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Disney On Ice is coming to the Covelli Center. AND GIVEAWAY!!!

It is always exciting when Disney on Ice comes to the Covelli Center here in Youngstown.  It’s a fun time for the family and always a great show.  The new Dream Big show featuring Moana and the greatest demigod that ever lived, Maui, on an action-packed voyage to restore the stolen heart of Te Fiti.

Disney on Ice Moana

Explore the Land of the Dead as Miguel from Disney•Pixar’s Coco brings the festivities of Dia de los Muertos to the ice. Get tangled up in Rapunzel’s hair-raising quest to see the floating lights. Travel to the kingdom of Arendelle with Anna, Elsa and Olaf in a dramatic retelling of the sisterly love that saved a kingdom. And discover the strength, bravery and kindness that inspired generation after generation with Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora, Belle and Cinderella.

Dream Big captures all the magic and adventure of Disney’s immortal tales through cutting edge figure skating, glamourous costumes and stunning set designs. Through innovative lighting and thrilling special effects, audiences are transported to a world of imagination, where heroes of every kind seek to fulfill their dreams. High-flying jumps, breathtaking skating and lovable Disney friends make Disney On Ice presents Dream Big an experience families will never forget!

D27c_20180920_00343-_Edit[3][1][2] (1)

What a great gift to wrap up for the kiddos!  Instead of more toys, give them the gift of entertainment with tickets to Disney on Ice.

Show times are:  Thursday, Dec. 26 at 7 pm
Friday, Dec. 27 at 7 pm
Saturday, Dec. 28 at 11 am, 3 pm and 7 pm
Sunday, Dec. 29 at 1 pm and 5 pm

And tickets start at just $15 and can be can be ordered online at

D27C_Show Logo_Low Res[3][1][2] (1)

Crayola Experience Activities

A must do for Preschoolers: The Crayola Experience Orlando

My family visited Orlando earlier this month and while we were there, we decided to check out some things to do that were not going to be long days, trying to take it easy after a full day of traveling.  The Crayola Experience has been on my list since it opened, but we haven’t been down to Orlando since then with an opportunity to check it out.

Crayola Experience Activities

My little guys are 3 and 4, and I felt like they were the PERFECT age for The Crayola Experience.  Caleb, who is 4 (starting Kindergarten next fall) was truly into everything they had to offer.  He really enjoys crafts and constructive things to do, so he fully took advantage of every activity that was available.  Cohen, who is 3, enjoyed a lot of the activities, but his attention span was not really there to enjoy EVERYTHING or at least not at the level Caleb was able to enjoy it, but there was still a lot for him to do and see and he had a really great time.Crayola Experience Life Size Dry Erase

When we got there the kids were so excited about the bright colors and interactive giant screens in the lobby.  Dad took them over to play with the screens while I got us all checked in and asked some questions to make sure I understood how everything worked.  I got all the information, and our tokens and we were off to the fun upstairs!

I tried to get the boys to do some crafts when we first got there, but they saw the giant play area and they were off to play and burn off some energy.  There are two play areas, one for toddlers and one for big kids.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed BOTH play areas.  The big kid one was a little big for Cohen- but he has a big brother helping him so he wanted to be in the big kids one too.  The Toddler Play area has a life size Lite Brite, and some fun toys to bounce on- along with a smaller play area with slides.  The big kids play area has a lot of climbing spaces and fun slides.

Crayola Experience Spin Art

Each of us got 2 tokens and one voucher to decorate a cat.  There are some activities that do not need any tokens or vouchers- those you are able to do as many as you want.

We headed off to check out the plush cats.  It seems that the craft in this area does change periodically.  Today was a cat that the kids colored with markers- and then rinsed off, dried and were able to color again.  These cats were a hit.  The boys really enjoyed coloring them- washing them and repeating the process.  They are still a hit, even after we left.  The boys have carried these cats around and played with them for the last month.

