A Guide To Creating A Relaxing Bedroom Retreat

Being a mommy is hard work. You spend most of your time running around or clearing up after you little one, so it is no wonder that you can get a little stressed out at times.

To reduce your stress levels and keep you calm and in control. It is important that you have somewhere in the house you can retreat to for a break, and what better place than your bedroom.

Your bedroom should be your most private and intimate place in your home. It should be the place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. If you bedroom is not as calming as you would like it to be, there are lots of simple things you can do to make it a more relaxing place to be.

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To create a calming bedroom retreat, away from the stresses of everyday family life, have a read of our guide below:

Get rid of any clutter
Start off by getting rid of any clutter from your room. Your bedroom should not have any toys or children’s bits and bobs in; it is your space to relax in.

If there is particular clutter that you can’t get rid of, invest in some pretty wicker baskets and store it in there out of sight. Make sure that your bedroom has adequate storage space for all your clothes, makeup, jewellery and any other items.

Repaint your walls
If your walls are bright or harsh coloured, get rid of them by repainting. You may not realise it, but the colour of your walls can have a big effect on your mood. Harsh coloured walls, should not be the last thing you see before closing your eyes at night.

Change the atmosphere of your room by painting your walls in light, neutral colours like pale blue, white or cream. Pastel blues will create a soothing atmosphere whilst white walls will create a fresh, clean vibe.

Opting for a soft colour palette is an excellent idea, as soft tones will bring warmth to the room. If you don’t already have one, think about investing in a dimmer switch to help reduce your stress. Many people don’t realise it, but harsh, lighting can cause added stress and tension. By installing a light dimmer switch, you can stay in control of the lighting in your room, creating the perfect atmosphere.

Create a hotel-like look
There is something about staying in a hotel room that is incredibly calming and relaxing. You can bring elements of hotel room style into your bedroom to recreate this relaxed atmosphere.

Hotel rooms are always clean, simple and free of clutter, make sure your room is clutter-free, clean and simply laid out.

Hotels rooms tend to have luxury accessories and bedding, such as silk throws, down pillows, faux fur rugs, and luxury bed linen. Think about your bedroom accessories and linen and think about how you can create a more relaxed and luxurious space.

Add your own personal touches
Your bedroom should have some personality to it and should reflect elements of your personal style.

Make sure to add in accessories that showcase your personality and personal style. Place photographs around the room of your friends and family and invest in pillows, coasters or canvases with your favourite quotes printed on them. Make your bedroom a place that not only relaxes you, but also inspires you.

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