suit you. Wearing clothes you like will make you feel good about yourself despite your bulging bump. Not all maternity clothes are frumpy, so give them a chance! Buy things that you can easily interchange, so you don’t have to buy too many items. Once you’ve given birth, it’s a good idea to stop wearing maternity clothes. You’ll want to feel comfortable, but if you want to continue feeling good make sure you wear flattering clothes. Don’t wear your best clothes though – they’ll get covered in baby sick in a matter of minutes.

Read Self Help Books
If you’re feeling confused about who you’ll be once you’re a mother, make sure you read self help books to sort your head out. They can also help if you’re scared about giving birth, and don’t know what to expect. However, remember that nobody will be able to predict what your pregnancy will be like. Each one is different. Read as much as you think will help you. You may also want to watch programs on TV.

Treat Yourself
Why not treat yourself every now and again? Pregnancy isn’t easy; you deserve a treat or two! Consider heading over to Houston jewelry store Whiteflash to see if anything appeals to you. You can then move on to makeup stores and anywhere else you like! It’ll be all about the baby once they’re born, so take this opportunity to get yourself a treat.

Get Pampered
Pregnant ladies love getting pampered, but it isn’t easy to do it yourself because of the enormous bump in the way. You could run yourself a nice bath with candles and bubbles, but why not head to the salon? You could do this right before you give birth, have some waxing, tinting, and nail treatments. You might not feel great while in labour, but you can sure look good.

Good luck!

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