Crayola Experience ClayThe Tokens- Each person receives two tokens with their ticket.  The tokens can be used for a variety of little take homes.  You can customize crayon wrappers- so we made everyone their own crayon.  You can get a small pack of crayons, a marker, or a pack of clay.  The clay is similar to play-doh and there are tables of tools that the kids can play with the clay there.  You can also buy additional tokens for $1 each.  Our favorite thing was the clay, because it was a nice hands on activity that we all enjoyed, but the personalized crayons were cool too!

All of the other activities you are welcome to do without tokens and as many times as you want.  There was a melted crayon spin art, melting crayons into molds, and another activity where there was a pen that melted crayons and you draw with the melted crayons.  All fun stuff!

The kiddos had a ball!  There are other activity stations- shows- experiments- and some add on crafts you have buy and make.  Definitely something fun to do if you are in Orlando and looking for something indoors to do on a hot or rainy day.

Remember teachers get a free one year membership (VIP Kid Teachers Count- just bring your 6 Apple Card) so if you are a teacher definitely take advantage of that special offer!

FTC Disclosure:  I received complimentary passes to the Crayola Experience.  However, all opinions in this post are my own honest opinions and not skewed based on receiving complimentary passes. 

Mother Of All Baby Showers Pittsburgh

If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, Or a new parent then the Mother of All Baby Showers is an event you don’t want to miss!!!

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This is not your mother’s baby shower! The 3rd annual Mother of All Baby Showers on July 17 at PNC Park is the best adults-only night out for expectant and new parents. Come get educated and celebrated with experts on all things pregnancy and parenting, Test Before You Invest from 20+ local and national brands, enjoy tasty treats, indulge in mini spa treatments and enter to win huge giveaways. You deserve this night out!

Use code MOMMYHASALIFE50OFF for 50% off tickets. VIPs receive an OXO Tot Mealtime Prep Set (valued at $60), early entry at 6pm and a SWAG-filled bag.

Register Here to reserve your ticket!

Here Are the Best Money and Time Investments for Your Family

Family with BabyImage Pixabay

Raising a family is joyous but not cheap. Unexpected costs are to be expected. There are school outings, club fees for your kids’ afterschool activities, and so much more.

Time magazine, early last year, reported that the cost of raising a kid to adulthood is now at $233,610.
That’s a lot of money. So you might not be ready to hear that spending a little in the right places could actually save you money in the long run… But it’s true.

Here are the key areas of your family’s life where paying a little more is actually an investment that will compound with time.

Your family’s oral health.
Uncared for teeth end up becoming expensive teeth.
Skipping cleaning sessions might save you money in the short term. But in the long run can rack up a dental bill 10 times more than the cost of your regular cleaning.

Keeping your kids’ mouths in good health will ensure that they are able to eat a wide range of foods and get nutrition from many sources. Which is essential for growing children.

Beyond basic cleaning sessions, whitening and dental implants are wonderful investments in your smile.

Humans are judgmental and are prone to make split-second decisions about others. How are others sizing you up? Of course, you want people to love you and yours for your hearts of gold, but while you wait for the world to change, don’t let opportunities pass by not paying attention to your appearance.

Breastfeed your baby. 
A tip for parents and families who are just starting out. If you want to give your baby the best start to life, ditch the formula and breastfeed. This advice comes from the UN and the World Health Organization.

Breastmilk has antibodies as well as nutrients that infants need. Yes, there are valid reasons that you might not be able to breastfeed your baby. But where there is an option, this is one investment you can make into your child’s future health that actually saves you money in the process.

What it requires: your time and the pains associated with breastfeeding. But the payoff could be a healthier child who has fewer infections, and a lower risk of diabetes, obesity, and asthma!

Family experiences.

The average family vacation reported on in 2017 was $4778. That’s a lot of money. But is it worth the expense?

You might not need to spend that much in order to get the payoff. Taking a family vacation often does involve a money investment. But you can travel within the US, or even within your state to places you haven’t been to before. And you needn’t spend close to $5000 to have a good time or to gain a family experience.

