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Want to have richer, fattier Breast Milk, Try this Hemp Milk Recipe with Mamalicious

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, I HIGHLY suggest adding Mamalicious to your daily routine.  This DELICIOUS protein shake is packed with vitamins and is very healthy!  I drank it throughout my pregnancy and I am continuing it now that I am breastfeeding.

Caleb is a TEENY baby.  We went through a little weight gain problem, with him around 6 weeks.  He was gaining, just VERY slow.  When I took him in for a weight check, the doctor was beginning to suggest formula thinking that he wasn’t getting enough fat from my milk.  I was not happy- as a mom that breastfed her first for a full year, I did not want to even think about formula for Caleb.  I asked him to give me a week to try to get him to put on more weight and reached out to @MyMamalicious on social media for some ideas and support.  She gave me the recipe for homemade hemp milk and due to my little guy having a dairy allergy she advised I switch over to the Vegan Mamalicious  since it is dairy-free.

They expedited shipping to get me the Vegan Mamalicious and I started it right away.  Between that and this hemp milk recipe, Caleb put on 9 OUNCES that week!  The doctor was in SHOCK and asked me what I did.  He said “good job mom, just keep doing what you are doing!”

Also- when I pumped, you could see the nice, rich fatty milk- so this definitely helps and was evident just by looking at the milk.

Hemp Milk Recipe

For those that have asked, here is the Hemp Milk Recipe (you may need to stop at your local health foods store- I was able to find everything at Cindy’s Health and Vitality if you are from the Mahoning Valley Area):

1 part hemp seed hearts
4-5 parts cold water
3TBS Lecithin
Salt to taste
Tsp Vanilla
Agave or Stevia (optional) to taste
Put in Vitamix and blend on high until smooth

I am not Spoiling my baby, I am loving him

Everyone has a way of butting into your parenting style.  Everyone wants to pipe in and tell you how to do it and what you are doing wrong (notice, I didn’t say right because if you are doing it right, they wouldn’t have anything to say LOL).  Right now the most common thing I am hearing is “You are spoiling him”  “You hold him too much”… I will admit I have been joking about what a spoiled baby he is.  But the truth is, he is not spoiled at all, he is LOVED.  Caleb is a VERY loved baby.

Yes, I hold him a lot, but why wouldn’t I want to hold my baby a lot?  I don’t understand why someone  wouldn’t want to hold their baby all the time and enjoy those little baby snuggles.  He will only be this little for a short time, he will grow and be 5, almost 6, like his big brother in the blink of an eye.  So yes, I will hold him and I will :spoil: him.  And if he cries when I put him down, I will pick him back up and enjoy the snuggles and love even more.

I am not spoiling him, I am loving him, I am bonding with him, I am teaching him that I will always be there to fulfill his every need.  And guess what… that doesn’t mean I am “ruining” him or making him needy.  In fact, babies that are held a lot tend to be more secure kids.

Why are we rushing independence?  He will learn independence on his own, as he grows and explores– there is no need for me to force him into being independent at 2 months old.  Why would I do that? So he is an “easy” baby that sits in his bed or swing all day?  Why on earth would I want that… oh because I have :other: things I need to do?  To be honest… I don’t really care about all those other things.  If my baby needs me… those other things don’t matter.  They will be there later and I can work on them while this little guy sleeps.  He is what is important and spending time with him (and of course Big Brother Colton), is what matters most.  Being a mom isn’t supposed to be easy.  But it is supposed to be rewarding and if I am paid in hugs, kisses, and baby snuggles… I think that is all I need for the rest of my life.

So no, I am not spoiling my baby, I am loving him.  And I am enjoying having a baby that loves me and thinks I am the most important person in the world :-)

Caleb Vincent

Why I’m a Mom

Why am I mom?  Why is it all worth it?

I am sitting here expecting #2 and thinking back to all the firsts I had with Colton.  I am excited to hold my very own teeny baby again and enjoy the cuddles and love that happen only between a mother and baby.  I wish I could pause those moments and make them last forever.  I remember holding Colton, just a few days old, on my chest and rocking him.  I could feel right then that he needed me more than anyone in the world.  He smelled so fresh, he was so calm, and not a single sound other than him breathing… it was magical, truly magical.

me and colton halloween 2014

Now fast forward and I have a 5 year old.  And this little boy means the world to me… and more.  He is the sweetest little boy and he loves his mom so much.  Nothing in the world compares to how much I love him and how happy it makes me to read him stories before bed, or for him to WANT me to eat lunch with me at school.  I know these moments won’t last long either, just as everything else has… this too will fly by before I can even blink my eyes and he will be “too big” for my lap, or too cool to give mom extra hugs and kisses at the door when I drop him off to school.  So for now, I will take all the love he wants to give me.  <3

I live for the good moments.  The memories that I want to keep are the good ones.  Forget the tantrums, the crying, the frustration and remember the love, the kisses, the hugs, the bonding, the fun, the learning, and the watching them grow.

