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Five Ways to Cut Down on Household Expenses in the New Year

As we look to finish off the year it’s quite normal that we look back and reflect on what we’ve accomplished, the hurdles we’ve faced, and the challenges we have before us as we head into 2018. For many families out there, the biggest challenge facing them today is money, more specifically having enough money to pay for all their expenses.

Piggy Bank

If you found this year to be particularly tough and you’re looking to lessen the load next year, then you aren’t alone. Here are five tips you can use heading into the new year that will help you to cut down on household expense, giving you that extra breathing room you’re after.

Embrace Couponing

If you’re the type that has never really thought much about coupons, nor have you used them, it’s time to think twice. Nowadays, you can find coupons for all kinds of items; it’s no longer just for groceries and toiletries. Coupons range from small price cuts to giving you a free item.

The key to using coupons successfully is knowing where to find them. Typically, the best option nowadays tends to be online, rather than the traditional flyers people used to clip. Coupons can then be stored on your smartphone and scanned at the store.

Sites like eCouponsHub feature all the latest coupons in a large variety of categories. You’ll be able to find significant savings such as the Pizza Hut coupon code 5 off which gives you $5 off your order. Before you know it, these savings start to add up over the month and suddenly you’re freeing up cash.

Look Into Bundling Your Services

Most people spend a fairly significant amount each month on their landline phone, mobile phone, cable provider, and internet provider. Experts recommend looking into bundling your services with one provider, as they will often take a percentage off your bill each month. While you’re speaking with your provider, take a look at your current add-ons and ask yourself if they are really all needed.

Watch Your Energy Usage

Finding ways to cut back on your energy usage can result in significant savings too. Look into things such as energy-efficient light bulbs, energy-star rated appliances, doing things such as laundry and dishes during the off-peak hours, and making sure you turn everything off when it’s not in use.

Cut Back on Outside Entertainment

If you’re the type of family that loves going out to the movies, dining out, and visiting local attractions, now is the time to reign that spending in. Start looking for fun activities you can do at home, or for free. You’d be surprised just how much your town likely offers in terms of “free activities”.

Consider Using Public Transportation

For those families that are a two-car household and looking to make drastic cuts in the budget, then it may be time to consider selling one of those vehicles and using public transportation instead. Obviously, this is a pretty big move, but if your family is able to make do with one car, the savings will be well worth it.

There are Always Ways to Cut

When it comes to cutting your household expenses, the good news is that there are always places you can make changes.

The Best Comic Books for Teens and Older Kids

comic books

Some people will always think of comic books as being exclusively for kids, however this notion has been challenged in recent years as an increasing number of comics and graphic novels aimed at older audiences have started to appear. While adults are now catered to with offerings such as The Invisibles, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and many others, the teen market has still been somewhat neglected.

However, for those who know where to look there are a number of quality titles on offer. In this article we have put together a list of some of the most critically acclaimed titles available for the teen and young adult market.

Runaways, by Brian K. Vaughan

Part of growing up is coming to the realization that our parents are not infallible, and are flawed human beings like the rest of us. This has been a recurring theme in young adult literature for some time and it is also a prominent feature of a number of the young adult graphic novels. In Runaways that realization plays a central role in the story, in fact it takes it one step further, the protagonist comes to realise that their parents are in fact evil supervillains. The teens run away as a result, later discovering that they have inherited some of their parents’ powers and have to decide what to do with them. It is a classic coming of age story combined with a superhero adventure.

Paper Girls, by Brian K. Vaughan

This quirky adventure tells the tale of a group of badass newspaper delivery girls in the 1980’s. It deftly combines classic science fiction tropes with a dose of 80’s nostalgia. It has been referred to as Nancy Drew does punk and this accurately reflects the overall feel and aesthetic of this unique graphic novel.

For teens who would like to have a go at creating their own comics, the website Rage Maker is an excellent start point.

Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon

The X-Men series has always been one of the most effective vehicles for exploring adult themes within the realm of comic books. The series focuses on the trials and discrimination faced by a group of humans born with genetic mutations which confer them with super powers. Over the course of its history, the series has explored a number of important themes such as discrimination, eugenics, and the difficulty of coming of age while a member of a discriminated community.