Building family bonds is a natural result of spending dedicated time together. And close family ties are what you have the chance of building while your kids are still under your roof. The result pays off in better health, longer life expectancy, and emotional resilience to weather life’s storms.

So invest time in creating memorable family experiences. Those experiences can serve as a bedrock to how your family behaves down the road.

Research free activities that can be done as a family. Schedule them as often as you can. Yes, they can be a lot of work to pull off but are always worthwhile in the end.

Hobbies, sports, and interests. 

Helping your child find that thing that lights him up can be costly and time-consuming. But investing money into helping him discover his interests is a large part of parenting and should never be looked at as money down the drain.

Perhaps you put him into a year of soccer at your kids’ insistence, only to have him declare that he now hates soccer… That time and energy invested might seem like a waste, but it isn’t. These experiences all pay off at some point, even if only in the realization of what he or she is not interested in.

Your child needs comparison points in order to find the thing that could bring him a lifetime of enjoyment. So never consider clubs or activities a waste of time or money when their attention turns to other things.

Discuss with your child and make sure that this is not a result of just one bad day. If your child really is no longer interested in that hobby or club he was so passionate about only last year, it’s okay to move on.

I went to Build A Bear for #PayYourAge Day

I just got home after a busy day with the kids and friends.  Our main focus was to go to Build A Bear for the Pay Your Age promotion.  I really didn’t think it would be that busy and I thought it would be a fun time for the little ones that had not had the opportunity to Build A Bear yet.  We got done and I opened up my phone to a ton of negativity about the event and that is really just not cool because honestly, it was a fun day.

About the deal:  Any child was able to go to Build A Bear and pay their age in years for any bear of their choice.  So if your child is 1, you pay $1!  If you are older than 29, you were 29 for the day and could pay just $29 for any bear.  BAB Pay your Age


They definitely marketed the sale well.  I heard about the sale from many sources and was intrigued and wanted to bring my kids.  Well apparently other parents also had the same idea.  After hearing from several people that they were going to go, I figured I would arrive early to get in line so we could be the first ones in the store.

Reality:  I arrived at the mall around 8:30.  The mall doors had not even opened up yet so my friend and I hopped in the line to get into the mall.  I chatted with some other moms in line and I arrived about an hour too late if I wanted to truly be one of the first people in the store.  A friend of mine arrived at 7:30 AM and she was in the first group of 10 to get in the store.   That was smart on her part because for my kids it was really the wait to get the bears stuffed that was the killer.  Watching the other kids get their bears and not being able to help is hard for a three year old LOL.

Build A Bear Line

They had a full staff at Build A Bear, they had help from Mall Security, and managed things really well at our store.  First you waited in line to get your bear.  For US it took about 2 hours to get to the bears.  This really did not seem to take very long at all.  Dad walked around the little ones, my friend’s 6 year old daughter is exceptionally behaved and enjoyed snacks and playing while we waited.

The store had a system.  Once you reached a certain point, you received a name tag with your age on it.  Then you continued up to the from of that line.  Once you moved up there your were grouped and moved to another line where you were the next group to pick your bear.  They even had an empty store next to Build A Bear where they encouraged you to leave your stroller so it would be out of the way in the store.

Build A Bear Caleb Fluffing

After you picked out your bear, you could either pay for it empty and come back another time to stuff it, or you moved over to the stuffing line.  The only restriction was that if you selected a Pokemon Bear, you HAD to get it stuffed there, you were not allowed to bring those home and then back to stuff later.

The stuffing line was the hardest stretch for us.  THAT line alone was another 2 hours.  NOW… the reason it was another 2 hours was because the wonderful staff was doing such a great job.  Yes… your kids had to wait.  BUT once their turn came, they got the royal treatment and got to stuff their bear and fill it with love.  Again, snacks, walks, pointing out letters on the walls, playing games.. etc… and we made it through!  It was FINALLY our turn!  Caleb helped stuff little brother’s bear and fluffed them, we paid and we left with three happy kids!