Thank you to Mommy’s Bliss for sharing this video and reminding me of how great it is to be a mom <3

How to Feel Good About Yourself During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you might feel down about your changing body. Some days you’ll feel sick, others you’ll feel fine – just HUGE. Many women say they miss their bump after giving birth, so make sure you make the most of yours. Although this time is exciting, it can also be hard to feel good about yourself at the time. These tips will help you feel amazing during your pregnancy:


Do Your Hair and Makeup
Don’t let yourself go just because you’re pregnant. Do your hair and makeup the same as before. Your skin type may change, so beware of that and use products accordingly so you don’t end up with any spots or imperfections. Speak to employees at a beauty counter or salon for help if you need it. Your hair will also grow way faster than before, so you may want to visit the hairdressers to keep it under control. Remember, it’ll feel thinner once you’ve given birth and you’ll probably find it everywhere. Make the most of it while you’ve got it!

Wear Nice Clothes
You should be able to find some maternity clothes that suit you. Wearing clothes you like will make you feel good about yourself despite your bulging bump. Not all maternity clothes are frumpy, so give them a chance! Buy things that you can easily interchange, so you don’t have to buy too many items. Once you’ve given birth, it’s a good idea to stop wearing maternity clothes. You’ll want to feel comfortable, but if you want to continue feeling good make sure you wear flattering clothes. Don’t wear your best clothes though – they’ll get covered in baby sick in a matter of minutes.

Read Self Help Books
If you’re feeling confused about who you’ll be once you’re a mother, make sure you read self help books to sort your head out. They can also help if you’re scared about giving birth, and don’t know what to expect. However, remember that nobody will be able to predict what your pregnancy will be like. Each one is different. Read as much as you think will help you. You may also want to watch programs on TV.

Treat Yourself
Why not treat yourself every now and again? Pregnancy isn’t easy; you deserve a treat or two! Consider heading over to Houston jewelry store Whiteflash to see if anything appeals to you. You can then move on to makeup stores and anywhere else you like! It’ll be all about the baby once they’re born, so take this opportunity to get yourself a treat.

Get Pampered
Pregnant ladies love getting pampered, but it isn’t easy to do it yourself because of the enormous bump in the way. You could run yourself a nice bath with candles and bubbles, but why not head to the salon? You could do this right before you give birth, have some waxing, tinting, and nail treatments. You might not feel great while in labour, but you can sure look good.

Good luck!

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8 Crazy Things Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy

7241780178_55eafb47a2_z.jpgTeza Harinaivo Ramiandrisoa

When you fall pregnant, your body and life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. For many people, pregnancy is a trying time. There are a lot of things to get your head around when you are preparing for a baby. You have things to plan and prep for your new arrival, and you need to do all this while your body morphs into an alien being. It is not going to be easy, of that you can be sure, but you will get through it. There are loads of myths about pregnancy, and you’ve read them all by now. There are some things, though, that people fail to tell you. The reality of being pregnant is not as idyllic as you first believe. There are many weird and wonderful things that will happen to you during this period. Here are eight crazy things nobody tells you about pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy causes constipation
Perhaps nobody tells you about this, because it is a little gross. When you are pregnant, your bowel movements will change. That means that you may suffer from severe constipation. That constipation will make you uncomfortable. Many women suffer from the problem during pregnancy, but few talk about it for obvious reasons. If you have the problem for more than a week, you should consult with your doctor about it. He or she should prescribe something to help you.

2. You’ll have little control over your bladder
You will need to wee all the time. It may sound ridiculous, but it is true. Doctors believe that the reason for you needing to urinate is because the weight of your baby pushes down on your bladder. That means that you will need to go to the toilet several times throughout the day. Make sure that you are never too far from the restroom if you go out. Having no control over your bladder can also mean that you’ll have little accidents now and then. Carry some clean underwear and a change of clothes in case the worst should happen.

3. Everybody will want to touch you
When people see a pregnant woman, their first reaction is to try and touch that woman. Usually, people think it is not okay to touch a complete stranger, but when that stranger is pregnant, they seem to think it’s fine. If you’re not okay with people touching you, you need to let them know. People will likely ask you before they grab your tummy. Just say no. You may feel as though you’re a little rude, but so are they. Just because you’re pregnant, it does not give people the right to invade your personal space. Have the confidence to tell people not to touch you. After you’ve done so once, you will find it easier.

4. Losing baby weight is hard
When you give birth, you will still have your pregnancy stomach. People often make the mistake of thinking that baby weight just drops off when you give birth. It doesn’t. In fact, if you want to shift those pounds, you need to work at it. There are many exercises you can do that will help you lose that excess weight. Look for an exercise routine that is specifically for new mothers. When you’ve just had a baby, the last thing you will feel like doing is exercising. Remember to take things slow. Do ten minutes exercise a day. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it will make a huge difference to your body.

