Fun Science Experiment to Show How Colors Blend

This is a fun, quick, not that messy, and EASY Science experiment for kids to show color blending.  You can complete this experiment with things you have right in your kitchen and in about 5 minutes.  Kids are impressed, they learn something, and had some fun.  Colton is 5 and in Kindergarten and he LOVES science!

Colton Color Experiment

What you will need:
1 Cup of Milk
2 Tablespoons of CLEAR Dish Soap (I recommend clear, colored will still work, but the color blending might not be as apparent
Red, Yellow, and Blue Food Coloring
Bowl or container

Step 1:
Add the Milk to the Bowl

Step 2:
Add the Dish Soap to the Bowl

Step 3:
Put just a few drop of each around the edge of the bowl.  Space them out so they are not touching at first so you can watch the experiment happen!

Color Experiment 1

Step: 4
Watch and wait!

Color Experiment 2

What is happening:
The Dish Soap will float on the top of the milk, and pick up and pull the colors from the dye.  You use milk because it is white so you can watch the mixing and blending of the colors.  It may take a few minutes for the soap to begin to carry the dyes.  But once it does it is pretty cool!  (We added a few extra drops of food dye to speed it up because 5 year olds are impatient LOL).

Check it Out:
How fast does the dye move?
What colors mix and blend first?
What NEW colors do you see?
Do you see a variation in the colors that are mixed and blended?


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