Build A Bear Caleb Stuffing

Now.  If you did not arrive early, I am sure your experience was not the same as what I am describing because you may not have had the opportunity to make a bear.  My location “closed the line” somewhere around 11:00.  I didn’t think to ask why- but the staff member I chatted with told me that they had enough bears in stock for everyone that is in line to get a bear.  So instead of making children stand in line to not get a bear, if they wanted to get in line, they were given a voucher for $15 off any bear on their next visit.  They had a security person standing at the end of the line signing out the vouchers.  I am pretty sure if I had not arrived early, I would have been happy to accept the coupon and save my kids from waiting in line for 8 hours to pay a few dollars more for the bear.

Since arriving home, Build A Bear posted on their Facebook that due to the crowds and many stores closing, or fire marshals closing lines, etc., they issued a coupon that Bonus Club Members can download for $15 off any bear on their next visit.  So even if you did not brave the crowds, you can still get a deal with this coupon.  You have to print it or screen shot it by July 15th and stop into any Build a Bear store before August 31st, 2018 to redeem your coupon.  The coupon reads one coupon per account, so if you have two kids you will need your spouse to sign up for an account.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 7.37.33 PM

Also, if you did not know, Build A Bear has a promotion that during your child’s birthday month they can go and build the Birthday Treat Bear for their age.  They also have coupons all the time to help make the Build A Bear experience more affordable when you sign up for the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club.

6 Winter Tasks to Prepare Your Home for the Spring

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 9.10.40 PM

Image Pixabay

When you live in an area that has harsh winter conditions, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your home and yard. However, if you start to plan for these circumstances in the winter, it can make your spring cleaning and spring preparations so much easier—and sometimes even less expensive. Whether you’ve owned your home for a while or are a first-time owner, the following are six winter tasks to do that can help prepare your home for springtime.

1. Seed your garden.

Many homeowners make the mistake in thinking that your landscaping is something that needs to be done only in the springtime, but this isn’t true. In fact, preparing your garden in the winter is actually one of the better things you can do for your landscaping. That’s because your yard will naturally start to die down and hibernate for the winter, but the winter provides a great amount of moisture for your yard that it will use to fuel up.

By seeding your lawn, and even by planting flower seeds, during the winter, you can actually see the benefit of doing so come springtime. Even setting up a garden irrigation system during this time will prove fruitful come spring. Your yard will not only be thicker and more plush, but your flowers will grow more quickly and be a sight to see.

2. Dig up old flowers.

If your yard has annuals throughout, it’s a good idea to get these pulled out before the first frost. Not only are these dead flowers an eyesore during the winter months, but leaving them during the winter will make them freeze, and the bulbs are harder to dig up come springtime. Instead, if you rid your yard of the necessary plants and flowers before winter, you’ll have an easier time getting them out. Then, you won’t have a lot of yard work to do in the springtime, making your yard easier to prepare for the season.

3. Put items away.

If you have an outdoor space that you use often, chances are there are items there that possibly shouldn’t stay out all winter long. If this is the case for your home, be sure to put these items in storage for the winter. This way, you don’t have to worry about them becoming broken or damaged during the winter, leaving you with a large mess to clean up when spring comes. Instead, you’ll be able to re-use these items, allowing you to have less money to spend as well.

4. Prepare your pool.

If you have a swimming pool, it needs to be properly maintenance before the winter season approaches. Doing this not only protects it, but ensures you have an easier time getting your pool ready once spring and summer make their way in. In addition, if you have any issues with your pool now, this is the time to fix them. Most common pool repairs can be done yourself, but if you do need to call in a professional, most lower their prices during this time of year due to the seasonality of their business.

5. Fix any outstanding issues.

Sometimes there are issues around the house you don’t touch, but when the winter season approaches, it’s a good idea to fix these issues before winter. Usually, the winter weather can make smaller issues worse, and then you’ll find yourself with a very intrusive or very expensive fix in the spring. Instead of finding yourself in this situation, it’s important for you to fix these issues right away, especially if it has anything to do with your home’s exterior, foundation, or roof.

