Function Is All In A Bathroom, But Comfort Matters Too

Comfort is not the first thing that matters about the bathroom. Nor is it even the second. If you have children then you know that making it safe for the whole family is the most crucial aspect of it and you’re not going to make any choices that get in the way of that. Second to safety is cleanliness. But once you have a clean, safe bathroom, you have to remember it’s important to be able to relax in there. Whether you want to enjoy a luxurious bath or just not feel cold and alone when brushing your teeth, you deserve a little comfort in there.

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Contrast those hard spaces

Without a little softness here there, a bathroom is all ceramics from the tiled floors and walls to the ceramic sinks and baths. This makes it look clean and chic, but it also makes it look a little like a showroom. Finding the spots to add that contrast is important. Bath mats, hanging towels, and even soft toilet covers from places like can give you that little touch of something comfortable you need to feel like you’re in a more relaxing space. Just make sure you wash them properly as suggested in or you’ll soon lose that comfortable feeling. It doesn’t even have to be something tactile. One technique is to add curtains even to a window with blinds and keep them open just to get the aesthetic of comfort in there.

Let a little personality show

You shouldn’t be afraid to accessorize the space if you feel like it’s lacking your personal style as well. A big, blank mirror can look minimalist and contemporary but more stylized approaches like can give you much more control over the mood of the room, as well. The bathroom is also a perfect place to hang those pieces of cutesy art and homey phrase and quote plaques. It gives you something to look at while you’re in there without getting in the way of the more functional parts of the room.

Pamper yourself

Feeling comfortable in the bathroom isn’t just about how you make it look, of course. It’s about how much you enjoy actually using the space. To that end, you can consider the tips from to really pamper yourself in there. Some of the tips are a bit budget heavy, including adding heated floors and using an automated toilet. But even little touches like adding a potted plant to the windowsill can make it a much more refreshing place. If you have a bath, then consider adding a little wicker basket to hang on the wall just above you to keep all your bath time goodies in, as well.

A touch of luxury, of softness, and of style can all bring out the comfort of the bathroom. It can make it a much more enjoyable spot of the house rather than just a place to get things out of the way. And you should enjoy every part of the home, make no mistake about that.

One thought on “Function Is All In A Bathroom, But Comfort Matters Too

  1. Jane @ Modern Housewives

    Thanks for the tips! I agree, the bathroom is very important, and it’s very difficult to find the right balance between safety and comfort. When you have kids, all the cool things you used to do in the bathroom are turning into a hazard. So, no more candles, the bath salts have to be well hidden, unless you want someone to use them all once you turn your back for just two seconds, and so on. But I aree, some softness can create miracles.


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