5. Your emotions will be insane
When you’re pregnant, you have many different hormones surging through your body. It is normal that you will have mood swings and become emotional for no reason. Remember, people will understand when your mood changes in an instant. They will understand if you start crying at a TV show. You should not let your emotions embarrass you. Everybody has wild emotions when they are pregnant. The great thing about that is that your friends and family will expect you to act a little strange. Don’t hide the way you feel, but know that your hormones might be affecting your emotions.

6. Everybody will give you baby advice
Everybody thinks they know best when it comes to pregnancy and babies. Your friends and family (and even people on the street) will try and give you advice about your new arrival. Remember, you don’t need to take everybody’s advice. You should be polite and listen to what people have to say. That doesn’t mean what everybody says is right. Take the time to figure things out for yourself. Read tips online at and find out what works for you. People are only trying to help, and so you shouldn’t let their advice annoy you.

7. Your hair gets thicker during pregnancy
When people say you get more attractive when you’re pregnant, they are right. During your pregnancy, your hair will get thicker, and you will glow. Many people think that getting thick hair is a myth, but it’s not. Your hair will appear thicker and more luscious than it was before you fell pregnant. Don’t get too used to your new hair, though, as it won’t last forever. Once you have given birth, you will notice that you start losing your hair. Your hair might come out in thick lumps when you brush it. Don’t worry that is normal.

8. Morning sickness can happen all day long
Just because it’s called morning sickness, that doesn’t mean it only happens in the morning. People tend to think that pregnant women are only sick in the early hours of the morning. If that is the case, you are lucky. In most cases, women will be sick throughout the day. The hormones in your body make you sick and you will start to feel ill when you are pregnant. In extreme cases, you can get some tablets to help you with the sickness. Morning sickness is no fun, but it is a natural part of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week 5 – The aches of pregnancy set in… right to my boobs

O.M.G. My boobs hurt.  Seriously– I am one of those girls that wears a bra all the time– yes even to bed.  The girls need support and when I am not pregnant my boobs hurt if I don’t wear a bra so I just feel more comfortable wearing one all the time.  Ya- now, at 5 weeks pregnant I am finding myself wearing a sports bra or a bra tank as much as possible because anything tight pretty much kills me.  I also think it’s pretty safe to say I have increased a whole cup size this week because my real bras do not fit at all (which could be why they are so uncomfortable).  Obviously a stop into Victoria Secret to get some new bras is in order– Or maybe I should try to find something that is a little better for pregnancy.

I can feel my body changing and preparing for this pregnancy.  I am definitely still tired, I noticed I walk slower and my energy level is hugely decreased.  My appetite is hit or miss, I am either hungry and want something really specific or not hungry at all.  The nausea is not too bad right now.  I get nauseated if I walk a lot, it is really hot, and especially after I take a shower- and after 7 months of morning sickness with Colton I can handle it if this is the only type of nausea I get.  I do know that morning sickness sets in a little more at the 6/7 week mark, so I will be waiting and hoping that this little bit of nausea is all I get lol.

I noticed an increase in discharge this week.  My doctor says this is normal part of pregnancy and I remember this happening when I was pregnant with Colton- so if this happens to you- it is normal.  :-)

Oh- mood swings.  Yup, Check, I definitely have those too.  In fact I called David crying yesterday when he was on his way home from work.  I think he was shocked because in 30 seconds I went from crying to yelling at him and hung up on him and then when he got home I was fine.  He walked in the door and says “Please tell me that was your hormones that just called me on the phone and not you”.  I am looking back and laughing– but really I am thankful that he is understanding and excited too.  So if you find yourself happy one minute and crying the next- it is the increase of hormones.

Also- I don’t know what is going on but I feel like I have a teeny tiny baby bump already.  I don’t know if it is because I already carried one baby to term, or because I recently had a miscarriage, but my stomach is hard and there is a teeny bulge that I can’t suck in at all.  I also lost 10 pounds over the last month so I can’t say I have gained any weight at all so I can’t blame it on that.  And even David noticed it yesterday, so I know I am not going crazy.  It is just strange because with my last pregnancy I do not recall this with my last pregnancy.  With Colton I do a little bit, but it was October so I just switched over to sweat pants all the time :-)

Pregnancy Week 4- Big Fat Positive… and what really happens to your body

Woo Hoo!  I got the positive pregnancy test on Friday a few days before my missed period, so I was really only 3 1/2 weeks when I found out.  It took a few days for this whole thing to set.  It took us a year of trying to get pregnant… then we finally got pregnant and I miscarried… and now BAM!  Just like that I find out I am pregnant again.

