Great Ideas for a Holiday Centerpiece

It is December and Christmas is here! I know a lot of people have their holiday decorations up already. I’m so excited for the holidays and have a few craft ideas to try out. I’ve got a few ideas for you, though, if you are looking for the perfect holiday centrepiece for your table.

Use Christmas Candy

A cute but simple idea for a centrepiece is to use candy. A clear vase filled with candy canes would look so cute. Or how about little red and white mints? Using candy is the ultimate no-fuss arrangement and there are so many options. How about using marshmallows too? You could tie a ribbon around the vase and voila!

Christmas Tree Baubles

If you have some spare baubles from the Christmas tree decorating, they can look cute turned into a centrepiece. In a large vase or a hurricane candle holder, place baubles of different shapes and sizes for a varied look. I think the best effect is using baubles of a similar colour but slightly different. If there are some that are plain, and some that are striped perhaps, it can add a lovely textured look. Some great candle holders can be bought online at Koch.

Opt for Using a Tray

Using a tray as the main part of your centrepiece can look so striking. It makes the centrepiece easily portable, but also adds different layers and textures. I think the best look using trays, is choosing a tray that is a different shape to your table. For example, if your dining room table is square or rectangular, a square or rectangular tray will look boxy. A circular tray would be a much better option. Likewise, if you have a circular table, a square tray would look the best. If you have a mirrored tray in at home, this one would look perfect to use as the base. No need to splash out to buy one of those, though!

Christmas Center Piece
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Go for Classic Colours

For a beautiful setting go for traditional holiday colours. Red and green can look beautiful. I think going for a few different sized vases can look cute. If they were filled with something red like cranberries, you could get some holly or other green foliage from outside, to wrap around the vases. When going for more than one vase, I think it is always best to go for an odd number, rather than even. It just looks so much nicer!

Use a Table Runner

I think most people will have a table cloth as part of their table setting on Christmas day. Not everyone will have a table runner, though. Table runners can look stunning though. Choose a contrasting colour to the table cloth, but one that compliments the centrepiece, and your table will be set.

I hope these tips are useful to you and you’ll find one of the ideas for a centrepiece that will work for you and your home. I hope you and  your family have a very happy holiday season!

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