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How To Make More Time For Your Kids

If you are a working parent, it can be an extremely difficult balancing act to manage all of your daily responsibilities while also spending quality time with your kids at home. Nowadays, we all live busy lifestyles so the commitments on our time are greater than ever. However, by making a few small lifestyle adjustments, you can really find that you have so much more time to spend with those who matter the most. Here are just a few things you can do to spend more quality time with your kids.

Mother and Daughter

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Parenting Meditation

Meditation is all about existing in the present rather than being consumed by past or future worries. If you have constantly got your mind on something else when you are with your kids, you won’t be able to fully appreciate their personalities as they start to develop or teach them about life. Ultimately, it takes some practice until you can learn to live in the present, but the rewards that you get are certainly worth having.

Free Up Chore Time

So much of the free time we do have is taken up by doing chores. If you can make some changes, you can end up with a lot more time on your hands. For example, you could order your groceries online instead of going to the store. Though this may cost a little more, there are plenty of vouchers available so it doesn’t have to get too expensive. You could also book a cleaner online instead of doing it all yourself. This may not be something you can afford to do on a regular basis but on special occasions it can really make a big difference.

Walk Instead of Driving

If there is somewhere you can get to on foot, consider walking rather than making the journey by car. It will take longer but that is the point and you can spend the time talking to your kids while also getting some exercise. Not only this, it will help your children get to know their neighbourhood a little bit better.

Cook Together

Why not turn a daily household chore into something that you can do with the kids? As well as learning and having fun together, you are also showing them one of the major responsibilities of running a household. Who knows, one day they may reward you with a meal prepared all by themselves!

Play Their Games
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Many kids absolutely love playing video games but this can end up being an activity that causes a divide between you and them. Instead, try giving the games a go yourself. Though you may end up getting beaten pretty easily, you are interacting with your kids and sharing something that they love with them.

Make A Time Plan

We tend to be able to divide up our time easier when it is all planned out. Try making a plan on a week by week basis, working out your responsibilities and how you can spend extra time with the kids.     

Check out Breakfast with the Bunny at the Akron Zoo!

The Akron Zoo is one of our favorite places to visit every year!  This is one zoo that always has something fun going on and a lot of cool experiences to be had at this zoo.  When Colton was younger, we used to go to Story Safari, which was one really cool story time and they even brought in animals for a hands on experience, so when I have seen Breakfast with the Bunny in the past I REALLY wanted to go.

Well, this year I am over the moon excited that we are going to Breakfast with the Bunny at the Akron Zoo!  This is an exclusive event that you must register for and buy a ticket for, so if you are thinking about it, DO NOT DELAY, from what I can tell, they will probably sell out.

Akron Zoo Breakfast with the Bunny

What exactly is Breakfast with the Bunny?

I am sure this is your first question.  You arrive at the zoo at 8:30 A.M. and there is an indoor area where they will have crafts, activities, visits with the Easter Bunny, and of course a breakfast buffet.  The egg hunt will take place outside, and it is an egg hunt with prizes!  After you are done with all the fun Breakfast with the Bunny activities you also have access to the zoo for the entire day, from 10 A.M. – 5 P.M..

What days will they be offering Breakfast with the Bunny?

How much does it cost for this super fun event?

Akron Zoo Members

  • Adults: $16
  • Child: $23


  • Adults: $24
  • Child: $29

I feel like everyone needs to experience one of these events at least once in their childhood, so if you have been on the fence, take the plunge!  The Akron Zoo does a FABULOUS job with these special events and I know I am excited to take our family!

How do I register?

Go to the Akron Zoo’s Website  and click on the date that you would like to attend.  It will take you to a site where you can select your tickets, register and pay.  VERY EASY!

Akron Zoo Logo

Also, please check out Membership to the Akron Zoo.  This a great value for a whole year of fun for your family!  We did the Akron Zoo membership three years ago and it was worth every penny!  You get a lot of added bonuses and discounts (along with free admission and parking) all year!

The Science Of Why Your Kids Should Go On Trips

As adults, we travel the world to help us relax. After a long year slogging it out in our jobs day after day, we need some time to relax. But while traveling might be about relaxation for adults, for kids, it’s about learning, development, and being happy.