As you would expect of a series which has been going for so long and which has produced such a large number of titles during that time, some X-Men titles have been received better than others, while some have been criticised for falling victim to overly dramatic scenes and soap opera tendencies. When the X-Men is done right, and its setting used to its full advantage, as is the case with Astonishing X-Men, the stories it produces are involving and relevant to the reader.

There are now more comic books available than ever before to the teen and young adult markets. The titles on this list are just a small selection of the many excellent titles which are now available.

How to Become a Happier and Healthier You

Have you been thinking about trying to get a little fitter recently? Maybe you were always a regular jogger until work, and other commitments meant it dwindled? Well, there is no need to worry, because getting fitter and healthier doesn’t mean you have to devote hours in the gym, it just means you need to alter a few things in your life. Then, before you know it, you will be on the way to a happier you.

running on beach

Exercise Around Your Life

Not everyone has the time or the energy after a long day to go for a jog around the park. However, you don’t have to do that to get fitter, all you need to do is exercise when you can, and find other ways of getting fit. Try to get off the bus one or two stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. It might not seem like much, but after a while it all adds up. Why not start to take the stairs up to your office floor instead of taking the lift? If you work on the 20th floor, you might want to climb at many flights possible as this is a great means of exercise.

Quit Smoking and Cut Down on Drinking

It has been well established that smoking is bad for your health, and there are now many ways that you can give up. One way is to turn to vaping instead because you can still get the sensations of smoking without the deadly toxins. Companies such as Mount Baker Vapor create alternative ‘juices’ that you can use in your vaping machines. Drinking alcohol in moderation is nothing to worry about unduly, however, if you are drinking a lot every day, then you need to think about cutting back on the amount. Switching to an alternative such as grape juice will help, especially in social situations.

Begin a Healthier Eating Regime

There are many popular ideas that you need to go on a strict diet and cut out all of the bad things such as fat and sugar to be healthy. In fact, although you should cut down on sugar and fat, the most important thing is to keep everything in moderation. If you try to cut out all bad things at once, you will soon start to get bad cravings that may make you fail. It is far easier to reduce all of the bad things, but you can still have them occasionally. It means you won’t feel guilty when you do have that bar of chocolate once a month, because you know it is part of your new healthier eating regime.

There are many ways that you can make small changes to your life that will make you healthier. You can try swapping a cup of coffee for a glass of water, taking healthier snacks with you in your bag for when you get peckish, and considering cycling to work. All of these little things will add up to a much healthier and happier you in the end.

Maintaining a Hygienic Home with Cats

In a world where working hours are becoming longer and longer, it’s not always practical or kind to have a dog. Dogs need a considerable amount of time, both in exercise and human contact and interaction. Cats, on the other hand, need these a little less. That’s not to say a cat is definitely the best pet to have if you work long hours (they still need their humans around a fair amount; that fishing app for felines wasn’t created for nothing), but they are certainly preferable as companion pets for those who aren’t particularly keen on or are unable to fully enjoy outdoor pursuits (though there are a few owners who delight in walking their cats on a lead). Nevertheless, as wonderful as a warm, purring body nestled in the lap is, living with a cat requires a different, more meticulous routine when it comes to health and hygiene.



Indoor vs. Outdoor Cat

The first decision you must make as a cat owner is whether to keep your new pet indoors, or to allow it (through use of a cat flap) to wander outside when you’re at work. The latter option certainly minimizes any odors from the litterbox. However, it opens up consideration pertaining to safety from vehicles, other animals, and even people, as well as the possibility of being brought “gifts” such as dead birds and rodents. So, a collar with a bell is a must if they go outside, as cats are natural predators.

Conversely, indoor cats seem to have a penchant for coughing up hairballs, though fastidious brushing and removal of shed fur from furniture (a simple lint brush works wonders) helps to reduce this. Indoor cats are also highly picky when it comes to litterbox cleanliness levels (they will, in fact, leave you a warning deposit just outside of said receptacle if they feel your standards have fallen unacceptably low).

Fleas, and Worms, and Ticks – Oh My!

Of course, if you’re letting your cat outside, you must make sure your pet is microchipped and fully vaccinated, as well as up-to-date with worming and flea treatments (there are advantage ii for cats coupons available for affordability). Furthermore, if you live in an area that could be described as tending towards the rural, with long grass and visiting wildlife such as deer and foxes, then an anti-tick course is probably sensible, too.