6. Clean it out.

Most people do a big spring cleaning, but there’s no law that says you can’t do this in the winter too. If you clean your home out during the winter season, you can reap plenty of benefits. First, you’ll create more storage space that you can use for all the new things you’ll get during the holidays. In addition, you may come across something you forgot you had, which can make a perfect re-gift or could be put to good use this time of year. Finally, cleaning your home out now makes it less of a project to tackle in the spring, so you can make more time for the springtime fun.

Being a homeowner is a big responsibility, and taking the time to get your home ready during the winter can actually have a positive impact on your home during the spring as well.

Things to do with Kids in San Diego

If you are wondering what activities would you do with your family and children while on a trip to San Diego. Well, you need not worry as there are plenty of fun things to do and an endless number of attractions or the whole family in this fantastic city. It is no wonder that San Diego is considered one of the world’s best family destinations, thanks to those gorgeous beaches and perfect weather the whole year round. With loads of family-friendly San Diego vacation rentals and resorts, there is truly something for all ages to enjoy. It is time for the whole family to enjoy special experiences together, whether it is at the zoos, the parks, the beaches or other attractions. The Pacific beach city is well known for its beaches, museums, and gardens. Read on to know more about the fun things you can do while on vacation here with your family.


  • Learn to Surf
    One of the coolest things to do in San Diego is surf and get your family on board. Even your five-year-old kid can take surfing lessons! And it is possible for the whole family to get together and take group lessons in private. You could surf in Pacific Beach or at La Jolla Shores. There are plenty of accredited surf schools along the coast.
  • Go Whale Watching
    Blue whales are the largest creatures on earth. Whale Watching is a popular activity here in San Diego and at least for about nine months. More than 20,000 whales migrate from Alaska to the warm waters of Mexico from mid-December to April. So get your family here during those months to enjoy watching those grey whales. There are several local companies that arrange for the whale watching tours.
  • Snorkel or Swim
    Go to the Jolla Shores Beach that is home to the major aggregation of leopard sharks in the world. They come here during the summer, and their numbers can peak around August and September. One can easily see them even in knee-deep water, but the best way to watch them is while snorkeling. Although they are sharks, they do not bite.
  • Visit Children’s Pool seals
    This is one of the most fun things to do in La Jolla, and the best part is that it is free! Children’s Pool seals are really cute but are a bit stinky. The small stretch of beach is guarded by a seawall that was initially meant for a safe place to swim for the children. One can hang around and sunbathe in the area as well as swim here. This is a great locality for photographs and for watching a myriad of sea lions.
  • Enjoy A Falconry Lesson
    Your children will love taking a basic Falconry lesson that is organized at the Alpine ranch by Sky Falconry. This is your chance to learn the history and story of falconry and get lessons from licensed falconers. The classes offer an in-depth look and insight into one of the oldest field sport in human history. You get to learn not just about falconry but also become a falconer. Get acquainted whet specialized falconry equipment and training techniques involved with falconry.
  • Take the Old Town Trolley Tours
    Hop on and off at several stops around San Diego once you get on the orange and green Old Town Trolley. The tour eliminates the need to take a rental car in San Diego. One can simply download the interactive map on to their phone to get info on various attractions, stops, and restaurants.
  • Enjoy Winter Tide Pooling
    Enroll at tide pooling season that starts in November and carry on through about March. This is the time when the tides are low during the day, and it is easy to see sea anemones, sea stars, sea slugs, hermit crabs, octopus, and more in the pools. The Birch Aquarium near Scripps Pier and Shell Beach in La Jolla and the Tourmaline Surfing Park in Pacific Beach are other great locations.
  • Explore the Carlsbad Flower Fields
     It is indeed a joy to walk across the rainbow of colors that fill the 50-acre Carlsbad hillside. It is simply amazing to gaze at the ranunculus flowers that bloom against an ocean backdrop. The family-friendly San Diego attraction remains open to the public for about eight weeks and offers hay rides and other special events.
  • Kayak the Sea Caves
    All you need to do is hire a double kayak from La Jolla Shores Beach and explore the San Diego-La Jolla Underwater. It is easy to spot the friendly sea lions and orange garibaldi fish from above. All the sea caves are visible from the ocean, and the barks of sea lions are almost deafening near the Clam’s Cave. The sea cave tour is highly recommended.
  • Drive to Legoland
    Take the drive from San Diego to Carlsbad, especially if you are a Lego fan. You will love riding on the Royal Joust or getting wet at Pirate Shores. Get your driver’s license at the Volvo Driving School, and if you are wondering where to spend the night, well Legoland California Resort is just nearby!
  • Amazing experience at San Diego Zoo
    Do not miss your trip to the world-famous San Diego Zoo that is home to thousands of endangered animals. Enjoy looking at a beautiful display of exotic plants spread across those hundreds of acres of the zoo. The well maintained and spacious zoo is dedicated to conservation and research. Some of the main attraction of the zoo include Skyfari tram, the pandas and the Polar Bear Plunge.