Although going on trips might seem like just having fun, there’s a lot that happens to the young brain when kids leave the home. Playing badminton on the beach or building sandcastles might seem whimsical and unimportant, but it’s actually essential for “attachment” where kids build closer bonds with the people around them. It also helps to send a strong psychological message to kids: what they’re doing is valuable, and other people love to play with them.

Trips are an opportunity for kids to break out of the monotony of their everyday interactions. According to research Elizabeth Buie, more than two-third of children’s daily conversations with adult authority figures are simply about their routine. On top of that, 65 percent of adults say that they only occasionally play with their children and that they spend most of their time doing other things. And, finally, just a quarter of children say that they talk to adults about things which actually matter to them.

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It appears, therefore, that everyday life has a habit of grinding traditional relationships down and making them all about monotony and routine. What’s needed is some change in the routine, and that’s precisely what trips offer

Here we’re going to look at some of the science behind why trips are so beneficial to kids. This is what the research says.

It Helps With Brain Development

Going to new places and doing new things has a fundamental impact on the developing brain that’s linked to our evolution. When kids go on a trip, they’re exercising a genetically ingrained system in their minds that separate the novel from the routine. If you’ve ever been abroad to a new place yourself, you will have experienced this system in action. There’s a reason you remember everything you do on holiday and where you’ve been. It’s because your brain has switched modes: from processing the routine to processing that which is novel. Our brains are hardwired to take on new information and new stimuli and behave differently in response. For instance, you’ll have noticed that when you’ve been to a new place, you feel more tired than if you’d just done your regular routine.

Kids have the same experience too of trips to new places. All of a sudden the world opens up to them and they start taking stuff in. According to Professor Jaak Panksepp of Washington State University, once kids have these new experiences, they become more open to knowledge and more sociable. Their brains release dopamine which leads to lower levels of stress and more generosity. This, in turn, helps to generate warm sentiment among the people they are with, supercharging their emotional development.

The cool thing about these systems, says Panksepp, is that the more you use them, the better they get. In other words, the more kids take trips abroad to new places, the more emotional development they are likely to experience. Their emotional states slowly turn into their personal traits, says Panksepp, meaning you could end up with much happier and much more manageable children. Panksepp says that activating these brain systems over and over will help turn family holidays into growth opportunities. Kids will learn how to be more independent and more goal-oriented. And they’ll also have greater levels of social intelligence, thanks to the fact that they are so focused on play and the outside world.

It Helps Understand The World

There’s a reason why children go on school battlefield trips. It’s so that they can understand how the world came to be the way it is. Reading about the world in books is okay. But if you really want to understand the way that the world is, there’s no better learning tool that just going out and experiencing it. The world can be a complicated place at times, and so trips which aid understanding are essential. Experiencing new cultures helps children to see that people who happen to live in a different country aren’t necessarily any different to them on a basic level. They have the same drives since they are part of the human family.

Travel, however, also shows kids that other cultures are different to their own. Some cultures are good, other cultures are bad. It’s important for kids to be able to understand the differences, as well as why some cultures behave in the way that they do. Again, greater cultural exposure – with guidance – is associated with greater emotional intelligence.

Helps With Concentration

Many parents know how difficult it can be to get children to concentrate on a topic for an extended period of time. There’s currently an epidemic of ADHD in schools, thanks to the environments in which kids are raised. It turns out that the Victorian model of education, where children are sat in rows and have to listen to a teacher talk about something they have no intrinsic interest in, is damaging.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 2.23.58 AM

This is why so many schools that care about the wellbeing of children are now ditching the classroom altogether and moving into the forest. Forest schools have found that so-called “green play” increases the length of time for which children concentrate after only 20 minutes in nature. Walking around in nature helps to calm the body and reduce stress hormone levels.

Of course, all this science and research begs the question: does going on trips help to raise IQ? It turns out that enriched environments are a kind of “brain fertilizer.” They help to stimulate the frontal lobes – the part of the brain responsible for most of our higher thinking – potentially making us more intelligent. There’s probably also knock-on effects on intelligence from kids feeling more relaxed and upbeat about the world. It’s certainly a lot easier to concentrate on your school work when you’re feeling positive.