Healthy Boundaries

Similar to owning a dog, it doesn’t hurt to establish boundaries with your cat as regards sleeping areas, either. In short, you shouldn’t sleep with your cat at all. Further, when out for the day, close bedroom doors so that you don’t find yourself face first in a pillow covered in shed fur later that night. If possible, ensure cupboard doors are firmly shut, also, so the same scenario doesn’t occur after that post-work shower, the towel you thought freshly laundered in blatant need of another wash as you find your arms covered in damp cat hair. There is nothing a cat likes more than a dark place complete with unusual “bedding”.

What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Pet

Growing up with pets is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn how to take care of other living things, how to nurture other creatures, and how to appreciate all forms of life. On top of that, owning a dog or cat could even help reduce the odds that your child will develop allergies, and pets can also work wonders in helping you reduce your stress level and improving your cardiovascular health. So, it should come as no surprise that losing a pet can be devastating. But if this happens to you, try not to lose hope. Below are a few strategies that you can employ if your pet ever goes missing so that you can hopefully be reunited before you know it.

Take Precautions Before the Worst Happens

Before diving into what you should do if you ever lose your pet, it is important to cover some things that you can do beforehand to make the process of locating your furry friend easier if he does ever lose his way. If you own a cat or a dog, you can put a collar around his neck, along with a tag that contains your contact information. In this way, if he is found, a kind person can simply call you and tell you where your pet is. Microchipping your pet is a bit controversial for some pet owners, but it can really save your pet’s life if he gets lost and ends up at an animal shelter. The scary truth is that some shelters will euthanize lost pets that are not claimed right away, but if they scan your pet for a microchip, they can contact you and tell you that your pet has been found. And, finally, you can also invest in one of the best dog GPS collar products on the market in order to effectively track your pet’s movements when he gets away from you.

kobe 2

Start Posting Flyers Around Town

Posting flyers around town is a good way to alert your neighbors and your community about the fact that your pet has gone missing. Make a lot of copies and make sure that a photo of your pet is clearly placed in the middle of the flyer. Post these to community bulletin boards and on poles around town. You can include a short description of your pet, such as his coat color and pattern, breed, size, and gender. And you should also put the words “Lost Pet” in large letters at the top so that people will be able to see it from afar. You want your flyers to be eye-catching and easy to read, and you need to include your contact information so that people can call you if they find your companion.

Let the Online Community Know About Your Lost Pet

In addition to posting flyers locally, you can also post about your lost pet online. Perform a search for websites that provide resources for pet parents who have lost their pets. You might be able to post to message boards, Facebook groups, and rescue websites to let even more people know that you need them to keep an eye out for your pet.

Contact Local Shelters and Rescue Groups

Go online and perform a search for all of the rescue networks, animal control companies, foster networks, and shelters in your area. Contact all of them and let them know about your lost pet. They can write down a description of your pet and contact you if an animal that fits that description is brought into their rescue or found by one of their volunteers. You can also visit the shelters yourself to see if your pet is there, and you can leave flyers there as well for people to post and take with them. Don’t forget to also check shelters’ websites to see if a photo of your pet has been posted if he was found and put up for adoption. You just never know, and it is not worth taking any chances. Be diligent about checking in with shelters regularly.

Go Out and Search Through the Neighborhood

Head outside and search for your pet by calling him by name, looking into neighbors’ yards with their permission, and asking your neighbors to check their crawlspaces, sheds, basements, garages, etc. Your pet may have made his way into a neighbor’s property and may be stuck in there, afraid to show himself when they open the door, so it is important to alert your friends and neighbors about this possibility.

Leave Food Out

Leaving food outside in your backyard or near your front door could also be a good way for your pet to find his way back home. He might pick up on the scent of the food, and that could be just what he needs to realize that he is home and safe. You can even leave out an item from inside your home, such as a pet bed, blanket, or toy, that has a familiar scent. Perhaps your pet will be able to sniff it out and make his way back home that way.


