Holiday Gift Guide 2017 FOR BABIES

The holiday is fast approaching and if you are like me- you are starting your christmas shopping now so you are not swamped trying to shop last minute.  I have two little ones that fall into this category so I am going to be sharing some items that I think would make good gifts for the 3 and under kids.

I am still accepting prospective gifts to be added to this list, so if you are interested, please send an email to:

Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Press & Race Vehicles 

Vtech Go! Go! Racers!

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Press & Race cars are a huge hit for both of my boys.  Just like it sounds, you press down on the car and it zooms across the floor!  They also make light up, make sounds and play music, which adds to the excitement for the boys.  The new Press & Race vehicles include a race car, dump truck and fire truck.  The retail price point on these is $8.99 each.  Perfect for a stocking stuffer or a gift for a young child.

Sophie the Giraffe

sophie the giraffe


Sophie has been a staple in our house for all the babies.  Starting with Colton- who is now 8- had a Sophie.  She is a great toy for teething babies to gnaw on, because she is soft and has lots of places that little hands can grasp.  As a mom, I feel confident letting my little one gnaw on Sophie over other teether because she is made of 100% Natural Rubber (phthalates Free) and food-grade paint. She is also great for toddlers for role playing as my two year old still plays with his Sophie- only now Sophie goes for rides on the bus or train :-) .  You can get Sophie the Giraffe on Amazon  for between $20 and $30 depending on what package you choose- they have several options- Sophie by herself, Sophie with a book, Sophie with a teether, Sophie with a plush Sophie… I think your loved one will be thrilled with any of them so you can pick one that will fit their needs the most!

Boppy Pillow


The Boppy Pillow is a great gift for new babies.  A lot of moms rave about it as a nursing support.  Personally I liked it for two things.  To prop baby up on– either for tummy time or just to sit in so he wasn’t laying flat on the floor.  Once my little ones got a little older, it was great to sit them in to help them sit up in that wobbly stage of he can kind of sit up, but not really and we don’t want him to fall backwards.  If you have a little one on your list- this is a great gift because it isn’t a toy, but more of something that is needed for development.  I have 3 kids and feel like 3 for 3… I needed a boppy.

I also want to add that I HIGHLY recommend the Boppy Water Resistant Cover to go with this.  Babies spit up, toddlers spill drinks… heck- mom spills too!  My oldest has asthma and a dust and mold trigger so these covers on pillows is a must in our house.  Even so- I am sure you don’t want moisture seeping into your pillow that your baby will be sitting on- so get this cover too :-)


Exergen Temporal Artery Scan Thermometer


This is another great gift that is more of a necessity than a toy- but still something parents will thank you for when they have a sick child.  I love it when my kids get toys, but sometimes the amount of toys around the holidays is overwhelming and I am really thankful for the kids to get things they need.  This would be one of those gifts.  We have this thermometer and I feel it is ACCURATE and fast.  It took me a few times of using it to get the hang of how it works, but once I figured it out it is a breeze.

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