Fun and Cheap Day Trip Ideas for the Whole Family

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to spend more quality time with their children? In between work and home life, it can seem like an almost impossible task. Then, you have to factor in the budget side of things. Day trips may seem completely out of the question, when you’re running on limited funds. However, there are ways to enjoy quality time with the whole family, that don’t need to cost a fortune or dip into your savings. Here are a few fun and cheap day trip ideas you can try out.

Picnic in the Park
This is one of the best family fun ideas if you’re running low on cash. Putting together a picnic doesn’t cost a lot of money. Especially if you try making most of it yourself. Plus, a day in the park is completely free. Don’t bother forking out for expensive hampers or picnic equipment. You can buy cheap plastic cups and paper plates to eat from. Or just use crockery from home! Grab a blanket and head to your nearest park. This is the perfect day trip for sunny days.

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Museums and Galleries
Did you know that lots of museums and art galleries offer free entry? There are also plenty of vouchers which will give you money off, for those that charge. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your littles ones – and teach them a thing or two. Some younger children may not find this kind of day trip very exciting. Therefore, it’s a good idea to reserve this idea for when they get a little bit older.

Coffee Mornings
If you have a young child or baby, then this is a great idea to get you out of the house. As moms, we can go a little bit stir crazy staying inside all day. Look for local coffee mornings where you can meet like-minded parents. Not only will you get to socialize, but you’ll be spending time with the little one as well. Plus, how much does a cup of coffee cost? Exactly!

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Lunch Date
You may think that a lunch date is reserved solely for girly friends, colleagues and couples. However, there’s nothing wrong with taking your child out on a lunch date! In fact, it will make them feel very grown up. If you’re feeling naughty then grab some fast food to share between you. If you take a look on you’ll see it doesn’t have to cost much. If you would rather avoid the fast food then head to a local cafe, for a healthier treat.

In the Garden
If you really don’t have any change to spare, then you can just get out in the garden instead. Turn it into an adventure that’s almost as fun as a day trip. You can build a fort using old blankets and duvets. Set up a treasure hunt, hiding clues in all the plants. Have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Or maybe even a water fight. There are so many ideas to keep everyone occupied in the garden. It’s the next best thing to a fun day out.

The next time you feel as though you have to be stuck indoors, because you’re strapped for cash, think again. There are so many ways to spend quality time with your little family. Without remortgaging the house.

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