We are VERY excited, but as David says- he is trying to stay reserved until I am a little farther along.  I don’t blame him… but I am getting really excited already.

I was prompted to take the pregnancy test because I was nauseated a lot.  For me- that is a sign of pregnancy.  Right now, other than being extremely tired, and a little nauseated off and on, I feel great.

I had some spotting around 3 weeks- I wasn’t sure why and kind of thought I was getting my period- but it never turned into anything more than spotting.  The spotting was 1 day a teeny bit of red, then nothing for 2 days and then 2 more days of brown (old) blood.  I didn’t know at the time- but this was definitely implantation bleeding.  It is odd to me because the last two pregnancies I had this- and with Colton and my other previous pregnancy I didn’t.

So the little egg is implanted and baby is starting to grow.  It is exciting to think about everything that is happening inside my body.  Little one is splitting cells and getting bigger by the minute!

What they don’t tell you about ‘Morning Sickness’

First- the term ‘Morning Sickness’ was obviously coined by a man.  I don’t know why they call it morning sickness because I will tell you what… there is nothing morning about it.  They need to call it all day and night, your baby does not want you to eat food sickness.

I had the plague with Colton.  I call it the plague because I had morning sickness day and night to the point of I could barely function for 7 months.  I was WELL into my 3rd trimester when things finally settled down.  I lost 20 pounds- and not the way you want to.  Let’s just say I threw up in more places than I care to admit…

Oh- another myth about Morning Sickness… you only have it with your first baby.  <— THIS right here is what they want you to think so you will want to get pregnant again.  I thought this… and BOY WAS I WRONG.  So please do not think that just because this is your second baby that you will not have morning sickness.

IT CAN STRIKE AT ANY TIME.  I actually feel bad for David for having to put up with me and watching me random start heaving.  I can be sitting there, feeling completely fine and all of a sudden I cough, or yawn, or see something kind of gross… and BAM I am heaving and running for the bathroom.  <– NOT FUN

Car rides are THE WORST.  For me- this is what tipped me off to take a pregnancy test… I started getting car sick.  I thought.. .this isn’t normal.. and SURPRISE… I’m Pregnant!  If I drive, it is a little better, but really- it’s still bad.  And David gets really annoyed with me when I drive (CONTROL FREAK LOL).

Eating in the morning helps… I don’t know who made this up but if I eat before I get out of bed it just makes things worse for me.  BUT- I did notice I get sicker if I skip meals or I don’t eat a lot of meat.  So I do try to continuously eat small, healthy meals throughout the day.  This is not good for David because he is not on the same eating schedule as me and he does not like a lot of the foods I have been wanting or able to eat.  I have a feeling he is either going to get really fat from eating premade/fried food or really skinny from not eating.

As someone who was horribly sick for 7 months- I can say it is worth it when you have that baby in your arms and have 0 pounds to loose after delivery.  So- all complaining aside- morning sickness IS a good thing.  It is actually caused by the hormones that your body makes that protect the baby as the placenta forms.  So if you have morning sickness.. it is a GOOD thing and embrace it!  I am trying to- and every time I vomit or just feel so sick I want to die, I just think in a few short months I will have a precious little baby to show for it :-)


Baby Depot at Burlington, A Great Place to find Baby Essentials for less!

if you have not thought about shopping at Baby Depot (inside Burlington) for the things you need for your little one you are missing out on great products at great prices!

The Baby Depot has a great selection of those essentials that you would normally find at department stores, only they cost less at Baby Depot!  They have everything from Cribs and Mattresses, to Strollers and Car Seats, to Blankets, Sheets, and Bedding, to Toys and Clothes for baby.

I had the opportunity to check out some awesome products that you might find at your local Baby Depot:
Baby Depot

Super cute, right?  I am in love with the Sock Monkey, he is very soft, has a little rattle, and a silky back, which is something babies like.  The Pink Stepping Stone Shoes are simply adorable and the perfect addition to any fashiionista’s closet.  Yes, that is sequence and a big giant flower on the top! Of course there is one thing every baby needs- and that is onsies and of course the traditional Gerber Brand Onsies are a staple for every new baby.  These are just a few examples of things you will find at Baby Depot 😉

Baby Depot also offers Baby registry, if you are expecting, especially if you are having a baby shower, you will want to create a registry to let your friends and family know what items you still need for baby.  This is also a good way for them to see what has been purchased too.  When you are registering at Baby Depot your friends and family can also save on the things they will purchase you and your little one, so it is a win/win for everyone!

Be sure to stop by Baby Depot and check out everything they have.  My friend posted at the beginning of the summer she scored some awesome Gymboree clothes for her little girl for around $3-5 each piece… so you never know what gems you will find when you shop Baby Depot at Burlington :-)

FTC Disclosure: I was not monetarily compensated for this post, but I did receive product from Baby Depot.  All opinions are my own, honest, opinions.