Win The Bathtime Battle

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Bathtime. The mere mention of it makes most parents groan. While baths were once relaxing, the arrival of your little one has turned them into trauma. Instead of relating your bath with bubbles and comfort, it now looks like a struggle. We’ve all been there. Wash day for your little one comes around, and they turn into a beast. Worse, they are a beast that will do anything to stay out of the water. You do everything possible to get them clean, but they fight you the whole way. In fact, they develop a sixth sense, As soon as the bathwater starts running, so do they. The goods news is, there are ways to make the job easier. All you need to do is take these easy steps.


To start with, change the way you speak about baths. Because the trauma feels like a punishment, we get into the habit of treating it like one. The way we approach the subject of bathing does us no favours. Children are perceptive, and your child will pick up on your reluctance. If you go in all guns blazing, they’ll start seeing bathtime as a punishment. Instead, ensure you treat it like a treat. That way, your child won’t be so reluctant. Small things, like changing your language, will make all the difference. Speak to your child before you grab them. Say things like. ‘Aren’t you lucky, it’s bath day today.’ You may not feel positive, but it’s important you act it! A lot of the time, we’re the ones that make the bath seem daunting.


Never underestimate the power of toys. Kids love to play, so incorporate that into bathtime. The treat theory will work better if your child has fun in the bath. Stock up on rubber ducks, waterproof action figures, and even bath safe crayons! Keep these hidden and only get them out when it’s bathtime. That way, your child will look forward to playing with them even more. Bribery isn’t always the right way to go, but it can’t hurt if it gets them to wash.


If you scrub and pull, it’s no wonder your child doesn’t enjoy baths. Instead, make the process as pleasant as possible. Spend time playing with your child before you get down to cleaning them. Run the bath ready, so that the bathroom is warm for your kid. No one likes undressing in a cold room! It’s also worth investing in a towel rail with heating. That way, getting out will be a treat too. No horrible dashes in the cold for your little one!


Your child looks to you for ideas about how to act. If they see you enjoying your baths, they’re more likely to enjoy their own. Leave the bathroom door open while you have a bath, and let your child see you. Explain how much you enjoy bathing, too. Make them jealous that you’re having a soak and not them!

Swaddle your baby with the Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean for a good night’s sleep (for both of you!)

One thing I love is when people notice that my natural parenting efforts actually work.  One thing I swear by is swaddling.  Cohen is 3 months old and sleeps very well when swaddled, and not so well when not swaddled.  His favorite (and my favorite) swaddle wrap is the Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean.

Look at this smile, you can tell he loves being swaddled in his Nested Bean Zen Swaddle:

The Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean is different from any other swaddle wrap I have used in the past, and I have used many different blankets and wraps for swaddling with my other two babies.  The biggest difference is the Zen Swaddle has 3 lightly weighted sections that provide extra security, mimicking the mother’s touch.  One weighted section on the chest, and two on the sides.


While the weighted portions are the most important feature to me at this point, I also like that one swaddle wrap can go from birth to 6 months.  There is a smaller pocket for newborns and smaller babies, and this wrap can be used swaddling arms in or out.  These two features eliminate buying a newborn and then bigger size swaddle, so you can use this for longer.  Sadly, by the time you baby is 6 months he probably won’t want to be swaddled any more since he will probably be gearing toward being mobile!  (I personally do not even want to think about Cohen being mobile- he is just fine being my chubby little baby!)

Swaddling your baby with the Nested Bean Zen Swaddle is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.  Put your baby in the swaddle wrap.  If he is no longer a newborn, use the big pocket.  If he is a newborn, use the inner pocket and then fold up the extra fabric.  Cohen is about 3 months so I use the outer pouch.


2. Put the weighted bean pouches on chest and under arms, and wrap baby’s right (your left) side around him.

3. Wrap the other side with velcro and secure velcro.

And you are done, you now have a little baby burrito :-)


Cohen absolutely LOVES his Nested Bean Swaddle wrap, and I really love how soundly he sleeps when he is swaddled in it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.52.17 AM


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6 Steps to Ensure Your Baby’s Good Oral Health

Kid at dentist

After the birth of your baby, you may be most focused on their eating habits and development. But to help your child obtain the ultimate oral health later in life, you need to begin their preventative care early on. The following are critical steps that will allow you to ensure good oral health for your child.

