Baby Boot Camp App by First Years

The First Years brand knows parenting can be exciting, messy, overwhelming and unpredictable.  Their new totally FREE Baby Boot Camp game takes some of your typical parenting activities – feeding, cleaning, soothing and potty training – and lets you have a little fun with them.

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Download The First Years Baby Boot Camp game now for FREE from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  

Baby Boot Camp

You’ll cycle through 4 short games – “Hungry Baby,” “Catch This,” “Sweet Silence” and “Potty Drop” – that will have you swiping, tilting and tapping to keep the babies happy. You can challenge other parents by sharing your score on Facebook, too!  What is cool is that the games progressively get harder as you cycle through on the game, for example, more colors of pacifiers on Sweet Silence and the baby falls faster on Potty Drop.

I was actually thinking this would be a fun game for an upcoming baby shower.  Bring your iPad with the game preloaded and have guests play eiher on their phones or on the iPad and see who gets the highest score.  It is like an instant baby shower game that doesn’t waste a ton of paper :-)

first years Check it out and have fun, but don’t get too addicted 😉

Disclosure: I received free products for promoting this App from First Years.

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