Can’t Seem To Get Pregnant? Here’s What You Could Do

Some couples seem to be able to get pregnant really quickly. Others need to spend a lot of time and effort trying to get pregnant. Some seem to try for a long time with no results. Some get pregnant but aren’t able to keep the baby. Here’s what you could do if you’re struggling:

Get Yourself To A Healthy BMI

A healthy BMI is essential for getting pregnant and then carrying the baby full term. You may need to put on weight or lose weight. Make sure you do this the healthy way. Ensure you stay at a healthy weight for the duration of the pregnancy too!

Work Together To Make Yourselves More Fertile

Ensure you and your partner are both working together to make yourselves more fertile. You may need to quit smoking, start an exercise regime, eat better, or even change the underwear you wear.

Take The Right Vitamins

Vitamins such as folic acid can help you to get pregnant when you’re struggling.


Both you and your partner should take the time to relax – too much stress is definitely a hindrance!

See A Doctor

See a doctor if your problems persist. There could be a bigger problem present that you need to know about. You have other options if it isn’t possible for you to conceive naturally – take a look at this infographic:

Infographic Created By egg donation process

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