Don’t Lose Hope

Most importantly, don’t lose hope. Just keep searching, keep asking around, keep posting new flyers when the ones that you posted outside get ruined. Let people know that you are still searching and that you will not give up. You can even try offering a small reward to anyone who manages to find your pet and return him to you. You may not be able to find your pet right away, but there might come a day when you finally get that important phone call saying that your pet was found at last.

Losing a pet can be absolutely devastating for everyone in your family, but knowing what steps to take if this happens will allow you to stay calm and take immediate action. Having a plan in place with steps that you can follow will allow you to get more done in the shortest amount of time, and that may increase your odds of being reunited with your pet.

Ways To Make Your Dog More Comfortable

Bringing your dog home for the first time is exciting, and it’s also nerve-wracking if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Take your time and enjoy the experience. It’s important to get all of their belongings together and set them up in an area of the house. Everyone in the home needs to make room for the new family pet.

You want your dog to feel welcome right away. Give them attention and show them around the house so they can familiarize themselves with the space. Have lots of treats on hand for training and reinforcing good behavior. See ways to make your dog more comfortable.

Get in A Routine

Dogs love routines. Start each morning the same way. Decide if you’re going to take them out or feed them first. Show them where their food and water dish are located and make sure it’s easy to get to and find. Have someone check on your pet during the same time each day if you’ll be gone for long periods of time. Otherwise, make it a point to come home at lunch and check on your dog. Take him or her out for a walk around the same time each morning and evening and give them dinner at a consistent hour. Let them out before bed and lower the lights to indicate that it’s close to bedtime.

Soft Bedding & Clothing

Provide your dog with soft and warm bedding. Give them a dog bed that’s plush and cozy. Include any blankets if the air is chilly. Create a bed that’s made just for them and show it to them each night, so the dog is used to sleeping in the same spot. Another idea is to buy clothing for your dog to keep it warm when you’re out on walks, both for their chest and feet.


Don’t be afraid to talk to your vet about giving your dog medication, such as truprofen caplets, if you think there’s an issue. These contain carprofen, the most widely prescribed and clinically proven non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for pets, at a price you can afford. They’re also available in chewable form. It’s a smart way to eliminate any pain your dog’s feeling and help them manage their condition.

Give them Space

Similar to you, your dog needs his or her own space. Put the water and food dish in an area that’s reserved for them. They shouldn’t be disturbed when drinking or eating. It’s healthy for them to separate themselves for a little bit. The same goes for their bed and sleeping area. Place it in an area of the house that’s quiet and made for the dog to rest and relax. They’ll soon become familiar with your house and understand where their items are stored.


Your pet deserves a warm and safe home to live in. It’s your responsibility to make sure they’re happy and healthy. Do this by understanding how they function and what their needs are. These are ways to make your dog more comfortable.

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Dog’s Health

A dog is often a much-loved member of the family, which is why many people will want to protect their pet’s health as much as possible. However, many pet owners can make some big mistakes when caring for a canine companion. Ensure your pet lives a long and happy life and read the four ways to improve your dog’s health

1.Fruit & Vegetables

We all understand the importance of eating five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Yet, we often do not consider the ingredients for dogs, despite the fact they are packed full of live enzymes that can improve your pet’s health.

Whole foods are full to the brim with fiber, which can aid digestion and bowel movements. They also offer many nutrients that will ensure your pet enjoys a happier, healthier body. It may also be beneficial to add puree vegetables to their bowl, as they offer maximum nutrient absorption, which can aid their teeth and gum maintenance.

2. No Artificial Preservatives or Flavors

Many of us wouldn’t dream of eating foods filled with artificial preservatives or flavors, so why would you allow your pet to eat them? Avoid unhealthy processed foods and opt for healthy foods that are made from 100% meat, such as duck treats for dogs. Look for an option that is low in fat but high in protein, so they will have the energy they need each day without the weight gain.

kobe 1

3. Regular Exercise

Physical activity is important to a dog’s general health. As well as improving their energy levels, it will also allow a pet to explore new surroundings and boost his or her happiness. The level of exercise your dog should enjoy every day will depend on his or her age, size, breed and current health. However, it is believed every dog should enjoy between 30 minutes to two hours of exercise each day. Pets that often need the most exercise include Labrador retrievers, collies, hounds and German shepherds.

