Baby K’Tan Carrier Review

When Colton was a baby I LOVED to wear him and in fact when I think about baby #2’s arrival, one thing I am looking forward to is baby wearing again.  The bond I had with Colton and how calm he was when I wore him makes me miss him being an itty bitty baby in the baby carrier.  <3

The Baby K’Tan Carrier is one I had my eye on when Colton was little, but I didn’t get one until just recently.  Since I don’t have a little one just yet to try it out with, I had to borrow a baby so I could really get a feel for how to use the carrier.  Luckily my friend was all for it and her little guy loved being in the Baby K’Tan Carrier!

Face is covered for privacy reasons.

Face is covered for privacy reasons.

Baby K is 12 months old, and about 18 pounds- he is definitely NOT a chubby baby.  He is very easy going and loved being in the Baby K’Tan Carrier- and it allowed me two free hands so I could get the kiddos dinner and drinks on the table.  I wore him for a good 45 minutes and had no issues of the carrier hurting my back or the little guy being too heavy.

What I like about the Baby K’Tan carrier is there are a variety of positions to use it- so you have many options based on you and your little one’s preference.  There are 6 position’s on the Baby K’Tan website– and when you buy the Baby K’Tan Carrier you will get an instruction manual that shows all of these positions:
Two Hip

I did the Hip Position with Baby K, he wanted to watch the other kids so I felt this was the best position for him to be comfortable.  Check out these instructions to get the Baby K’Tan Carrier set up for the Hip Position:
Baby KTan Hip PositionIt was very easy to get set up and I was able to get Baby K in the carrier on my own, on the first try.  He was happy and felt secure, and those are two points that are important for baby wearing.  With Colton I had a sling and I just did not feel like he was secure in it, so I did not want to use it.  This was not the case with the Baby K’Tan Carrier- the fabric is stretchy, but thick so Baby K was definitely secure in the carrier.

Baby Ktan SizingSizing.  One of the hardest things when ordering anything with a size on it is trying to figure out what size you are.  This size chart should help you.  I ordered a size small and that size is PERFECT for me and maybe a tad bit big (but I know the XS would be too small for me).  I put on a little weight this year and I am actually more of a size 10 vs the 6-8 I normally am.  I debated between the Small and Medium but decided to go with the small and I am definitely glad I did since the small is perfect :-)

If you are ready to purchase your Baby K’Tan Carrier, you can do so on Amazon for $43.99 (on sale with free shipping!) or directly through the Baby K’Tan Website.  The Selection of colors is pretty slim on Amazon, but on the Baby K’Tan Website they have 11 different colors- so if you are looking for a specific color or pattern, check out the Baby K’Tan website.  You can also find Baby K’Tan Carriers at Target, Buy Buy Baby,, and Right Start (along with many other baby retailers).

Disclosure:  Many thanks to Baby K’Tan for the opportunity to review the Baby K’Tan Carrier.  I received a free Baby K’Tan Carrier for the purpose of this review. 

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