Going On Holiday? Here’s How I Keep My Little Man Safe Abroad


I love my little man like mad, but sometimes we both need a break! There is nothing like getting away for a bit of sun, sea and relaxation for a week or two. But, with children you always have to keep their safety in mind. It is difficult enough to keep them safe at home, never mind abroad with an array of foreign issues. These are a few of the things I like to consider to keep everyone safe while we are on holiday.

Location, location, location. The location is incredibly important for many reasons, none more so than your health and safety. If you and your family are in a family environment, the chances of problems occurring are much lower.

Never Let Them Leave Your Sight
I don’t want to be one of those pushy mums, but I won’t apologise for keeping my son close. He is only little after all, and he cannot be expected to look after himself. Even if he goes to the toilet, I always like to keep an eye on him and watch out for him coming back. Giving children independence is important, but when you are away from home you cannot take any risks. Just one lapse of concentration could be disastrous.

Give Them Information
If children do get lost, they need the information to find you again. Make sure they know the name of the accommodation where you are staying and the name of the town. Any other info could help reunite you and your child. Also let them know who to trust if they do get lost. For example, if they see a police officer, ask them for help.

Or, you can put a band on their arm that has all the information written down, so they don’t have to remember.

Get Vaccinated
If you holiday in exotic climates, there are plenty of diseases to be aware of that can be fatal. After you research the area, take the relevant steps to secure your safety. That means getting the right vaccinations. Some won’t be necessary because the disease might not exist, but there are some generic ones that are all over the world. For example, malaria exists in any place where it is hot and damp, so visit your nearest London Travel Clinic for medication.

Invest In Insurance
The odds that something goes wrong are in your favour, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. If you or your family need to seek emergency help, travel insurance is a lifesaver. Most countries will make you pay for medical assistance, and the cost can be huge. The insurance company will pay out if that ever happens so you won’t get stuck in a foreign country with massive medical bills.

Secure Your Accommodation
Lock all the doors and windows at night and during the day if you are sleeping or relaxing. You cannot watch them all the time, but you can do your best to make sure they are safe.

Travelling with kids can be stressful. But, with these tips, there is a lot less stress and a lot more enjoyment, and that’s exactly how a holiday should be.

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