Five Ways to Cut Down on Household Expenses in the New Year

As we look to finish off the year it’s quite normal that we look back and reflect on what we’ve accomplished, the hurdles we’ve faced, and the challenges we have before us as we head into 2018. For many families out there, the biggest challenge facing them today is money, more specifically having enough money to pay for all their expenses.

Piggy Bank

If you found this year to be particularly tough and you’re looking to lessen the load next year, then you aren’t alone. Here are five tips you can use heading into the new year that will help you to cut down on household expense, giving you that extra breathing room you’re after.

Embrace Couponing

If you’re the type that has never really thought much about coupons, nor have you used them, it’s time to think twice. Nowadays, you can find coupons for all kinds of items; it’s no longer just for groceries and toiletries. Coupons range from small price cuts to giving you a free item.

The key to using coupons successfully is knowing where to find them. Typically, the best option nowadays tends to be online, rather than the traditional flyers people used to clip. Coupons can then be stored on your smartphone and scanned at the store.

Sites like eCouponsHub feature all the latest coupons in a large variety of categories. You’ll be able to find significant savings such as the Pizza Hut coupon code 5 off which gives you $5 off your order. Before you know it, these savings start to add up over the month and suddenly you’re freeing up cash.

Look Into Bundling Your Services

Most people spend a fairly significant amount each month on their landline phone, mobile phone, cable provider, and internet provider. Experts recommend looking into bundling your services with one provider, as they will often take a percentage off your bill each month. While you’re speaking with your provider, take a look at your current add-ons and ask yourself if they are really all needed.

Watch Your Energy Usage

Finding ways to cut back on your energy usage can result in significant savings too. Look into things such as energy-efficient light bulbs, energy-star rated appliances, doing things such as laundry and dishes during the off-peak hours, and making sure you turn everything off when it’s not in use.

Cut Back on Outside Entertainment

If you’re the type of family that loves going out to the movies, dining out, and visiting local attractions, now is the time to reign that spending in. Start looking for fun activities you can do at home, or for free. You’d be surprised just how much your town likely offers in terms of “free activities”.

Consider Using Public Transportation

For those families that are a two-car household and looking to make drastic cuts in the budget, then it may be time to consider selling one of those vehicles and using public transportation instead. Obviously, this is a pretty big move, but if your family is able to make do with one car, the savings will be well worth it.

There are Always Ways to Cut

When it comes to cutting your household expenses, the good news is that there are always places you can make changes.

The Best Comic Books for Teens and Older Kids

comic books

Some people will always think of comic books as being exclusively for kids, however this notion has been challenged in recent years as an increasing number of comics and graphic novels aimed at older audiences have started to appear. While adults are now catered to with offerings such as The Invisibles, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and many others, the teen market has still been somewhat neglected.