Begin to Clean Before You See Teeth

Your job as a parent is important and involves critical duties such as creating a healthy environment for your child to grow up in. To help start your child’s life off right, you want to gradually introduce oral care such as teeth cleaning before their pearly whites have begun to come in. Getting them used to dental hygiene by gently cleaning off their gums once they are done with feedings sets a good routine. Using a warm, damp cloth, wrap the material around your finger. They also make rubber devices that adhere onto your finger to use for wiping down excess milk and food.

Schedule an Exam

Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Dental Association recommend a child gets their initial exam by the age of one. Family dentistry provides personalized care for both children and adults. Comprehensive exams detect if your child has tooth decay or cavities. Your family dentist will also be able to determine if your child needs braces or other devices such as a mouth guard as their mouth grows and develops. When you take excellent care of your child’s teeth when they’re young, you’ll form good habits for the coming years.

Take Extra Care

Some parents think that a child’s baby teeth are unimportant because they aren’t their permanent set. But a child’s primary set are critical as they reserve space for the final set to come in. Baby teeth also help her child talk and eat food as they grow. If they’re not properly looked after, your tiny tot could be prone to gingivitis, tooth decay and infections.

Be on the Lookout

Signs your child may have a cavity includes pain, discomfort and tooth discoloration. You can do your part to reduce your child’s chances of cavities by skipping bottle feeding when they go to bed. Juice is another contributing factor to cavities as the liquid contains high volumes of sugar. Plan on filling your infant’s bottle with water, formula or breast milk.

Practice After Meal Hygiene

If you’re looking to clean your child’s mouth after liquid meals, offer your baby a bottle or cup of water to drink. This method helps formula and milk wash away easily. As your child becomes used to the motions of a toothbrush, gently clean any residue off their teeth and gums. This is especially important as you introduce solid foods to your baby.

Introducing Toothpaste

At the age of two, you’ll probably be ready to introduce a small amount of fluoride toothpaste to your child’s brushing regimen. Start with a small amount and guide them to brush at least twice per day. This should be done in the morning when they clean their face and at the end of the day when you’re getting ready for bed. To encourage this daily ritual and make it fun, let your child choose their favorite flavored toothpaste. You’ll also find brushes that come in their favorite animated character. You can also practice oral habits together as a family. This allows your child the chance to stay on task and learn the proper brushing technique from an experienced adult. If you’re unsure, enlist the help of your dental care provider.

With your baby’s teeth soon making an appearance, it’s time to help them chart a course to the best oral health care. Although the initial set of baby teeth are in for just a short period of time before the tooth fairy collects them, staying on track with the above tips prepares them for when their permanent teeth come in for good.

Mark and I took his daughter to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday.  Even after all the talk about how one of the actors is gay, I honestly did not even notice this in the film- or maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention.  But even so- it is everywhere and in 2017, we are used to seeing it- it does not phase us at all.  Over the last 20 years being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Trans has become normal.  It is in every Netflix Series I have watched, most reality TV show, movies– oh and of course real life.  Something that was once so private, is now very public, something that did not seem so common is now everywhere.

Okay– times have changed and quality of life has improved for members of that community because we are normalizing this.

So why is it when I am watching these same shows they are bottle feeding.  Why is it something that EVERY woman’s body was made to do since the beginning of time is something that is still considered to so many something that should be done in private, gross, or not normal.  The fact that as a nursing mom- asking to use a fitting room when I was at Neiman Marcus two years ago to nurse Caleb (in fear that if I did nurse in public I would offend OTHER PEOPLE) – was referred to the BATHROOM— (Don’t worry– I did not accept that offer– it was fitting room or I would rejoin my family for lunch and just nurse him at the table (like I should have to begin with- but again… so much fear of offending other people).

breastfed baby
BREASTS ARE TO FEED BABIES.  THIS is why God gave women boobs… When they are feeding babies, they are not sexual.  Legally, I am allowed to feed my baby anywhere that my baby and I are allowed to be WITHOUT A COVER.  (By the way have you every tried using one of those covers… it is hot… and half the time baby is pulling the blanket off anyway.  (I have a scarf cover I got from the big latch on last year that I keep to use just in case I am in a situation that I need to feed my baby, and don’t feel comfortable nursing without a cover and trust me I have those moments.)