4. Do Not Overfeed Your Dog

It is essential you speak to a veterinarian about the amount of food a dog will need to lose, gain or maintain his or her weight. Stick to the vet’s recommendation and do not overfeed your dog. Also, if your pet is overweight, it’s often wise to feed him or her earlier in the day, so your dog has more time to work it off. However, you should feed your dog regularly throughout the day if he or she needs more calories in their diet.

It’s not a bad thing if a young dog is on the skinny side, as your canine companion may pile on the weight easily with age. Do not overfeed your dog to gain weight unless otherwise recommended by a veterinarian, as weight gain will happen naturally.

Do you have any top tips for caring for a dog’s health? We’d love to hear them. Please share your advice in the comment section below.

Family night with Beyblade Burst at Ovation Brands Restaurants!

A new announcement for the the Ovation Brands portfolio of restaurants – Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Hometown Buffet, Country Buffet – and Furr’s Fresh Buffet have rolled out a new Family Night promotion featuring the popular battle top game and animated series BEYBLADE BURST! Each Thursday, from June 8th through July 13th between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., kids may participate in different interactive and educational activities in Ovation Brands’ restaurants and Furr’s Fresh Buffet locations. We will even be hosting a BEYBLADE BURST tournament!


The featured activities are as follows:

  • June 8 – In It to Spin It
  • June 15 – Bey. Launch. Burst.
  • June 22 – Trip to the World of Japan
  • June 29 – BEYBLADE Game Night
  • July 6 – Don’t Wake the Dragon
  • July 13 – Give It a Whirl

beyblade prize pack

One lucky Mommy Has A Life reader will win a special prize pack, which includes the following: one (1) BEYBLADE BURST Epic Rivals Battle Set, which includes 2 launchers, 2 tops and 1 beystadium, as well as four (4) free meal passes for you and your family to enjoy a meal at any of Ovation Brands’ locations.

How to enter:  I posted a fun Facebook Post for you to enter.  Play along to win :-)  Contest ends at 11:59 EST June 19th!

We received our prize pack and our boys have been begging us to open the Beyblade Battle Set.  We are moving, so I told them we aren’t opening any new toys until we are IN the new house, so they are (not so) patiently waiting so we can open ours and have fun with it!

Attaining Future Financial Freedom For Your Family

Everyone wants the best for their kids. You want them to go on and have the best possible job they can find. You want them to be able to enjoy their life freely; without having to work too hard. And, of course, you don’t want them to have to worry about money. Unfortunately, most people fail to secure these things for themselves; let alone their kids. So, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the best things you can do to ensure stress-free future finances for you and your kids. Now, you just have to do the legwork!

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 2.17.22 PM

(Image Source)


It’s best to start a process like this by thinking about yourself. If you can’t afford to support yourself; you won’t be able to afford to support your child. In most cases, it’s best to do this sort of work before you have any children. This isn’t always possible, though. So, you may have to simply start as soon as possible. This section will be going through a couple of the areas that have to be considered before you start making provisions for your kids.

Most people’s finances aren’t exactly in the best shape. It’s getting harder and harder for people to save their money; thanks to lower incomes and higher prices in stores. But, if you can’t save your money; you won’t be able to do anything for your kids. So, you need to look at the improvements you can currently make. A lot of people don’t need to buy everything that they spend money on. Instead, they could use cheaper alternatives or nothing at all. The biggest industries that this applies to are cosmetics and technology; which are both unnecessary to life. Using websites like Experian can give you loads of great ideas to help you start working on your finances. And, they don’t cost a fortune to use. Along with this, you could also ask your bank for some advice.

Next, you need to be considering what life will be like when you leave work. Retirement has become a huge issue for a lot of countries. You’re very likely to retire much later than your parents did. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Most people earn enough to contribute to a decent private pension, to supplement whatever they have. To find out whether or not you need to improve this area, you need to do some work. Look at your current rate of pension investment, and use calculators to see what it could be worth when you retire. Most people find that they won’t have enough money to get by.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 2.20.34 PM

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The Kids

Once you have a better handle on your own money, you can start to consider what you want to do for your children. At this point, you have to establish a balance. Your child won’t need much money until they leave home. So, you shouldn’t be showering them with money while they grow up. Instead, you should teach them the value of money. And, give them ways to make sure that they don’t lose it.

