Child Health & Safety Issues I Always Watch Out For

Balancing bringing up children with work is hard for every parent. Not only have you got to learn to live and raise your kids in the best possible way, but you also have to watch out for their health and safety.

As anyone with more than one youngster knows, this can be incredibly difficult. However, there are several things that I always keep an eye on because they can have a serious and lasting effect on your kids.

Today, I’m going to list some of those problem areas – take a look and then let me know about some of your health and safety tips when you’re done.

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Slips, trips, and falls

It is nigh on impossible to prevent every child’s slip, trip or fall in your home, but you can reduce the risk severe injury. Nearly half of all children’s accidents are from falling, and many of these occur in the long period that they spend learning to walk properly.

While falling is a learning experience and one that they need to go through, you can help them through this time by being careful of what you have around the home.

Use non-slip pads under rugs and carpets, and move any furniture with sharp edges out of the way. Alternatively, you could slice open a tennis ball and use it on the corners. It’s still going to hurt if a child falls into it, but it will not be half as bad as the effect of a sharp corner.

I also like to check the carpet for any worn or damaged areas – and you should always keep your stairways free from clutter.

Bugs and bacteria

Whether you believe that dirt is good for building up a child’s immune system or not, there are plenty of bugs and bacteria around the home that can cause kids serious illness.

And there are a lot of opportunities for them to spread. I like to make sure that I wipe down and disinfect every eating area after meals – which can encompass vast areas if the kids have been having fun throwing with spoons and bowls!

Another thing to think about is your air conditioning – without regular maintenance, it can spread many types of bacteria. Faulty systems can be a huge problem, and cause breathing difficulties for young and immature lungs. Seek out a reputable air conditioner repair firm in your neighborhood and make sure that those bugs and bacteria don’t get a chance to build up in your home.

Electricity & burns

We all use a lot of electricity in our homes, but with little explorative fingers seeking out new toys, it can be disastrous. Get wall socket covers so that your little ones aren’t tempted by the holes in the socket, and make sure that any exposed wiring is safe to the touch.

In fact, the less wiring that is accessible, the better. Many kids love to chew things while they are teething, and you don’t want them chowing down on something that is plugged into the mains.

Burns are another issue. Many moms will keep boiling water and coffee well away from their kids, but there are other things to think about, too. Baths can be a real issue, so think about how you run the water. Instead of putting in the hot water first, use cold water. That way, if your child decides to jump in while you are running the bath, they won’t scald themselves.

OK, so there are my top tips for home health and safety for kids. I would love to hear yours – so don’t be shy!

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