But the truth is… I shouldn’t feel this way.  As a nursing mom trying to provide the best start in life to my baby as possible, I shouldn’t have to feel awkward, or embarrassed (or like I am going to embarrass my son who is 7 and of course has friends and I don’t think any of his friends know what breastfeeding is, so if his friends are over, I go to another room to feed the baby– and same at cub scouts).  If we worked together to NORMALIZE BREASTFEEDING children would grow up knowing what breastfeeding is, knowing that they were breastfed, everyone would be used to seeing mothers feed their babies, so that when I am at the play area at the mall I wouldn’t get glares from the other side (I mean come on– play area at the mall– we are all moms here… why are you glaring out me as I am nursing my two month old.)

And this is just it- people are so thrown off by seeing moms breastfeed because you do not see it every day.  Breastfeeding is NOT normalized in the United States.  

We need to change this WE NEED TO NORMALIZE BREASTFEEDING.  We need to make people used to seeing it.  WE NEED TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN THAT BREASTFEEDING IS NORMAL (and what it is… because a 10 year old asking why I am feeing the baby from my stomach- should not be something that is asked because by 10, I would think they would know).  Boys and Girls both need to know what breastfeeding is because breastfeeding is a normal fact of life.  Then girls will understand the importance of it and boys will grow up to be supportive father’s when their wives decide to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding baby

What about the first time mom that chooses to breastfeed, NORMALIZE BREASTFEEDING so she will be so used to other mothers also breastfeeding that she won’t feel embarrassed when she is out of the house and needs to feed her baby.  I was this mom- especially with Colton and in the beginning with Caleb- trying to find somewhere to hide to feed them– I have so many stories of this… including being SO thankful for the Baby Care Station at the Canfield Fair because poor Colton was so hungry and I was so afraid to nurse him and of course forgot a blanket– it was like 100 degrees.. why would I need one other than to cover and SWEAT while I fed my baby.  OH or how about when my own husband (now ex husband) embarrassed me when we were at Bob Evans with his family and my friend, and Colton was hungry so I was feeding him WITH A COVER when told me I needed to go to the bathroom to feed him.  I was so embarrassed I bundled up my hungry baby and went out to the FREEZING car so I could feed him.  I am still thankful for my friend that stood up for me that day.

So this is my challenge to you.  In our country we are normalizing so many things in this generation, let’s work together to normalize breastfeeding (again- let me remind you before formula this was how women fed their babies).  I would love to see breastfeeding on television shows and in movies, if a baby is eating- make him/her breastfed and TALK ABOUT BREASTFEEDING in the show positively!  If you are a nursing mother, stop being afraid to breastfeed in public.  If you are a nursing mother and you see a young mom nursing, stop and sit with her and breastfeed too- I know it sounds weird, but for me- I feel much more comfortable nursing in a situation that there are other moms also nursing.  If you are a parent, teach your children WHAT BREASTFEEDING IS and that it is a natural part of the functions for a woman and the healthiest way to feed a baby.  If you are a teacher, especially a sex education, parenting, or health teacher, please teach about breastfeeding in your class– this shouldn’t be a secret or something to be ashamed about.


ALSO- My Challenge to you.  Is to normalize leaving baby boys intact (in most states in the US)- we need to stop cutting off vital parts of penises for no reason at all.  God made every baby perfect, there is no reason to alter any part of a healthy baby’s body without his (or her) permission (and I am pretty sure a newborn can not talk and tell you to cut off a functioning, healthy part of their penis just because you feel like that is the way it should be.)  (And I have SO much more I could add to this, but that is all for another blog post).  Go to Your Whole Baby or Saving Sons to get more information on circumcision.  