It’s very beneficial to a young person to have some savings behind them, in the modern world. Nowadays, to rent a property, you need to have huge amounts of money to pay in fees and deposits. Of course, this won’t be impossible for them to pay. But, it really helps if they have the money in advance for their first time. Being able to buy a car as soon as they can drive is great, too. Along with a host of other benefits that come from savings. Your child should play an active part in their savings, too. Where you can, you should have them make deposits into their own account. This will start to teach them about savings, and why they are important. Just make sure that you are building some savings for yourself at the same time.

Investments are one of the best possible ways to give your child financial freedom in the future. And, there are loads of options that you can take advantage of. To start, you need to think about risk. All investments come with some degree of risk. Investments with higher risk will usually have a better return; but, ones with lower risk will have a lower return. At the start, you can afford to take some risks with your money. But, as time goes on and you make more to invest; you’ll want to start getting a little safer. One of the best investments to make for your children is a savings bond. This sort of investment is incredibly secure, while still offering a good return. A lot of the time, these options are government backed. This means that even if they do fall through; you still get your investment back.

One of the biggest and best investments to make for a child comes in the form of property. It’s getting increasingly difficult for young people to buy their own homes. But, for those who already have a home, it’s much easier. It’s likely that you have the finances to pay for a small mortgage if you’re able to make other investments. Finding property for sale is nice and easy, too. Most places have loads of businesses that specialise in this sort of trade. This sort of investment will give you child the freedom of living rent-free. And, once they’ve left the property; you can start to rent it out to other people. Whether you decide to give the property to the child or not; it’s still a great way to help them out.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 2.22.24 PM

(Image Credit)

Good Money Tips

It can be hard to make sure that you have enough money to cover things like this. Most people don’t have huge amounts of money to put away for their children. So, you might have to employ some clever tactics to make this possible. A big part of this will come from the research that you do yourself. But, to help you out, this section will be covering some basic tips to help you out.

First, it’s time to consider budgeting. When you want to start budgeting your money, you have to be very hard on yourself. People with habits of overspending will find it very easy to slip into old habits, without the right work. So, your first budget should only include the absolute essentials. And, you should live this way for at least a month. After this period, you should have a good idea of how much money you have going spare. Most of this money should go into your savings. But, of course, you will deserve a treat after this time. So, it’s okay to spend a small portion of the money on yourself.

Saving can be greatly aided by simply taking the right approach. A lot of people see their savings as a money sink. It’s something that takes money each month, without giving any real benefits. But, what if you lost your job? Or, what if your child gets into a school overseas and can’t afford to get there? Issues like this can be made into nothing; if you have savings behind you. Being aware of how something can help you will give you a lot of motivation to keep working on it.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start making some big changes to your finances. Being able to support your child into their adult life is a great gift. And, you can make a huge impact on their success through doing this. Ultimately, this is one of the best things a parent can do. So, if you want to give your child as much as you can; this is the way to do it.`

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues fun at Ovation Brands Restaurants

Each Thursday, from April 20th through May 25th between 5 pm and 8 pm, kids may participate in different interactive and educational activities in Ovation Brands’ restaurants and Furr’s Fresh Buffet locations. Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues App encourages STEAM education and kids will be able to participate in activities featuring mystery, science, coding and sleuthing every Thursday night during the promotional period.


The featured activities are as follows:

  • May 4 – A-MAZE-ING Detective!
  • May 11 – Invisible Ink & Ultimate Nancy Drew Journal Giveaway!
  • May 18 – Family Mystery!
  • May 25 – Code it with Robot Puppy!

This is a great opportunity to enjoy a FUN Family dinner with your kids at the Ovation Brands restaurants – Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Hometown Buffet, Country Buffet – and Furr’s Fresh Buffet!  We recently took our kids and they have been asking when will go back to “the place they can eat whatever they want”— So it is definitely a fun place to go.  :-)

I am giving away a Family 4 Pack of Passes to any Ovation Brands Restaurant AND a Nancy Drew Journal to ONE Lucky Mommy Has A Like Winner.  Please check out my Facebook Page for the official contest.  :-)

Nancy Drew Fan Journal with Text