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Why I Like To Buy Instead Of Make From Scratch

Buying Food

Don’t get me wrong, I love to make clothes and home furnishings from scratch when I have the time. But, I live a busy life and some weeks I don’t have enough time for myself, never mind to sew a new throw for the sofa. So, instead of going without, I buy them readymade instead. In fact, from time to time I get just as much satisfaction from buying than I do from creating. Here are just a few reasons why.

I Love A Bargain

One of the main reasons I like to sew or do a little DIY is because I hate getting ripped off on the high street. The majority of times I realize I could do just as good a job, so I do. But, that mentality means I am now a sucker for a bargain. It is like I just cannot pass up the opportunity to get one over on the high street and have it buy it there and then. It makes my day when I find quality items at an affordable price.

Good Quality

I am no pro by any stretch of the imagination. I am more of a Jack of all trades more than a master of one. So, even though I can turn my hand to almost any job, sometimes the quality isn’t as good. Regardless of what you think of factory made produce, the majority of them are high quality if you buy them from reputable sources. At the minute, I love Martex sheets because they have a high thread count, they are affordable and they come in lots of different colours.

It’s Less Hassle

No matter how you try to spin it, making something from scratch is always more stressful and energy consuming than buying it ready-made. That doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the process of creating something from the ground up. It just means that every now and again you would rather pay the extra money to save yourself the time. We don’t all have the time and energy to make every single item we want.

Reaction Buy

We have all been there. You see something you like and you make a purchase. You don’t consider that you could make it for less money or anything like that; you just head straight for the counter! In fact, you don’t think about much other than how much you want that dress or those shoes. At that moment, everything goes out of the window and you are a slave to your urges.

Nice Treat

There is nothing wrong with a treat. You spend the majority of your week trying to save money and put enough together for bills that you become tired and weary. Surely that is not the meaning of life? Of course it isn’t, because life is about enjoying your time on the planet. As long as you have the cash to spare, a little bit of retail therapy goes a long way.

Sometimes, there is nothing better than buying rather than creating. Just try not to do it all the time.

Want to have richer, fattier Breast Milk, Try this Hemp Milk Recipe with Mamalicious

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, I HIGHLY suggest adding Mamalicious to your daily routine.  This DELICIOUS protein shake is packed with vitamins and is very healthy!  I drank it throughout my pregnancy and I am continuing it now that I am breastfeeding.

Caleb is a TEENY baby.  We went through a little weight gain problem, with him around 6 weeks.  He was gaining, just VERY slow.  When I took him in for a weight check, the doctor was beginning to suggest formula thinking that he wasn’t getting enough fat from my milk.  I was not happy- as a mom that breastfed her first for a full year, I did not want to even think about formula for Caleb.  I asked him to give me a week to try to get him to put on more weight and reached out to @MyMamalicious on social media for some ideas and support.  She gave me the recipe for homemade hemp milk and due to my little guy having a dairy allergy she advised I switch over to the Vegan Mamalicious  since it is dairy-free.

They expedited shipping to get me the Vegan Mamalicious and I started it right away.  Between that and this hemp milk recipe, Caleb put on 9 OUNCES that week!  The doctor was in SHOCK and asked me what I did.  He said “good job mom, just keep doing what you are doing!”

Also- when I pumped, you could see the nice, rich fatty milk- so this definitely helps and was evident just by looking at the milk.

Hemp Milk Recipe

For those that have asked, here is the Hemp Milk Recipe (you may need to stop at your local health foods store- I was able to find everything at Cindy’s Health and Vitality if you are from the Mahoning Valley Area):

1 part hemp seed hearts
4-5 parts cold water
3TBS Lecithin
Salt to taste
Tsp Vanilla
Agave or Stevia (optional) to taste
Put in Vitamix and blend on high until smooth

Fun Family Craft Acitivies For Rainy Days

It can be an extra struggle to keep your children from getting bored and restless when it’s pouring down outside. So, I hope that this post will bring a little sunshine into your lives when it’s miserable outside. Here are my favorite arts and crafts activities that are perfect for keeping the whole family entertained on rainy days.


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Occasion crafts
Occasion crafts are extra fun because they give the whole family a project to work on. I look through my diary to see if there are any birthdays coming up and if there are we all work together on making a handmade card for the birthday girl or boy. Even if there isn’t a family celebration in the immediate future, there is always some event going on around the globe that you can use to structure your craft day. Last time we had an arts and crafts day at home we made outer space-themed paintings to celebrate National Science Fiction Day. This is also a great activity for keeping the kids busy when you have your own things to get on with.

cookies 1

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Baking is an old favorite among many families and is effective way to keep everyone entertained on a rainy day. It gives the kids an opportunity to be creative, learn about different ingredients and the science of baking. There are many family-friendly recipes out there so have a good look online for inspiration. We love to make mini pizzas that we decorate like faces and cookies. If you’ve never experienced baking with kids before – do be prepared for the mess!

Toilet roll crafts
Okay, I know it sounds like a weird one, but my kids absolutely adore this activity! It’s incredible how many creative things you can make out of cardboard toilet roll tubes. If you don’t believe me; google it. We have made minions, pencil and pen holders, Christmas decorations and plant holders, to name just a few. All you need is a stash of toilet roll tubes and a good box of art supplies. We usually use paints, east of India ribbon, tissue paper, scissors, etc. They make excellent ornaments for the mantelpiece or gifts for family and friends.


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Handmade puppet show

One of my children suggested creating handmade puppets and putting on a puppet show one rainy day. It ended up being such a laugh for the whole family that it has now become a recurring activity (even on sunny days). It doesn’t take a lot of effort or materials to make the puppets. We used a couple of gloves that were passed it and painted them with funny faces. You could also use cut up old material and secure it around your wrist using an elastic band or scrunchie. The real creativity comes in creating and acting out the personality of your puppet. A lot of improvisation is involved, but that’s what makes it so entertaining.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share some of your family’s favorite rainy day activities.

Make PERFECT Cinnamon Rolls EVERY time!

My mom showed me a new way to make cinnamon rolls and I am so glad she did because they are delicious, and perfect every time you make them.  No more burning the botttoms, no more icing all over the plate, no more waiting forever and then guessing if they are done yet.

Check this out:
Make them on the Waffle Iron!!

I know- who would have thought?

Cin Rolls 1

Here is how to do it:
1. Heat up your favorite waffle iron.  We have a Belgium Waffle Maker and I think this style works best.  (I haven’t tried it with any of the smaller ones)
2. Spray your waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray.
3. Put one Cinnamon Roll on each slot of the Waffle Maker.
Cin Rolls 3
4. Cook.
5. Viola!  Your waffles are done!
6. Heat up the icing (take the metal lid off) in the microwave for 10 seconds so you can pour it on.
7. ENJOY!!!

Cin Rolls 2

These are easy to eat and SO yummy!