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#TBT 3/20/14 My Favorite Cloth Diaper

Colton Cow Print Cloth Diaper


I remember when I took this photo, I said it would make blackmail for when he is older.  I tried out the cloth diaper thing for a little while– It did not work out so well for us.  But this was my very favorite cloth diaper print and he looked so cute.  Typical Toddler, in a diaper and carrying a sippy cup :-)

#TBT 3/6/2013 Colton’s First Ice Cream Cone

I am really loving this Throwback Thursday thing.  It is a great opportunity for me to look at old pictures and remember fun memories of my little man.

May 2010 ColtonThis was Colton’s very first Ice Cream Cone.  We stopped at Dairy Queen and I wanted to see if he would enjoy Ice Cream as much as I did.  Well… this was his very first bite and his reaction.  I think the picture speaks for itself…

He was such a chunky little boy <3


#TBT 2/26/14 1st Photo of Colton and I

1st Photo of Colton and IThis is one photo that means very much to me.  This is the first time I got to hold my little man.  I know you can’t see him, but he is in the bundle of blankets.  I will remember these few short minutes for the rest of my life.

I say few short minutes because it really was only a few short minutes I got to hold him right after he was born.  I expected to have ALL this time to spend with him… but due to him having breathing issues I didn’t get to hold him right away.  After they got him stable, they let me hold him for a few minutes and then took him away to transitional care.  I was heart broken because things did not go as planned.  Looking back- I am just thankful he was okay and a healthy baby boy.  I got to be with him in transitional care (even though I was super sick from the meds they gave me), and by the end of the day he was allowed to come to my room.  After that he was fine.  :-)

I loved this tiny human so much from day one, and one thing is for sure, I will never stop loving him.  <3

#TBT 2.20.14 1st Trip to Disney World!!

Some of our funnest memories are from our vacations to Disney World … before we moved here.  I remember the first time I took Colton to Disney, it was a very SPECIAL thing for us.  It was a great getaway from all the stress I had in my life at the time, and it was so awesome to see his smiling face.  I was so happy to be there with him and it warms my heart with happiness every time I think about it :-)

We take photos of him on Prince Charming’s Carousal every time we go.  Here is Colton on the First trip to Disney on the Carousal:
1st Trip to Disney CarousalAnd for comparison, here is him in December when we were at the Christmas party:
Now CarousalSo much growing, and so many memories :-)