However, for those who know where to look there are a number of quality titles on offer. In this article we have put together a list of some of the most critically acclaimed titles available for the teen and young adult market.

Runaways, by Brian K. Vaughan

Part of growing up is coming to the realization that our parents are not infallible, and are flawed human beings like the rest of us. This has been a recurring theme in young adult literature for some time and it is also a prominent feature of a number of the young adult graphic novels. In Runaways that realization plays a central role in the story, in fact it takes it one step further, the protagonist comes to realise that their parents are in fact evil supervillains. The teens run away as a result, later discovering that they have inherited some of their parents’ powers and have to decide what to do with them. It is a classic coming of age story combined with a superhero adventure.

Paper Girls, by Brian K. Vaughan

This quirky adventure tells the tale of a group of badass newspaper delivery girls in the 1980’s. It deftly combines classic science fiction tropes with a dose of 80’s nostalgia. It has been referred to as Nancy Drew does punk and this accurately reflects the overall feel and aesthetic of this unique graphic novel.

For teens who would like to have a go at creating their own comics, the website Rage Maker is an excellent start point.

Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon

The X-Men series has always been one of the most effective vehicles for exploring adult themes within the realm of comic books. The series focuses on the trials and discrimination faced by a group of humans born with genetic mutations which confer them with super powers. Over the course of its history, the series has explored a number of important themes such as discrimination, eugenics, and the difficulty of coming of age while a member of a discriminated community.

As you would expect of a series which has been going for so long and which has produced such a large number of titles during that time, some X-Men titles have been received better than others, while some have been criticised for falling victim to overly dramatic scenes and soap opera tendencies. When the X-Men is done right, and its setting used to its full advantage, as is the case with Astonishing X-Men, the stories it produces are involving and relevant to the reader.

There are now more comic books available than ever before to the teen and young adult markets. The titles on this list are just a small selection of the many excellent titles which are now available.

How to Become a Happier and Healthier You

Have you been thinking about trying to get a little fitter recently? Maybe you were always a regular jogger until work, and other commitments meant it dwindled? Well, there is no need to worry, because getting fitter and healthier doesn’t mean you have to devote hours in the gym, it just means you need to alter a few things in your life. Then, before you know it, you will be on the way to a happier you.

running on beach

Exercise Around Your Life

Not everyone has the time or the energy after a long day to go for a jog around the park. However, you don’t have to do that to get fitter, all you need to do is exercise when you can, and find other ways of getting fit. Try to get off the bus one or two stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. It might not seem like much, but after a while it all adds up. Why not start to take the stairs up to your office floor instead of taking the lift? If you work on the 20th floor, you might want to climb at many flights possible as this is a great means of exercise.

Quit Smoking and Cut Down on Drinking

It has been well established that smoking is bad for your health, and there are now many ways that you can give up. One way is to turn to vaping instead because you can still get the sensations of smoking without the deadly toxins. Companies such as Mount Baker Vapor create alternative ‘juices’ that you can use in your vaping machines. Drinking alcohol in moderation is nothing to worry about unduly, however, if you are drinking a lot every day, then you need to think about cutting back on the amount. Switching to an alternative such as grape juice will help, especially in social situations.

Begin a Healthier Eating Regime

There are many popular ideas that you need to go on a strict diet and cut out all of the bad things such as fat and sugar to be healthy. In fact, although you should cut down on sugar and fat, the most important thing is to keep everything in moderation. If you try to cut out all bad things at once, you will soon start to get bad cravings that may make you fail. It is far easier to reduce all of the bad things, but you can still have them occasionally. It means you won’t feel guilty when you do have that bar of chocolate once a month, because you know it is part of your new healthier eating regime.

There are many ways that you can make small changes to your life that will make you healthier. You can try swapping a cup of coffee for a glass of water, taking healthier snacks with you in your bag for when you get peckish, and considering cycling to work. All of these little things will add up to a much healthier and happier you in the end.