Enjoy a Family Night out at with Ovation Brands and GSN’s IDIOTEST! #Giveaway

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This is some added fun for your family while they enjoy a delicious meal.
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This House Is Not A Home

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Any single mom knows the struggle of trying to provide for a family. It’s not easy when you’re the only breadwinner in your house. Most of us wouldn’t have it any other way. But, that doesn’t lessen the struggle. Living on a budget is always tough, but never more so than when it comes to the home. Not only do you have to take care of the place, but the bills and mortgage payments fall to you alone. That can often mean that you end in a home that’s far from ideal. If you’re trying to cope in a property that’s far from your dreams, it’s time to see the silver lining. Any house can become a home with a little tender loving care. And that’s one thing you have by the bucket load!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 2.45.22 AM

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A lot of the time, a house can fail to feel like home because you’ve yet to put your mark on it. Yes, some houses capture our hearts on first viewing. A lot of the time, though, that’s a matter of furniture and decor, rather than an effect of the house itself. Remember that houses are just bricks and mortar. The heart comes from what you fill it with! So, get to work putting your mark on your home as soon as possible. Include your little ones in this. They are, of course, the central part of your heart. So, sit down and get crafting with them. Let them paint pictures and hang them on the walls. Hang photographs, too, to give the place a more comforting feel! It can also help to buy furniture you love. Any room can look fantastic if you pick the right pieces. As you build your collection, you’ll see that the empty shell you found it hard to love is starting to come together.


If your problem is with layout rather than aesthetic, consider renovation. This is still going to cost, but it should be a lot cheaper than buying a larger house. And, remember that you don’t have to do the work straight away. You could save up for the project and get it done later down the line. When the time comes, turn to a company like The Renovation Company. Most renovation companies aim to work fast, so you won’t have to worry about work taking place for too long. You’ll be able to work with the professionals to achieve a home you love.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 2.46.47 AM

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If you’ve just moved in, don’t despair. The same as making your mark, living in a home gives it heart. Before you have any memories there, your home will be an empty shell to you. But, the more time you spend there, the more it will feel like an extension of your family. Make an effort to spend quality time at home, especially to start with. Your family is what will transfer those cold rooms into warm havens of comfort!

Tips To Help Pack For Young Kids on a Summer Vacation

When you are planning your summer vacation, there are a few different things to think about. First of all, you need to choose your destination. From there, you’ll choose the accommodation, travel and things like insurance. But when you get closer to the time, you need to think about packing for your trip. When you’ve got kids, it can take a little more planning too. But packing as light as possible is always a good idea. You don’t want to bring back clothes that haven’t even been worn, but you’ve had to carry them around the whole time. You also might want to save space for new things like souvenirs and all important snacks. So here are my tips for packing for a trip with young kids.

Sand Pail


Write a List

It helps to write a list for each person on the trip. So in my case, I write out a list of the things that I will need, and then for my son. It helps knowing a rough itinerary by now too. Then you plan accordingly. If you’re going to be at the beach every day, then a couple of bathing suits is a good idea. If you will only visit once, then one will be enough. So check what you plan to do when you are away. Then write down what each of you will need to pack.

Check Your Accommodation

For a summer vacation, there are a few different things that you might need. Think about towels and beach bags, for example. But do you need to pack them? If you check at your hotel or accommodation, it will normally let you know if there are pool towels or beach towels that you can use. If it doesn’t state it, then it is best to pack a few just in case.

Pack To Be Sun Safe

It is a no-brainer that you need to pack the things that you’ll need to be safe in the sun. So think sunscreen, sunglasses, and sunhats. It is worth getting a new sunhat each year as it needs to fit our kids properly, otherwise, they just won’t wear them. Somewhere like the Dolce Gabbana Kids summer range has a few different styles that would work for little ones (as well as for yourself if you’re feeling fancy).

Pack into Ziplock Bags

If you’ve got little ones that do like to dress themselves then it can be a good idea to pack clothes into ziplock bags. You can write on them what they are for or what day they should be worn. It makes unpacking at the other end much easier, as well as keeping things neat and organized. It is a great way to track what you are taking as you can cross things off you list as you pack them away in a ziplock bag.

I hope that you found these tips useful. It is always a good idea to take extra time to think about your packing with young kids. It makes it easier and much less stressful.