Colton’s Amazing Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

swimming in ticketsColton has had four great birthdays that I got to plan and organize for him.  Normally his birthday parties consist of being at our house (or the first year we rented the local conservation club since we were living in an apartment with no yard).  This year I decided to have his party somewhere that would not require a ton of work for me because I have a lot going on and was worried that I would not have time to dedicate to a totally awesome birthday party.

I talked to Colton several times to find out where he wanted his birthday party to be and what kind of birthday he wanted and he consistently said “Chuck E. Cheese!” and for his theme he just wanted Chuck E. Cheese.  No surprise to me since he loves Chuck E. Cheese and we go there all the time :-)

Let the planning begin!
This was definitely a different birthday experience for us compared to previous years and a lot less work for this mom.  Of course with my new business, finishing school, and everything else I have going on less work is certainly needed :-)  I wanted to have a nice birthday party for Colton, but quickly realized I am a mom on a budget.  I wanted everything to be really nice so I started months before the birthday party and purchased the pizza plates and promo cups from Chuck E. Cheese on one of our visits so that the kids would have nice favors to go home with.  I also added on the new microphone balloons for all the kids so when Chuck E. did his rock out, they could rock out too.

I also connected with the local store manager to get Balloons and tickets so I could make center pieces for the tables.  I am really pleased with how everything looked when it all got put together.

the aftermath of the party

Plus I will add I had an amazing party hostess, Traci.  She was absolutely amazing with working with me to make sure Colton’s party was everything that I wanted it to be.  She was there on Saturday night when I stopped in to set up everything and she helped me with the set up and there were a few things that couldn’t be set up until the next day but I told her how I wanted everything and she did everything exactly how I wanted it.

She did an awesome job with making sure everything was perfect for the party, we weren’t exactly sure how much pizza and which kinds to order but she walked me through everything.  We ended up needing two more pizzas and she was awesome with putting in the order as soon as we realized it and the pizza was out just in time for guests to enjoy it.  I really can’t say enough about how awesome Traci and all the staff was at Chuck E. Cheese- but without an awesome staff, my son’s party would not have gone as smoothly as it did.  So a HUGE thank you to everyone :-)


While I was hugely into the birthday party, Colton was not.  Colton was more excited that all of his friends were at Chuck E. Cheese and he got to play games with everyone.  Colton wanted nothing to do with the actual birthday party- and did not want to do any of the official Chuck E Cheese festivities.  BUT- it is his party and the most important thing is Colton having fun, so it is okay.  He definitely had a ball!  And I will say the birthday star of the party next to ours really enjoyed the new birthday show and the Rock Out with Chuck E.  In fact many of the OTHER kids at our party enjoyed the Birthday show- and had Colton been in a better mood- he probably would have been more into it :-)  Colton enjoyed the singing Happy Birthday and wanted cake!

chuck e rock out     happy birthday

The Cake
I decided that since I did not have to much else for Colton’s birthday party that I would make his cake.  I took the Wilton cake classes at Hobby Lobby a few years back and enjoy making cakes- I just don’t do it that often because when I make cakes I tend to eat them and lets face it, eating too much cake is not good.  Well actually it is good… it is very good… it is not good for my figure though :-)  Here is the cake that I made for Mr. Colton’s 4th Birthday:

The Memories
The memories of Colton’s 4th Birthday are ones that will last a life time.  It was great to have fun with our family and Colton’s friends from school, but it was especially nice after everyone left and the party was over our family got to spend some quality time together and play games and spend time together.  Our party was at 4 PM– Colton, Dave, and I stayed until 9:30 (which is way passed Colton’s bedtime!).  I loved every minute of seeing happiness on this little boy’s face.  The party was a huge success– and coming from a mom that usually does everything at home by herself this was MUCH easier and for the first time at one of Colton’s birthdays… I GOT TO ENJOY MYSELF too- which was a huge blessing.  I will definitely do a Chuck E Cheese birthday if Colton asks for one again and will recommend Traci, my party hostess any day of the week.  The only thing that would have made the party cooler is if there was a way to rent out Chuck E Cheese :after hours: and have a private sleep over at Chuck E Cheese.  While I am sure this is totally off the wall crazy– it would definitely be an experience to remember!

playing game

ticket muncher

Thank you to Chuck E Cheese for providing guest passes to me and family to help with the cost of Colton’s Birthday party. 



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